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What happened to Len Kachinsky – 2018 Making A Murderer Update

Making a Murderer is the hottest new docu-series to hit Netflix and EVERYONE is talking about it. The docu-series is focused around Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, two men charged with the murder of a local photographer, Teresa Halbach. Dassey is Avery’s 16-year-old nephew.

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In episode eight, the docuseries revealed that Brendan Dassey was convicted of all three charges facing him: first-degree intentional homicide, mutilation of a corpse, and first-degree sexual assault. Steven Avery was also charged with first-degree intentional homicide, but not mutilation of a corpse. Dassey will not be eligible for parole until he is 59 years old. He is currently serving out his time in Green Bay Correctional Facility, which is located in Wisconsin.

Brendan Dassey’s convictions are entirely based on his confessions, as no physical evidence was found confirming his statements or linking him to the homicide. The docuseries highlights several of the interrogations Dassey had with the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department and the Wisconsin prosecution team. Many viewers found the interrogations to be unethical and felt the interrogators manipulated Dassey into his statements. At the time of the murder charge, Dassey was just 16-years-old with an IQ of 70, a score that legally qualified him as intellectually disabled. Each time Dassey was interviewed neither his mother nor his lawyer was present.

Len Kachinsky was the defense attorney originally appointed as Dassey’s public defender. From the very beginning it appeared that Kachinsky thought that Dassey was guilty. The public defender even hired his own Private Investigator to interrogate and intimidate Dassey into another confession, this interrogation is included in the docu-series. Immediately after the confession the PI calls Kachinsky and states that the interrogation went really well and they got what they wanted. The next day Kachinsky allows the Sheriff’s Department to interview Dassey again, without notifying Dassey’s mother or being present during the interrogation. Eventually Kachinsky was dismissed from Dassey’s defense team when a judge ruled that he was not representing Dassey appropriately.

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What is Len Kachinsky Doing Now in 2018

Len Kachinsky recently spoke out in a TMZ interview regarding the docuseries; an interview that left many people asking even more questions regarding his questionable law practices in the Dassey case. His response as to why he let the Sherrif’s Department interview Dassey without representation for a second time was infuriating, “That was a difficult issue. He called me at 8:45 p.m. on a Friday, I had Army Reserve duties the next day… So, physically I couldn’t get down there.” He later went on to say that in hindsight he would have postponed the interview until he could have been present.

Kachinsky’s law firm, Sisson and Kachinsky Law, has recently had a name change. It appears the law firm decided it may be in its best interest to drop the Kachinsky name and instead go with Sisson Law Firm. The law firm specializes in criminal defense and bankruptcy law. Since the airing of the docuseries, Kachinsky’s bio page has been deleted off the webpage, however, early fans of the docuseries were able to view the bio before it was deleted (see below). One of Len’s statements located on the web page quoted him saying, “I take seriously ‘innocent until proven guilty.” This quote has caused quite the uproar on social media as many people believe Kachinsky treated Dassey as a guilty client from the get-go. The Yelp page for the Appleton, WI law firm still states the original name and has taken a brutal hit since the airing of the docuseries. Many individuals have used the Yelp page to voice their opinions about Kachinsky’s law practices during the Dassey case.

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The photo above is Kachinsky’s original bio page on the Sisson and Kachinsky Law website.

From Kachinsky’s personal Facebook page it was found that the lawyer has recently been battling cancer. Just last December he posted about feeling anxious while waiting at UW Carbone Cancer Center.

Both Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery have petitions on that call for the men to be exonerated or at the very least have a retrial for their convictions. Currently each petition has over 360,000 signatures with thousands more signatures per day. One thing is for certain, thousands of people are not buying that Avery and Dassey are guilty as easily as their juries did.




  1. He’s a disgrace the to the legal profession. He should have lost his license for telling the press he thought his client was guilty and letting the police interrogate him without an attorney being present. The dweeb, or dork, looked like he was hired by the Prosecution.

    • That’s not the worst part. He clearly conspired with his investigator and almost certainly someone or ones in the sheriff’s or the DA’s office to get his client to confess in order to aid the Avery prosecution.

      Many may see the blatant corruption in this Wisconsin legal community to be an aberration. But I assure you, this is as common as dirt. Just like our campaign finance system incentivizes bribery, our criminal justice system incentivizes prosecutorial abuse.

