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What Happened to LFO – Recent Update for 2024

LFO made a name for themselves during the boy band craze of the 90s. In 1999, they released their hit song, “Summer Girls”, which reached the top five on the Billboard 200. Where are they now in 2024?

LFO’s Early Days

LFO was formed when Devin Lima, Rich Cronin, and Brian Gillis came together to make music. After recording some tracks together, they drove down to Orlando where they met up with Lou Pearlman, a music manager whom they’d heard was interested in assembling a slew of boy bands. They showed him some of their demos and before they knew it, they were opening for the Backstreet Boys across Europe.

This frustrated Gillis as he felt there was a lack of progress with the group. Wanting to do other things, he soon left the group to pursue a solo career; he would go on to land a job with BMG. Following his departure, the pair headed back to the US and had an open audition. They ultimately chose Devin Lima, who worked at a hardware store at the time, as his replacement. Lima also suggested they go by the name ‘LFO’—the initials of all their names.

lfo in 90s
The members of the boy band posing for a picture together in the late 90s

Soon afterward, they signed a recording contract with Trans Continental and began recording new music. They even collaborated with Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block fame. Before long, they had put together a demo, one that included the track, “Summer Girls”, which was produced by Brad Young and Dow Brain.

The demo was eventually leaked to WWZZ, one of the top radio stations in Washington. Stunned by their music, the PD of the radio station quickly added it to their playlist and from there, it exploded in popularity. Not only did it reach number three on the Billboard Hot 100, but it also charted on the US Mainstream Top 40 and the Billboard Rhythmic chart. That’s not all, the song also charted in Canada, Europe, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands. Other radio stations including New York City’s WHTZ also promoted the song frequently.

Their Rise to Fame

Not long afterward, they released their self-titled debut album, LFO, on August 24, 1999. Produced by Steve Kipner, Lou Pearlman, TQ, Stargate, and Dow Brian, among a few others, it consisted of thirteen tracks including “Cross My Heart”, “I Don’t Wanna Kiss You Goodnight”, “Your Heart Is Safe With Me”, “I Will Show You Mine”, “West Side Story”, and “Forever”, many of which featured vocals from their former member, Brian. It also spawned the single, “Girl on TV”, which reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 6 in the UK, where it became their biggest hit.

lfo album
Their self-titled debut album LFO was met with praise from critics upon its release

In the United States, the album peaked at number 21 on the Billboard 200. It also charted in the United Kingdom and Scotland. As of 2024, they’ve sold more than one million copies, which have earned it platinum certification from the RIAA.

From there, they began touring extensively. In the year 2000 alone, they performed more than 230 concerts. Not only that, but they also opened for Britney Spears and co-headlined Nickelodeon’s summer tour. They were eventually given the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award For Favorite Group of the Year.

In 2001, they also appeared as guest stars on The Amanda Show, where they performed on stage while Amanda danced in the background.

LFO’s Second and Final Album

On June 25, 2001, the group released their second and final album titled, Life Is Good. Produced by Rich Cronin, Rick Nowels, Pop Rox, and Ken Gioia, it was released under J Records and featured a blend of pop-rap, pop rock, and R&B.

lfo life is good
The cover of their second and final album, Life Is Good, which came out in the summer of 2001

In total, there were sixteen tracks including “Dandelion”, “If I Had a Dollar”, “That’s the Way It Is”, “Suzie’s Pillow”, “If I Learn to Fly”, “Where You Are”, and “Six Minutes”. It also spawned two singles—“Every Other Time” and “Life Is Good”, the latter of which featured the hip hop duo, M.O.P. As for the former, it reached number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 18 on the New Zealand Singles chart, and number 24 on the UK Singles Chart. Critics also praised the track for its “clever chorus” and “memorable instrumental hooks.”

However, the album as a whole wasn’t nearly as successful as LFO. It peaked at number 75 on the Billboard 200 and received mediocre reviews from critics. With that said, one of the songs, “Six Minutes” was covered by the Jonas Brothers in 2006.

The Band’s Eventual Breakup

The members eventually parted ways in early 2000 after lackluster sales of their second album. Cronin subsequently founded the pop group, Bad Mood Mike. However, they ultimately broke up before having ever released an album. From there, he joined a group called Loose Cannons. He also joined the cast of the VH1 television series, Mission: Man Band.

billion dollar sound
Rich Cronin’s first and only solo album, Billion Dollar Sound, was released on May 16, 2008

He later released his first solo album titled, Billion Dollar Sound, through Orange Freeze Records. Produced by Tommy Cangemi, Melissa Holland, Joe Clapp, and Rich Cronin himself, it featured eighteen tracks including “Great Mistake”, “On Your Side”, “Watch Your Dance”, “Nothing Last Forever”, “This Year”, and “New York City Girls.” It also led to the release of two singles, “Impossible” and “Story of My Life.”

