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The Most Hated Countries in the Entire World – 2018 List

Our 21st century Earth is a large and vast expanse of land dotted by countries and cities. Although each of these countries have their own form of culture, religion, politics, etc… many share similar characteristics and viewpoints on key issues. While a country can do all it can to attempt to garner its people’s love and support or rule how they feel they need to rule, a country can garner not only their people’s hate but also the hate of other countries. No matter the technology and good a country can provide and do, the past still reflects a country’s character and for many, the past is why they harbor some level of hatred or animosity for said country. Maybe it’s because X country was allied with X country in World War I or some other war, where as it could be just general disinterest and hate for their way of life. If you have ever wondered what the top 10 most hated countries in the world are then you have come to the right place.

The following is a list of 10 countries that are in no particular order. Being number 1 doesn’t necessarily mean that the country listed is the most hated country in the world. In addition, the following countries are the results of various surveys online done by real people while also looking at the history of each country. But without further adieu, here are the top 10 most hated countries in the world.

10. United States of America, Land of the Free and Hated

top-ten-most-hated-countries-united-statesStarting first with one of the most well known countries, the United States is also one of the most hated countries in the world. While those who live in the country express their own disdain for their politics or other social injustices, it is those who live outside of the US who harbor the most hatred. Although the US has many good things about their country like freedom of speech and other social freedoms, it is the country’s inability to mind its own business that infuriates many people both in the US and other countries. Taking a quick look at US history, the US seems to always try to help other countries and be the “white knight” in the situation. A rather notable example of this is the Vietnam War. The US had no real stake in going to war with Vietnam other than the spread of communism. After years of fighting, thousands of lives and money were lost until the US finally backed out of the country which resulted in a loss for the US. However ask any US official and they will say we won that war and left after we won. This foreign policy having to help everyone not only annoys other countries, but also the people who live in the US. Many ponder why the US focuses so much time and money on other countries rather than fixing the issues on the home front like the ever growing debt, the lazy form of democracy that is US politics, and the heavy reliance on consumerism from outside countries that perpetuate the stereotype that Americans are all fat and lazy. Finally, some people and countries hate the level of freedom the people of the US have. While the US has freedom of speech, the right to choose your own religion, the ability to be married to a same sex partner, many other countries do not have these luxuries that many US citizens take for granted. These freedoms that seem to be flaunted in the face of other countries leads to hatred of the US by various terrorist organizations and countries.

9. Germany Speaks for Itself…One Word: Hitler

top-ten-most-hated-countries-germanyI think that for many it is self explanatory why Germany is on this list. The horrific atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazi Socialist Party during World War II are still fresh in the minds of many people and countries especially those who are either Jewish or had a family member who died or barely survived a concentration camp. While Hitler is a rather large stain on the image of Germany, the country has provided many great things that are just overshadowed by the bad that is Hitler’s actions towards Jewish people in World War II. Hitler was a great leader for Germany but due to the social injustices and horrors that were ordered against the Jewish people, Hitler is rightfully so a psychotic mass murderer. This blemish on Germany’s history is still to this day the reason for hatred towards Germany. Despite Germany’s contribution of the Gutenberg press machine that revolutionized how written media was made and distributed, the good is overshadowed by the bad. The one bad act will tend to outshine any good act done from then on as it’s taboo. Who cares if you donated millions of dollars to charity if you are a rapist or murderer. Hopefully as our world progresses, the stain on Germany’s history that is Hitler will dissipate so the world can see the good that Germany has done while also exemplifying what not to do as a leader of a country or what actions not to take during a war.

8. Don’t Visit Belgium

top-ten-most-hated-countries-belgiumA rather surprising country to be found on this list, you may be asking yourself “what has Belgium ever done to garner the hatred of people and other countries?”. The answer to that is nothing. Belgium hasn’t committed any extreme acts of mass murder during war, hasn’t slaughtered thousands of people, etc… The main reason that people hate or dislike Belgium is the fact that Belgium is a rather boring country. If you don’t live in Belgium or have family there, what’s the point of visiting? When families plan out vacations they want to go to tropical islands not a bleak country in Europe. Unfortunately, despite how cruel this sounds, this is a widely popular view on the country. Hopefully as our society continues to improve upon itself, Belgium will add attractions and reasons for people to visit.

