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SimCity Buildit: Tips for Residential Buildings

SimCity Buildit is a game developed by EA and it is very similar to the other SimCity games out there. In this game you have to construct buildings and unlock new buildings and also grow your city’s population while keeping them happy. As the mayor in the game you need to figure out how to get people to visit your city, and one of the ways is to upgrade your buildings and offer a variety of residential buildings. If you are looking for tips and tricks to help you through the residential building part of this game, we have you covered. We are going to tell you some of the best tips that you need to follow in order to get the most out of SimCity Buildit and get the most out of the residential aspect of this game.

SimCity Buildit Residential Tips

Use all Three Permits- In SimCity Buildit, you are allowed to have three permit projects going on at the same time. You definitely want to make sure you are using all three permits for buildings because it helps you get your upgrades done quicker. You also can have five houses scheduled to be upgraded as well which means you can have up to eight upgrades going on at once. If you are trying to get the upgrades to the buildings done as quick as you can, always use the three permit rule. The only bad part is that you cannot ugprade the abandoned buildings unless you have reached the maximum population before you unlocked the building.

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30 Residential Building Limit- You really want to keep the number of residential buildings to under 30 or at most 31. This is because it just gets to be too much for you to take care of and upgrade. You do want to have enough services and buildings to keep the people in your city happy. This means you should have as many buildings as it takes for services so that your people are pleased. It is just a good idea not to over do it because if you get over 30 residential buildings you will have a lot of trouble in terms of upgrades and finances.

Never Overbuild– As we kind of mentioned already a good tip for SimCity Buildit is to make sure you are not overbuilding. This is because you want to really focus your time and energy on upgrades as these will help you more than new low level buildings. Always go through with just enough projects to keep yourself busy but not too many because it can be overwhelming. If you think about water, sewage and other utilities the more residential buildings you have the more it is going to cost you. Make sure that your people are happy and they will not be happy if you are building so much that you cannot keep up with electricity and water.

Balance Building and Services- If you are playing SimCity Buildit, you need to make sure you have a balance of both services and building. Not only will your people become unhappy with too much building and not enough services, but it will deplete your resources quickly too. Your cash will end up dropping like flies with more buildings you make and more utilities being used. You might not think about it but if your people become unhappy they will indeed leave you. This means you could have a ton of abandoned residential buildings on your hands, which is never a good thing.

Plan Roads Carefully- In this game, the roads are the most expensive to upgrade but it needs to get done quickly to ensure your city stays in order. Take a few minutes to think about your strategy involving the roads because it is one of those things where once you start you cannot stop it or move it. Make sure you have the design and layout all worked out before beginning the roads and know which roads should be upgraded first to ensure maximum happiness of your people. It is like with any major real household purchase, which means just think about it carefully and plan it out before spending a ton of money on something that you might not be able to stop once you go that direction.

Services in Central Areas- You also want to make sure that when you are planning residential buildings you put services right in the middle of your town where all of the people are. You do not want your services too far away from the heavily populated areas of your city. Make sure that you put most of your services, if not all of them, right in the densest-populated areas to ensure happiness of the people. You will also generate more income from the services and buildings by doing this as well, so it is a win-win for both you in the game and the people in your city.



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