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Top Three Low-Carb Diet Myths

When it comes to low-carb diets like the Atkin’s diet, there are a lot of myths out there, and these myths misshape how people perceive these types of diets in terms of nutrition. Here are three of the biggest low-carb diet myths out there, which can help clear up some of the confusion about this trendy and often successful type of diet plan.


Low-Carb Diets Are Really Healthy for Everyone

A lot of people think that low-carb diets are really healthy, since studies have shown they cause more weight loss and help improve risk factors for certain diseases. In terms of how diets work, the low-carb diets are often much more effective than the low-fat diet, which is often the one pushed by nutrition organizations. While yes, low-carb diets are really healthy, but the important words here are that it’s a healthy choice for some people. Low-carb diets are not the healthiest option out there for everyone, since people have different dietary needs and nutritional requirements. What works for one person is not always going to work for the other person. People with specific diseases and illnesses might find that the low-carb diet is not the healthiest option for them, and you should talk to your doctor to determine whether it’s the healthiest choice for you.

All Carbs are Sugar

In terms of biggest myths out there, the all carbs are sugar is a myth that continues onto this day, and it’s really detrimental in terms of reasons why people want to get on a low-carb diet. While it is true that carbs are broken down into sugar, technically sugar includes simple sugars like glucose and fructose. Starches like potatoes and grains get broken down into glucose, which then raises blood sugar levels, and to a diabetic this myth is true that starches are turned into sugar. People who are not really savvy though tend to think sugar means unhealthy granular sugar, known as sucrose. When it comes to people who don’t have a food background or dietary background, they think sugar is just white stuff, when in reality, there are a lot of different sugars out there and some the body needs to survive.

Aktin’s Is Deficient in Nutrients

This has to be a huge myth in the low-carb diet community, with the top low-carb diet being Aktin’s. A lot of people think that the Atkin’s diet is deficient in nutrients because people think it excludes fruits, and the fact is that the Aktin’s diet does allow you to eat fruits. When you are first getting into the Aktin’s diet, it is very strict, and people often think the entire program is like this when in reality it’s not. The beginning of the Aktin’s diet allows you to have 20 grams of carbohydrates every day, but the 20 grams allows up to three cups of salad vegetables every day. The diet can also include nutrient-dense fiber and vegetables, such as eggplant, broccoli and asparagus. Sure the beginning parts of low-carb diets like Aktin’s might seem strict, but this is the beginning of the diet plan and it’s not the entire plan forever. You need to look at not only the beginning phase of the low-carb diet, but then look at what the diet consists of later on, since most diets are the strictest in the beginning compared to how you can eat on the diet during the other phases.

Jeanne Rose
Jeanne Rose
Jeanne Rose lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been a freelance writer since 2010. She took Allied Health in vocational school where she earned her CNA/PCA, and worked in a hospital for 3 years. Jeanne enjoys writing about science, health, politics, business, and other topics as well.


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