7. Saudi Arabia – Bad for Women or Everyone

top-ten-most-hated-countries-saudia-arabia-vs-isisWhile most middle eastern countries tend to receive hatred due to the stereotype implemented in media that they are all terrorists, Saudi Arabia has recently come under fire in the public eye. You may have seen the hashtag #SueMeSaudi trending on Twitter and other forms of social media throughout the past week. Well recently a Saudi Arabian official had said, “The Justice ministry will sue the person who described… the sentencing of a man to death for apostasy as being ‘ISIS like’”. This caused the internet to do internet things like poking and prodding as people began to make comparisons between the terrorist group ISIS and Saudi Arabia thus sparking #SueMeSaudi. In wake of this recent trend the middle eastern news website made a simple infographic comparing the two. Some examples are:


  • Punishment for Blasphemy, Acts of Homosexualtiy, Treason, Murder all result in death in the Islamic State and Saudi Arabia
  • Adultery (if married) results in death by stoning in both the Islamic State and Saudi Arabiatop-ten-most-hated-countries-saudi-arabia
  • Adultery (if not married) results in 100 lashes and exile by the Islamic State and 100 lashes in Saudi Arabia

These recent events has caused many Americans to wonder why we consider the Islamic State a terrorist death cult and Saudi Arabia a friend and ally.

6. Mexico – A Terrible Place?

top-ten-most-hated-countries-mexicoThe reason Mexico is on this list is due to some truths behind the various stereotypes that exist about the country. Starting first with the government, many people dislike Mexico because of its inability to maintain and enforce their laws properly. With a government that isn’t able to enforce laws and rules, that gives birth to the next issue with mexico; drug trade. While you always see in media that Mexico runs rampant with drugs and drug cartels, this is actually true as it is far easier to smuggle and sell drugs when the government can’t stop you. Many Americans hate Mexico as the border states are exposed to the drug trade as Mexican drug cartels run and smuggle drugs across the border for profit. Not to say that all Mexicans are drug addicts who want to infect the US with drugs for profit like certain US politicians would want you to believe. But the hatred of Mexico seems to revolve around the US seeing how they do border one another. Many Americans don’t like illegal immigration of Mexican people. They feel that they are stealing their jobs and degrading the pride of the US when in reality they are embracing it. The US outsources all of their major jobs and manufacturing to other countries while also buying consumer goods from other countries like China. However the work ethics of American civilization aren’t in question right now, but the level of hatred towards Mexico is obviously apparent in the United States as it is the only country that borders Mexico aside from the small chain of islands to the south of Mexico.

5. Japan

top-ten-most-hated-countries-japanJapan is leading the world in new technological advances as our 21st century society moves towards a future of total electronical dependence. This will lead to more efficient energy usage, better medical technology, and better multimedia entertainment for the general populus. Due to their advancements in technology, they have been making positive influences in throughout the world. This makes you wonder why is Japan on the top 10 hated country list then? Well Japan is kind of in the same situation as Belgium except rather than the view of boredom, Japan is hated by China and vice versa. Due to China and Japan’s jaded history, many chinese people hate the country of Japan. Since China’s population is so massive, the number of people who hate Japan from China is enough to put Japan on this list.

4. Is China the Worst Country?

top-ten-most-hated-countries-chinaAs just previously mentioned, China and Japan have some serious disagreements and history between the two. So added to the countless of people and countries that hate China is Japan. The bad history betwixt the two is just enough for Japan to have a strong dissatisfaction with the neighboring country that helps put China on this list. Aside from the discontent from Japan, China is viewed as one of the Superpower countries of the 21st century. Just about everything you by in the United States has a “Made in China” sticker label on it. Americans strongly dislike China because rather than manufacturing things themselves, companies choose to outsource the jobs to China because it is cheaper. With the massive amounts of production and exporting China also plays a huge role in pollution with factories releasing harmful toxins into the environment. In addition to the mass production and exports that China is capable of, the country’s government is also extremely strict. Officially identified as communist, China has zero tolerance for any broken laws or defamation of China’s character. The United States has always been against communism as their past indicates through the Cold War where they couldn’t the “disease” that was communism consume the planet.