      We have to stop allowing our government and the powerful to operate in secret. And we have to fix the legal system so that prosecutors aren’t rewarded for convictions. They are rewarded for justice. Britain and other countries are far ahead of us in this regard. We should take notice.

      • Agreed. But until the CITIZENS take responsibility for their juducial system, (i.e. get off your butt, look at your local system, and VOTE) the problem will continue unchecked.

  2. Never in my life have I heard of a lawyer allowing his client to make a statement to police without himself being present, ESPECIALLY this client, and ESPECIALLY after having his own investigator coerce a confession out of the client before serving that client up to police. Absolutely outrageous.

    And now, after long last, this is Kachinsky’s legacy. heck is too good for this guy.

  3. Sleaze ball politician. He was out for himself from the get go and had no interest in providing an actual defense.

  4. He’s a army reserve, I hope he ain’t on homeland defence or he’ll take everyone out.
    Whole lot of them are corrupt

  5. His law license MUST be revoked for life! MORE however: the Avery / Dassedy case is not a one off. Police and Sheriff departments cheat and lie like they did in Manitowoc on a much more common basis than the public knows. The whole criminal justice system is corrupt, including the judges. Do not EVER speak to law enforcement on your own – they are trained professionals but moreso they lie, even when they are on the witness stand. And who does the Judge believe? Not you!

  6. My blood is boiling after watching this show/series… and this guy Kachinsky is just flat-out corrupt… gets trounced at the polls, and a few days later the local bigwigs cut a deal w/ him… get this poor kid to plea now, and you’ll be a judge in a few years… absolutely disgusting.

    • I reiterate. He deserves severe rape and torture. And throw his family in their too fpr good mesure. Piece of something

  7. As HORRIBLE as he is, the Wisconsin Supre
    me Court refused to hear either Avery’s case. There is no Justice in the State of Wisconsin; you can literally lose your innocent life to the State after being run through their Kangaroo Courts and the last, final step that is supposed to guarantee the system works (The Supreme Court of Wisconsin) is BROKEN ?

    • I lived in Wisconsin, it’s backwards. Many police are backwards also, some treat people from another state terrible

      • Our GPS took us on a back road to Lacrosse Wisconsin. We were pulled over by a State trooper. I felt it was because of my Illinois plates. I did not feel safe with this cop, and had my wife make a phone call so our situation would be known.

  8. This is a lawyer who thinks it’s ok for a minor of below average intelligence and clearly with learning difficulties to be questioned at length by police without a lawyer present in a homicide case? What a snake…

    • Hey now, let’s not insult the snakes, they have a G-d given job in getting rid of rodents, it seems that this… lawyer… doesn’t fulfill his job on this planet

    • He should b3 gang raped and brutally murdered. Peice of stuff is worse then most criminals, he takes a job that he thinks will shove him into the light and get his stinky career of the ground, and the only reason he got it i bet was because he was chosen as the moron who would do the prosocutions will.
      If it wasent for his damage as brendans lawyer i doubt the case would seem so open and shut to the fkn hicks living in and around manitowoc who are unavle to put 2 and 2 together, instead they just assume guilt staight of the bat and force tge evidence to fit their view.

      He is a maulable lump of stuff and i hope his whole family is raped and murdered as brutually as possible. That is the only way these corrupt judges officers and politicians will learn. Extreme justice.. because i gotta tell you, being slapped on the wrist is not enough for these over privlidged fat degenerates like Kuche. Over confident wanker.

      Seriously, onviously they are going to keep doing this, they get away with it everyday. Lying, cheating. Anything means to justify the ends.
      Its a disgusting world we live in.

      When they start prosecuting rich folk and people from high up in the echelon all the way down to a traffic cops the way they go after poor pepple they know are innocent, yet fk them anyways because they have personal issues with them or look down on them or simply cant crack a case because they are literally high school drop outs. (why allow people with no brains to be cop they are far more suceptible to violence)
      I believe these people should experiance the worst human behavior has to offer. Rape. Torture. The works. I garentee the next cop who is thinking about shootikg a dude because he can wont!.

      Tell me im wrong.

  9. I was baffled to see that all the time Kachinsky was smiling in front of the cameras, as if he wasn’t taking the situation seriously. “Yeah, my client is an intellectually disabled 16-year old who’s being accused of a brutal murder, and the only evidence of that is his clearly inconsistent confession. HOW FUNNY, HEH HEH!”