As for Lima, he joined a new band called The Cadbury Diesel, with whom he released an album titled, Mozart Popart in 2008. He also recorded a song for the 2007 film, American Pie Presents Beta House. From there, he formed a group called The Mack Pack with electronic artists Ayj and DJ Shakka. They went on to release two singles—“Out of Control” and “Golden”, the former of which was accompanied by a music video.

As for Fischetti, he became the music director for a church and an anti-abortion activist. During a religious group protest in 2012, he live-tweeted from outside a local abortion clinic. While he denied harassing women outside the building, he adamantly stood by his views and stated that he regrets not speaking out more about the topic when the band was at the height of its fame in the late 90s.

Prior to the end of the 2000s, Lima and Fischetti also collaborated on a new project called The Xiles. They later released a two-track EP titled, Xiles X-Mas on December 13, 2009. They also announced that they’d begun working on a debut album.

LFO’s Subsequent Reunions and Disbandments

In the summer of 2009, the band posted a blog post with the title “LFO is Back” on their MySpace page. In it, they announced that they’d reunited and that they would be embarking on a concert tour in September 2009 with Kiernan McMullan and Go Crash Audio. They also revealed a new song titled, “Summer of My Life”, which would be released in the near future.

However, the reunion never happened. On September 28, 2009, they announced through their official YouTube channel that they had permanently disbanded. Not long afterward, Cronin passed away after battling leukemia in 2010; he was 36 years old.

rich cronins funeral services
Devin Lima attending funeral services for Rich Cronin along with family and friends at St. Joseph Church in Kingston, Massachusetts

He had preciously been diagnosed with the cancer after seeking treatment for constant headaches in 2005. However, he had been in remission after undergoing chemotherapy in Boston.

In the summer of 2010, however, he suffered a relapse and was taken to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. He later died at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital on September 8, 2010, after suffering a stroke, which is believed to have been a complication from his medication (he had previously received a stem cell transplant, which he had struggled with). His funeral was held at St. Joseph Church and was attended by his family and friends. He was later interred at Vine Hills Cemetery in Massachusetts.

Fast forward to 2017 and the remaining two members released their first new single in 15 years—“Perfect 10.” According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they were “sincerely thankful and excited to have the chance to create new music again.” They also stated that they missed the presence of their former bandmate and that “[they] will do [their] best to make him proud.”

What’s LFO Doing Now in 2024 – Recent Updates

In the fall of 2017, Devin Lima was diagnosed with adrenal cancer in the fourth stage. He and Fischetti were ready to begin touring earlier in the year but had to put their plans on hold after doctors discovered a football-sized tutor on his adrenal gland. The cancer had also spread to his kidney.

He subsequently underwent surgery where surgeons removed the affected kidney. While it was considered successful at the time, the cancer had taken a toll on his health.

He later passed away on November 21, 2018; he was 41 years old. According to his mother, Filomena, he had been struggling for 13 months since receiving his cancer diagnosis. His last wish was for Fischetti to tell fans that he had “disappeared.”

o town and fischetti
Brad Fischetti performing with O-Town on stage at Kalamazoo Ribfest

As of 2024, Fischetti, the only surviving member of LFO, continues to keep the legacy of the band alive. Just recently, he embarked on a concert tour with pop group, O-Town, where he performed numerous LFO songs in memory of Lima and Cronins. Last year, he also live-streamed a tribute concert called The LFO Story on April 30th.

Outside of music, he’s also the musical director of a local church in Celebration, Florida, a small town that’s located right next to Walt Disney World, where he and his family resides (he and his wife have five children between the ages of 3 and 14).

fischetti cameo
Fans can buy personalized videos from BRad Fischetti on Cameo

For those who’d like to know what else he’s up to, you can check out his social media accounts. He’s active on Instagram (@bradfischetti) where he has over 8K followers and on Twitter (@bradfischetti) where he has more than 3K followers. He’s also on Cameo, for those who’d like a personalized video from the singer. They start at $44 and go up to $300 (for business videos). He also offers 24-hour delivery for those who don’t want to wait around.

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