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The Underworld 2024 Update – What Happened After Bar Rescue

The Underworld Before Bar Rescue

In 2011 rock musicians Jaz Bender and Kristy Kaos retired from the band life and opened The Underworld Grill and Bar in Las Vegas. The bar was stocked with horror décor as if every day was Halloween as the owners wanted to establish a unique haunt although it was poorly executed, and their macabre displays were flaccid at best.

bar rescue the underworld owners
The two owners

The Underworld dug its own grave with a handful of other problems namely a severely understocked liquor shelf with no draft beer, bad pizza, and customer-turned-bartender Jesse making inappropriate remarks towards the female patrons. To make matters worse the owners kept a close eye on the employees and this blatant display of mistrust aroused animosity between the two groups.

With the bar’s future becoming darker in each passing day the owners have decided to call Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue to help save The Underworld from sliding into the abyss.

The Underworld on Bar Rescue

Las Vegas is well-known for a lot of brightly-lit signs that draw in patrons and tourists to many destinations. The Underworld however lived up to its name and kept its façade as bright as the nether regions. Taffer sent in three ladies into the bar for the recon and the trio immediately became the target of Jesse’s abrasive attitude and his deduction that all girls are “the same”. The owners visited the cash register almost every half hour to check on the bar’s earnings and this paranoia put nothing but pressure on the staff.

bar rescue the underworld old outside
From The Underworld

Taffer then entered The Underworld and first convened with the employees, and during this meeting Jesse accused the two owners of stealing tips from them.

When Taffer met with the owners next the pair contradicted what the employee said and instead put the blame on the workers for the bar’s critical state. Afterwards Taffer made Jesse realize that his money wasn’t being stolen and instead he wasn’t being tipped because of his sex-crazed attitude. Jaz Bender and Kristy Kaos were reluctant to fire Jesse as he was a valuable asset to The Underworld despite his demeanor.

The following day Taffer introduced his experts namely pizza pro Tony G and mixologist Russell Davis. Tony G taught Kristy Kaos and the kitchen staff how to properly make pizza that’s both tasty and presentable, while Davis demonstrated efficient mixing procedures and three easy-to-make cocktails to Jesse and bartenders Eli and Tracy.

Jessse’s skill was tested and the green-haired bartender proved to be slow and difficult to teach. Before the stress test Taffer showed, in his own words, the “worst” BevIntel Report he has ever seen which had a grade of F, meaning there was more liquor given away than sold during the night when Jesse was behind the counter. Taffer then challenged Jesse to utilize his skills in bringing people to The Underworld for the stress test or get fired.

The bartenders worked hard as the customers flocked the haunt until The Underworld ran out of glassware, while in the kitchen the lack of table numbers and horrible handwriting on the tickets made serving an arduous guessing game. The dance floor was devoid of people as the lights and the music failed to rouse energy.

Jesse was hounded by pressure and Davis’ words almost pushed him over the edge but the bartender slowly regained his confidence and he also survived Taffer’s challenge as the girls he invited showed up that night. Afterwards Taffer surprisingly praised Jesse and pointed out the fact that management was to blame for the errors during the stress test. Taffer then convened with his experts and the trio established the blueprints for a post-apocalyptic theme that will bring The Underworld out of the deep pit it’s falling into.

When the staff returned the next morning they saw the bar’s signage with a white X mark on top of it. Inside the faux skeletons and the other haunted décor were placed on the floor and the owners eventually accepted Taffer’s plans of bringing about a zombie apocalypse on the bar.

To pair with the “end of the world” concept Tony G whipped out a pizza that used canned meat on top as, according to Taffer, fresh foodstuff is virtually impossible when the world is on its knees. Davis introduced two cocktails namely the ultra-sweet The Apocalypse and the Zombie Antidote which was squirted into the mouth with a syringe. When Jesse was again tested he now showed considerable improvement and confidence.

bar rescue the underworld new outside
To The End

After the renovation the undead came for the bar and brought The End to The Underworld. The outside was now bright thanks to backlighting so the place is more visible to passing vehicles.

nside the bar the cheap Halloween décor on the walls were replaced by zombie arms, nuclear symbols, metal sheets on windows, and a mural of a devastated Vegas on the bar area. The dance floor now aroused energy thanks to the new lighting and a computerized DJ booth, and the new POS system now ensured security and peace of mind for the owners who worried about the cash.

A floating TurboTap system now provided The End with mugs of beer that were consistently cold, and the Thundergroup indestructible glassware will no longer have the bartenders use plastic cups for the patrons.

The new concept was a hit during the grand reopening with the staff working hard and cohesively, and Jesse showed major improvement in both attitude and mixing ability. Taffer left the bar rescued, its staff better than before, and its patrons geared for the end of the world.

The Underworld Now in 2024 – The After Bar Rescue Update

The Underworld, a once thriving bar located in Las Vegas, Nevada, was featured on the popular TV show Bar Rescue in 2016. After facing significant challenges and a downward spiral in business, the owners called on Bar Rescue for help in revitalizing their establishment. With some trepidation, they opened their doors to the show’s host, Jon Taffer and his team of experts. So, what happened to The Underworld after Bar Rescue?

When Taffer took on The Underworld, it was clear that this was not going to be an easy task. The bar had become a hotspot for unruly behavior, poor service, and even worse management. Taffer and his team rolled up their sleeves and immediately got to work overhauling the menu, training the staff, and redesigning the interior.

The episode featuring The Underworld aired to much anticipation and when the dust settled, the results were unbelievable. The Underworld after Bar Rescue was not just a bar but a renewed entertainment venue that attracted both locals and tourists alike. The changes led to an immediate increase in sales and business seemed to be back on track.

Yet, despite the initial success and the overwhelming positive response from patrons, things took a turn for The Underworld after Bar Rescue left. Much to everyone’s surprise, the bar reverted back to many of its old ways shortly after the Bar Rescue team left. The owners undid many of the changes implemented by Taffer and his team, causing patrons to once again lose faith in the establishment.

In a shocking turn of events, The Underworld closed its doors for good just a few months after their appearance on Bar Rescue. The owners cited personal reasons for the closure, leaving many patrons disappointed and puzzled as to why they would undo all the hard work put in by the Bar Rescue team.

As of 2024, their old Las Vegas location is occupied by a Japanese cafe.

So while Bar Rescue made a valiant effort to save The Underworld from going under, ultimately it was not enough. Despite a promising start, The Underworld succumbed to its old habits which led to its eventual downfall. It serves as a reminder that while external help can provide a much-needed boost and fresh perspective, lasting change must come from within.

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