3. North Korea – How Many People Hate It?

top-ten-most-hated-countries-north-koreaNext on the list of most hated countries is North Korea. Over the past couple of years North Korea has constantly been in the news with their leader Kim Jong-Un repeatedly saying that North Korea is going to bomb X country or that the have X amount of nuclear warheads. North Korea is that country that tends to talk a lot of trash talk but can never back it up. In addition to their somewhat loud mouth motives and government, North Korea has been portrayed as a non threat throughout the use of media. A specific title is the 2014 action/comedy “The Interview” where James Franco and Seth Rogen have to go and kill Kim Jong-Un per directive of the US government. Obviously North Korea wasn’t too happy about this. Also, North Korea is constantly prodding at South Korea as they want to reunite the two countries under the rule of North Korea. The constant back and forth between the two countries coupled with the lack of authority North Korea has, portrayed through media, is enough to put North Korea on this list.

2. India

top-ten-most-hated-countries-indiaVery similar to China, India is a massive country with an incredible population of over 1 billion people. This is one of the reasons why they are hated so much. The incredible overpopulation causes terrible living conditions for many families in India. Our planet can only hold and provide for so long and overpopulation is causing that threshold to break faster and faster. With a massive population that shows no signs of stopping due to cultural reasons, India continues to put a strain on the world’s resources. As well as having a large population, India’s attitude towards other countries adds to fuel the hatred for the country. The country of India has a superiority complex in which they think they are better then all of their neighboring countries as they look to pick fights left and right. Rather than thinking about if they are better than everyone else, maybe the Indian government should focus on the constantly growing rape cases, corruption, and religious extremism that makes the country so disgusting. The aforementioned similarities that are shared between India and China don’t stop at overpopulation as India pollutes just as much if not more than China. With rivers of filth, India is adding to the pollution and trash issues that will affect generations to come.

1. Russia – The Most Hated Country

top-ten-most-hated-countries-russiaAnother Superpower country, you can’t have a top 10 most hated countries list without having Russia. Constantly in the news for overstepping country boundaries or showing signs of military activities in other countries, Russia is hated by many. Starting first with the surrounding countries of Russia, Ukraine and Russia have been intertwined in hatred and disdain as Russia feel that they should have full control over the independent country. In addition to animosity from Ukraine, countries that made of the former Soviet Union hate Russia as Russia provides many problems to them as Russia sets out to assert its power and so called “dominance”. Moving a little further away, the US and Russia have never really been on good terms as they constantly try to outwit and overpower one another which has led to some hatred via US citizens.

Bonus: Israel

top-ten-most-hated-countries-israelFinishing off the top 10 most hated countries list is the so called illegal son of the US and the UK; Israel. Constantly in war with Palestine, Israel exhibits an attitude of don’t mess with us or we will take you on. Seemingly unrelenting, many people have expressed some form of disdain towards Israel as the country kills thousands in the name of Judaism as they treat other countries as second class humans unworthy of Israel’s time.


There you have it, the top 10 most hated countries in the world. Again these countries are the result of numerous surveys taken by people as well as the history of each country. And they are not listed in any particular order i.e. best to least.'
Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers is an independent freelance writer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Bridget's work can be found on a variety of sources in both online and print media.


    • I could tell the article would be mediocre just looking at the title. “The Most Hated Countries in the Entire World” and then “Germany speaks for itself…One Word: Hitler” To call this person a writer is an insult to writers who know how to put forth actual content.

      • Guess your writers manual doesnt have the word entertainment in it!
        (Instead having the word drama queen in its place)

        (You’re a self inflated facebook poster, “lol”)

  1. Belgium hasn’t committed atrocities? Bridget Bridget, Oh dear! You are beyond help. Good lord, who raises these people nowadays?

  2. “The country of India has a superiority complex in which they think they are better then all of their neighboring countries as they look to pick fights left and right” … so much hatred, well “Bridget Rogers” you’re one of them.

    • so it worked. as it challenged those deep beliefs you were indoctrinated with as a child. i’ve seen tens of suchs lists and US typically ranks among top 3. and israel is high on the top as well.

    • that’s why you whites came to rob it and steal our achievements for education ,language,and religion right? none of you would have had that hadn’t it been for our people keep showing your jealous dk rage wont do you any good.

  3. The comments on Israel tell us everything we need to know about this author’s understanding of the world…or anything of substance, for that matter. Please stick to covering irrelevant and inconsequential topics that don’t run the risk of ever landing one of your “columns” in anyone’s google search results– your forte. Thanks.