  10. After watch the show, I have learnt several thing.
    1. Never hire kachinsky and his associate for any legal representation.
    2. Never do anything in that county…whatever that is. Because the cops will frame you for anything. And judge is also crooked.
    3. Just crossed state of Wisconsin on my travel list permanently

    • I wouldn’t step one foot on that state. Not one little finger would touch their soil and their state will die.. no tourists no money, and who’s fault is it? their stupid government.

  11. Agree he was a bad Atty., but on the flip side if Brendan took a plea he would be getting out in 15 or less. His mother was too emotionally involved.

  12. This lawyer is most likely a psychopath. He is typical of the kind of people who are running this country. He laughs at inappropriate times and that creepy smile of his is bizarre.

  13. Why didn’t they disbar this guy! He ruined Brendan’s chances, and didn’t even defend him. When Brendan asked for a lie detector test, why didn’t they give him one. Instead they got some guy, wanting him to write a confession out. Does anyone else think Mr. Kachinsky smile, makes you want to punch him in the face!?

  14. AND THE STATE MADE HIM A JUDGE-HE is a traffic judge-This conspiracy is so much deeper than we think it is.

      • its “being approved”=but google search–IS Len Kachinsky
        Municipal Judge a judge. First thing that pops up.

          • Lmao the DoJ…. not one part of the govermnet including judicial departments would ever do anything about this… they would not be allowed to even submit a report. The corruption does not stop at manitowoc. Thats ignorant.

      • Surely you arent suprised? Being the dog for the higher ups has its perks.

        I hope he is raped to death..

    • Just find out who was behind him being appointed as a judge, and you’ll find who is responsible for killing Teresa Halbeck and who is behind framing Avery and Dassey.

  15. Worst attorney ever – if you’d even call Len a “qualified” attorney – which I do not. I cannot believe the gross incompetence and blatant negligence of this individual. It’s an unfortunate mis-carriage of justice. The smirk he continually holds on his face– that condescending smirk – as he secretly sides with the prosecution and law enforcement– (instead of his own clients) — it makes me cringe in disgust. So much disrespect!!

  16. It seems that incompetent representation is prime reason for an appeal. This Kachinsky is a disgrace to the profession. He is more concerned with saving is hide than doing the right thing.

  17. That clown should be disbarred! The state bar has no excuse whatsoever for failing to strip this quack of his license to practice law. He personally railroaded that 16 year old when the evidence of the accuseds mental immaturity and coerced, spoon fed confession were glaringly apparent. He had decided on a plea bargain from the outset of the case. This man is an example of exactly why people do not want public offenders representing them! Shame on you state bar if you allow this imbecile to continue practicing on your citizens, and shame on the citizens if they havent demanded his disbarment yet!

  18. Kachinsky’s good record if you can call it that! is null and void due to his actions in defending Brendan. He is actually much like Brendan but his problem is the opposite deluded into his own self importance is what I saw. When he first got the case acting like he was some sort of rock star lawyer out of Beverley hills. And then starts to work for the prosecution because he realized his own delusion of grandeur of what he was up against. A corrupt from the very top of the Manitowoc and Wisconsin judicial system. What proved it for me was the fact that Manitowoc’s insurance company would not pay Stevens’s settlement. don’t you think it’s kind of odd not long after that Steven is suddenly going back down the same road. Cancer I hear he has now I do hope it’s inoperable stage 10 I know it don’t go that hight but it should just for him.

  19. another lowlife piece of crap who is the huge failure. He set Brendon Dassy up. I hate his smirky slappable weasel face… Cancer, though usually an area of concern and hope, is probably his Khama for his info incompetence and using an innocent kid. You are a horrible evil rat Len Kachinsky. Rot in hell.

  20. How can any law officer coerce a mentally challenged teen like that . And then to given them the worse defence is unbelievable . What is more amazing is that they didn’t play the full confession and they turn down appeal. I’m so glad I’m in Canada cause I would be very concerned with the US justice system . It’s not fair for innocent people to be treated like that . Brendon’s grand parents are so sweet . Wish they didn’t have to go through that kind of hardship.

  21. Any website he sets up or is attributed too in a professioal capacity i am going to spam with facts about this peice of something.
    He should never earn another dollar and any money he does have should be shoved up his ###. I hope the cancer kills him slowly and he is raped multiple times by animals and bubba then tortured. And chuck his family in for good mesure, now lets see how you enjoy people destroying your life and family.

    All of you should be doing the same. Never let this jerk publicly work again.


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