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Vector 2 Tips & Tricks

Vector 2 is the critically-acclaimed successor the original Vector game and is already shooting it’s way up the charts. While not quite as simple in its storytelling or charm, Vector 2 follows the same gameplay as the original Vector. The player swipes or responds to on-screen interactions in a variety of ways in order to accomplish their goal, which is to make it to the end of the level before being caught by the ever persistent baddie ninjas. Just like the original Vector, Vector 2 is based around parkour and movement, so combining your mastery of the game with some of the tips and tricks found here can help you step your play up to the next level without needing to use hack tools.

Hoard your Data Chips

Data chips are the microtransaction currency in Vector, and unfortunately can heavily affect the gameplay. If you fail three missions, you will have to wait for the timer to expire – the first mission could potentially reset while you are in the middle of a mission, however. The option will be presented to skip the timer for the cost of 5 data chips, which is not recommended – data chips are far more valuable since they allow you to acquire valuable upgrades and progress your character. Don’t spend data chips on things that aren’t valuable, since they are extremely rare to come by in the game and you probably don’t want to have to keep loading up your account if you’re close to beating a level – save the data chips for when you’re about to get that sweet next upgrade, or when you’re so close to beating a level and just don’t want to wait for the timer to expire.

Momentum Matters


Remember, too much momentum can be bad if you are going too fast – he could have clipped the wall and dropped straight down into the lazer

Just like in the original Vector, your movement is very precise and momentum will carry forward. Make sure to time your jumps properly, and with the addition of the new tricks and movement techniques, you can vault over a low barrier into either a high jump or into gaining more forward momentum. More momentum will increase your jump length, decrease the time you spend mounting and climbing walls, and obviously make you go faster. The opposite can be true, however – Vector 2 sometimes features “precision parkouring” traps, where you will have a tiny space to operate in. If you go too fast, you might hit a wall or trap after just clearing one, so in order to understand Vector 2 the best you can, go to the next tip…


Replay Levels to Master Them (The Sonic the Hedgehog trick)

This is a very, very old adage and not necessarily a tip or a trick, but the truth is that Vector 2 is a very fast-paced game. While levels are randomly-generated, level 2 will always contain the same amount and type of traps, for example – they can be very predictable in what type of challenge they will contain. Parts of the level will remain the same, as well – certain features like collapsing platforms which reveal a pit of mines, or moving walls that require you to mount and climb them, will always be in the same location and allow you to judge how you are doing on time or how you are doing with your equipment.

Just like another fast-paced game, say, Sonic the Hedgehog, knowing your level layout will help you get through in record time with the highest point yield. While there is some exploration allowed in Vector 2, unlocking tricks which will allow you to open new paths that can yield either unfound data chips, or give you way more points – make sure to go back and revisit levels once you’ve unlocked some more tricks.

Manage Your Upgrades

Within Vector 2, you will receive a lot of different items which have various effects and will change how you go about your exit from the lab. The variety of traps found in the levels includes lasers, mines, floating mines, electric traps, security doors and many more. Items and upgrades you have equipped and acquired will allow you to respond to these traps in an appropriate manner; for example, there is an upgrade that can be equipped to your feet that will negate the effect of mines. However, upgrades will only negate the effect of one trap, so upgrading your equipment to maintain additional charges is essential.  Unfortunately, the available upgrades at the end of each mission will vary, but they will always be appropriate to how far you have progressed in the game.

Do some scouting in the next level before you upgrade your equipment; however, the game will occasionally force you to upgrade a piece of equipment or purchase an entirely new one in order to progress to the next level. At the end of each run, you will be notified if you have to upgrade your equipment in order to progress to the next run.

The journal has some specific challenges that yield some goodies, so be sure to check it often and do the journal challenges before doing the real deal

The journal has some specific challenges that yield some goodies, so be sure to check it often and do the journal challenges before doing the real deal

Revisit your Journal

Your journal is a neat little compendium that will contain all the information that you have found in Vector 2; it contains all the different tricks you have found, the equipment you have found, and will even supply the player with certain challenge tasks. When completed, these tasks can yield upgrade chips, and some of these upgrade chips will even result in more data chips being obtained.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Finally, as you progress through Vector 2, pay attention to your surroundings! Don’t always use the accelerate function by constantly swiping right – Vector 2 has some important information about upcoming areas. For example, areas with mines will typically be marked out with a white exclamation point against a red background, and areas that might have enemies or deadly traps that can kill you in one hit THROUGH your equipment will be marked out with a skull and crossbones. Slow down sometimes and take in your surroundings. If there is no background or if you are in a wide open space, it’s generally safe to go fast; if you’re in a tight hallway and can’t see far ahead exercise caution.
Hopefully with some of the above advice, tips, and tricks, you can understand more about the mechanics of Vector 2 and start to really feel like the Vector man as you parkour your way out of the lab. Just remember – while it feels great to go fast and hit all the obstacles, having to restart from the beginning of each level doesn’t feel as good.



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