      • Well Kashmiri deserved what they got… After killing so many Kashmiri pandits and kicking out from their own home…What you expect.. it’s karma..
        You double face piece of something.. mother ****.. what Israel did to Palestine, same thing was done by Kashmiri muslims to pandits…But you can support Palestine because they’re muslims but will not support pandits because they’re Hindu….

  5. I submitted request to google to remove this page. After two months its still here.
    This is how wrong public opinion is created and is clearly not good for the health of the world.

  6. What a bogus listing!!I am sure it’s written by some Muslims…Btw about rape cases if you compare rape stat in according to population ratio, USA is the worst of all & then Sweden comes. Illiterate writer…

  7. “Most hated countries in the world “?
    More like the writer’s opinion which isn’t backed up by any factual evidence.
    Well here’s my opinion: Bridget Rogers is a jackass

  8. the most hated states:

    north korea
    pretty much every country south of the atlas that isn’t Nigera or SA.

    the most beloved states



  9. Obviously written by an American, every other “Most hated nation” list I have read today puts the USA at numero uno, not tenth. Most countries besides the USA don’t care about Mexico, seems to be just Americans that hate Mexico, (hardly constitutes putting mexico on a top ten in the world, doesn’t it?).

  10. USA causes most war and suffering in the world, but still many people want to live in it. I suppose it is like in a traffic without any rules you would hope that you are driving a tank though everyone would fear/ hate the tank driver.

  11. this is the most misleading article of all the time.The most hated,country on the planet is USA and ,Uk,This article is made by some n0nsense clown who hates other nations for no reason

  12. why is israel not in the list of 10, but is a bonus? is that perhaos fear not to display it as #1 and US as #2 as most such lists? oh and people hate belgium because brussels is the head of the crooked snake called European Union!

  13. Germany is the most hated country in the world, because of WW1 + WW2 and also because they are cold and have no feelings which leaves other people nothing left but to hate them.

    • That’s why now French see themselves as a single country with Germany and tell about FrancoGermania? You should learn to know them. They’re in the middle between the French and the Russian. Well, we definitively have to learn them how to really cook and do cheeses, thus they do great sausages. No feelings? Richard Strauss, Haendel, Bach have no feelings? And more recently, Uli Roth has as much feeling as Jimi Hendrix and plays Vivaldi as good as Ann Akiko Meyers! Go to the Oktoberfest, you’ll see if they’re cold!

      Hitler WASN’T GERMAN and went to absolute power by a self coup, like Erdogan!. WW1 wasn’t launched by Germany, it was a domino effect. Actualy, we should have let Germany win WW1! The Kaiser had a much better European project that we were able to launch under US occupation even if DeGaulle was a visionary who saw them coming from afar! Anyway, who fuelled hatred all around Europe in a divide’n’conquer pattern? The Perfidious Albion! Don’t look further!

  14. If you are a women you are a pansy, if you are heavy, you are a fat pig, if you are not pretty, you are disgusting looking, if you are handicapped, you are called dumb, if you are skin is not white, you will be lynch or endanger of mob rule. And if you are not a bible banger, start praying.

  15. Belgium hated? Is this a joke? I have never seen anyone say that they hate Belgium or the Belgian people.

    Japan hated? Lol, maybe by a minority in South Korea and China, but in the rest of the world no one hates Japanese people, quite the opposite.

    India? I do not see much hate about this country, only a group of people concentrated in Australia, Great Britain and Pakistan hate India and the people of India, in the rest of the world people like Indians.

    Mexico ? Lol, are you American? Only a few people in the USA hate Mexico or Mexican people, everywhere in the world people like Mexican people and Mexico.


        • Ok what’s a better country? What country has the strongest economy, military, GDP per capita, most freedom and human rights, plenty of things to do, and a strong sense of patriotism

          • Here’s a hint: the one that everyone hates and is envious of because of its accomplishments…it’s America! I love the US ?

          • America is jealous of the east or else they wouldn’t be stealing all of IndiAs achievements starting with the invention of language then education then religion these were all invented in IndiA not America and whites don’t even belong in America period that is native indigenous Indians lands. whites should all be kicked out and deported back to their planet pluto!

          • everything in America with illegal white trash in it is a import from some other country whether that be Christianity or anything else.whites in that stolen land have a synthetic heritage and are envious of other races. whites also told not to market off IndiAs yoga so whites should FK off!

