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Natural Ways to Increase Hair Growth at Home

get-fuller-thicker-hair-increase-hair-growth Recently had a short haircut that you’ve grown to hate? Or just simply looking for a way to have a fuller head of hair? It is more than possible to speed up your hair growth in an all natural way, without expensive medicines or surgery.


Cayenne Pepper

This is a great thing to do before trying out any of the other organic ingredients below. The thing that gives these peppers their spice, Capsaicin, helps to activate the nerves. This means that your scalp and hair will be more receptive to the extra protein and vitamins that you are putting on it. To create a natural Cayenne shampoo, all you have to do is mix one small tea spoon of cayenne pepper powder with two teaspoons of natural olive oil. Apply this to your hair, and wash off with a cool shower.

This is also great to do in the morning, as the cayenne pepper will also really help you to wake up, making you feel energized and refreshed for the day ahead.


Change your diet

The first step to take is to see if there are any areas in your diet which are lacking when thinking about growing your hair. Having a healthy diet full of natural vegetables and responsibly sourced fish will help to stimulate hair growth. Particularly important to add to your diet is further sources of proteins from beans, nuts or seeds. Frying up some sunflower seeds with some soy sauce is one great way to increase the growth of your hair.


Curry leaves

Not just for cooking! Creating your own shampoo with curry leaves is shockingly easy. As the leaves are rich naturally-increase-hair-growth-holistic-herbal in protein, this, alongside diet, is a great way to provide your hair with all the protein it needs for healthy growth.

To make a shampoo from curry leaves, simply put a lot of leaves in a bowl, and mix with a little bit of all natural coconut oil. Put this mixture into a saucepan, and boil until you start seeing flecks of black on the mixture. Once you do, take your new natural shampoo off the boil, and let it cool. You can then apply the paste directly to your scalp. Within an hour, you will then be ready to wash it off.

One great additional benefit of using this mixture is that both ingredients also help to prevent gray hairs.


Drink plenty of water

Although protein is one of the main ingredients in our hair, accounting for 95% of it, the other essential ingredient is water. To help promote hair growth, it is wise to take the advice of doctors and drink up to eight glasses of water a day. This act of hydrating yourself will help ensure that your hair gets all the natural ingredients it needs to grow.


Use Aloe Vera

get-thicker-hair-now One of the nicest smelling essential oils, aloe vera has been used for generations to increase the rate of growth of hair in many native tribes. To use this natural remedy, just simply mix a few drops of oil with two spoons of honey and rub into your head. Then, simply wait twenty minutes and shower off the mixture. The two ingredients naturally simulate the blood vessels in your scalp, helping to speed up your hair growth.


Take Cold Showers

One of the most common increases of water bills are hot showers. Furthermore, using gas or electricity to heat up water just simply isn’t good for the environment.

Washing with cold water, however, is one of the better ways to take care of our hair. Hot water helps to contribute to dry and damaged hair, which just simply can’t grow. By turning on the cold water instead, you can help encourage your hair to become healthy, and won’t be stripping away any of the natural oils that promote healthy growth.


Rosemary Shampoo

This natural shampoo is another great way to promote the growth of your hair. Many places online sell this essential item, and without any of the harmful unnatural chemicals found in other shampoos. One of the other great benefits of this is that it leaves your hair glossy and smelling nice. Plus, rosemary has been said to help boost memory, meaning that as well as taking care of the appearance of your head, you are also boosting your brain power!


Create a natural hair pack

It is possible to easily, at home, make a pack which will provide your hair with everything it needs to grow. Using all natural ingredients, a hair pack is a great way to give your hair all of the minerals and vitamins that it needs to grow long, strong and healthy.

All you have to do is mix Onion Juice, Avocado, Amla and Fenugreek seeds together to create a paste. Smoother your head in this paste for an hour, and wash off. Repeat this twice, daily, for about two weeks and you will start to see the results of your labor.


Matura Tea Tree

You can find many shower gels and shampoos that contains this ingredient. Our advice is to use the shower gel versions. This is because as well as promoting blood flow, this natural ingredient also works on your skin’s complexion, not only solving your hair growth problems but also making every part of your body glow. 



Henna doesn’t just have to be used decoratively. Used by royalty, Henna is also a natural hair dye that, unlike traditional hair dyes, doesn’t cause any root damage but instead promotes healthy growth. Furthermore, if your problem is actually thinning hair, Henna will also help to increase the thickness of your hair, giving you a naturally fuller head while also stimulating the growth of your hair.


Make a potato paste

The humble potato actually has a lot of the essential vitamins that hair needs to grow; Vitamin A, B and C can all be found in the humble potato. Making your own potato paste is easy as well. All you need to do is put a potato into a juicer, and then take the remaining mixture and place it on your scalp. After fifteen minutes, you are ready to hop into the (cold!) shower. Simply apply a natural shampoo afterwards. The potato mixture will give your hair the vitamins that in needs, and the natural shampoo will leave your hair smelling nice.



Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
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