      • those are crooks not the best countries.they are the dumbest countries of people that’s why the whites in those countries were never self sufficient

  16. I’m sure that great britain (or Anglo people in general) are at least among the top 5 most hated in the world.

      • That’s not racist, that’s true the great britain have brought misery
        anywhere they went, without mentionning the people of this country
        are pretty much racists against any other countries, no wonder they are hated.

      • you are a idioT’ racism,fascism,colonialism,.jimcrows law, segregation apartheid,concentration camps,imperialism,sexism,feminism,color bars in Britain was invented by white xenophobic bigots and that’s a fact not to forget kkk, ira go check your history douche bag! oh and it is you whites who truly lost as IndiA is doing fine. you whites are going ExtincT’ your population is becoming a stunt.

  17. Since when does Israel run around yelling God is Great and blowing themselves up in large crowds like Muslims do? Israel literally only defends itself and isn’t the one who starts the wars and conflicts that it gets in to. It’s the only good country in the Middle East because the rest of the Middle East is bent on trying to kill Israel because of the Muslims stupid religious beliefs rather than help out their own country. The Israeli military literally tells the Palestinians where they are going to launch missiles when they do attack them so that they don’t kill civilians but the Palestinians purposefully ignore them to make Israel look bad. How about you look thing up instead of dissing a country off of a bias that the media and the Middle East like to put out. In fact how about you go to Israel and talk to the people and the soldiers who are Israeli citizen fighters what they think about the war? You’re ignorant and have no right to say things like that about a nation you know nothing about other than false claims by the media. How about we put you in the middle of a bunch of people who want to kill you and if you fight back then we will call you a hater and an instigator of violence instead of helping you?

  18. As one lived in Israel for 28 years, served 3 years in the army and 20 years in army reserves, I can admit that in Israel living most cold-blooded psychopaths.

    It’s real nightmare to live in this place, authorities and police are disgusting, banks and debt system crushing people, most disgusting lawyers and judging system which tends to real mafia.

    Racism is not just toward arabs but also toward different Jewish tribal immigrants. Altogether a lot of hatred in this country, not fun at all living there.

    • So why having stood here for 28 years? If I thought this about the country I’m living in, I’d move directly and surely not serve in the army, even less reserve. Or are YOU the psychopath?

  19. Who is the idiot behind this lies about Israel? If you look closely, Israel have NEVER attacked ANYONE of their neighbors, that goes for the “so-called” palestinians too, hamas and their terrorleader Abbas is the aggressors, NOT Israel! Israel is the ONLY country on this planet who have been banned from even defending themselves against their aggressors! There are thousands of “palestinians” that work inside Israel, side by side with Jews and other faiths, can you find that in Gaza or the Westbank? NO, NOT ONE SINGLE JEW OR ANY OTHER FAITH ARE ALLOWED BY THE hamas TO EVEN ENTER palestine! The Jews are hated because they are loved by God and are under His protection! Have Israel kept any of the land they have taken when their neighbors have attacked them? No, they have given every inch back to the aggressors! Sinai, Eastern Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, all have been given back! Have any of the muslim nations given back their conquered land? Never!
    If God were against the Jews, they would have been wiped out long time ago! But God have promised them More land than they have today, they will be given back what is their rightful property in the middle east, and it will blossom with milk and honey!

    Quote: “Israel. Constantly in war with Palestine, Israel exhibits an attitude of don’t mess with us or we will take you on. Seemingly unrelenting, many people have expressed some form of disdain towards Israel as the country kills thousands in the name of Judaism as they treat other countries as second class humans unworthy of Israel’s time.”

    This is written by an antisimite that twist the truth to provoke more conflict in the region. “kills thousands…..” OPEN YOUR CLOSED EYES YOUR FOOL! IT IS HAMAS THAT KILLS THEIR OWN PEOPLE, NOT THE JEWS!!! GET YOUR LYING butt INTO GAZA AND SEE FOR YOURSELF WHO AND HOW THE PALESTINIANS ARE KILLED!!! You should strike the remark on Israel and put in “HAMAS” instead, that will be the truth!

    I will rewrite your foolish “fake news” way of writing to the way it should be:
    Hamas. Constantly in war with the Jews, Abbas exhibits an attitude of “if you don’t mess with us, will take you on anyway. Seemingly unrelenting, many people have expressed some sort of patriotism towards the Palestinian leader Abbas, as the terrorist leader have killed thousands of innocent muslims in the name of allah as they treat other countries as idiots unworthy of their time.

  20. India had terrible unhygenic living, BEFORE overpopulation!

    Nothing will change that.

    I’m actually becoming a microbiologist BECAUSE of India!

    The “enough people in China to put Japan on list” made me smile/laugh, so thank you for the chuckle! (I love both those countries, China a little less as its clear the meaning of respect there is at an all time low)

    • India has 30 states each having different policies as well as socio-cultural structure. Can’t blame whole of India by traveling a few of em.

  21. Israel should’ve been number 11 instead of a bonus… there’s SO MUCH more to hate Israel for than just the conflict with Palestine, like how the Israeli government manipulate the media and newspapers to put Israel as a bonus instead of being on the top 10 most despised countries on earth.

  22. India suffering superiority complex are you serious? IndiA is superior and the very reason why education,language,and religion was even invented sounds like some white dummy is jealous and very envious of Indians that’s why they try their very hardest to destroy indian culture and claim it for themselves such as Aryan and swastika perfect examples of what doesn’t belong to whites period.RussiA are also smart .

    • The author is Indian pretending to be white “Bridget rogers”. This article used to have her pic a while ago when it was published.

      • Ray charles how in the heck would you know for sure about that? that’s right leave blind ass-umptions. I doubt any indian would put his own country down by making a fabricated garbage article stating his own country has a superiority complex im pretty sure a real indian would never leave his country into self degradation to be quite honest….

  23. want to know the truth of the most hated countries? that would be America. uk,australia,new Zealand,china,pakistan,saudi Arabia,turkey.

  24. XgaboonX 00 is a coward he blocked me after leaving a comment I was going to tell this piece of crap off he is too afraid of what points were going to be made that fools a true mark of a coward HAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAA”

  25. …”in the United States as it is the only country that borders Mexico aside from the small chain of islands to the south of Mexico”

    What? Small chain of islands? do you have any maps there so you can check the article?

    This is VERY embarrasing

  26. I like the part where they say America is “helping” other countries. They send democratic love bombs to those that don;’t hand over their resources. Ya they are helping

  27. Bet the writer is a Jew 🙄
    where was Israel on this list and the fact they labeled disease in quotations describing communism tells me enough
    I can never get the 3+- minutes of my life I spent reading this back
    Go suck start a shotgun

  28. The worst are USA, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia and North korea. Americans are the biggest treath for world, the biggest hypocrites – they scream about human rights, democracy etc, but they very hard discrimanted: blacks people, catholics, homosexuals and a lot of other groups. This country had got only 1 catholic president (catholics make up even 24% of us society). Only white full able, men straight protestant have got privileges. You maybe even don’t now but america was the most bloodthirsty country. They killed millions of Native Americans, they enslaved blacks people. I hate Amercia because this country have got large percentage of drug users, they consumed a lot of world resources and they were the worst human rights violators and have got a lot of protestant fundamantalists. Russia has got very evil society – homophobic drug addicters, drunkers, smokers and abortion. India is backward country because large number of women rape, hard discrimination against women, christians lgbt people and ethnic minorities. Saudi Arabia is very backward human rights violator and South Korea these same. I’m Polish person and I am sad that my nationality made this country (United States). Kościuszkod and Puławski were very brave and good men, but they didn’t know that country which they made in the future will be the worst human violate

  29. “Belgium hasn’t committed any extreme acts of mass murder during war, hasn’t slaughtered thousands of people, etc… ” – Belgian here, i lolled

  30. promote america up in the order and demote china. i loved the bonus!!! otherwise
    your list is almost awsome.

  31. England then USA then Israel if we take Israel as a country its actually its just a military base at the middle east and Africa for USA

  32. so long ago my parents made their honey moon at Belgium and they was so happy that they went to Belgium again after they give birth to my sister by 4 years they would not go there if they didnt like it the 1st time

  33. This is a terribly biased and horrible article. What about Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia? These nations support terrorism and Wahhabi ideology. Turkey is a modern country but religious extremism exists there as it is the ally of Pakistan. In reality their societies are corrupt and backward in religious terms. All these 3 countries support terrorism hatred and violence and discrimination in the name of religion caste race and ethnicity.

    Ok India is hated because of over population, caste problems, rising rape and Hindu fringe groups that praise Hitler. Rest the country is trying its best to develop its infrastructure, employment opportunities, poverty alleviation and also trying to close gaps between the rich and
    the poor. So this is a wrong survey against India.


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