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Gummy Drop Strategy Tips, Cheats, & Tricks 2018

While the gaming concept of match 3 has been around for many years, it was the rise of Candy Crush that brought match 3 style games into the spotlight spawning many new types of match 3 games. One of the more popular match 3 titles that have arised is Gummy Drop. So if you’re looking for some tips and tricks to improve your Gummy Drop skills, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best cheats and hacks you can use in 2017 on Gummy Drop! 

Learn the lay of the land

gummy-drop-cheats-tips-tricks-1 When you first start any game, you should always take a few minutes to check out the layout of the game. From the settings menu to the actual gameplay screen, by learning what each symbol and icon means, you will be that much more ahead and less prone to making mistakes. While yes you’re gonna learn this information through the tutorial, the tutorial doesn’t go in depth through the settings and extras menu which could hold some settings you wish to change.

You need to get a life, or some lives

In Gummy Drop, like most mobile puzzle games nowadays, you have a certain number of lives which symbolizes the number of times you can play before waiting x number of minutes or hours or shelling out some money for a fresh set of lives. This constantly annoying barrier that blocks you from beating level after level can be avoided by the aforementioned pay barrier, receiving lives from a friend, or through a nifty little work around on your device. If you run out of lives simply close the game, open your device settings, and change the time to 90 minutes in advance. This will give you the full amount of lives available costing you $0.

Get connected

gummy-drop-cheats-tips-tricks-2 With cloud sharing and storage becoming ever popular, mobile games take advantage of user account linking. If you have a Facebook account, you can connect your Gummy Drop account to your Facebook account allowing you to gain a lot of advantages. First, you can ask friends for more lives when you run out. Second you can get a bonus such as a free life, coins, or other goodies upon connecting. And third you can save your progress allowing you to pick up where you left off on a different device

Be weary of your resources

gummy-drop-cheats-tips-tricks-3 One resource you will need a large amount of through out the game are bricks. While a level may not have a certain brick requirement, you will definitely want to collect as many bricks as you can while still completing the task at hand. By being mindful of your resource level, you won’t be left scrambling for a resource when you don’t have enough.


Don’t use your power ups willy nilly

Again like most match 3 titles, Gummy Drop implements a power up system that can greatly help you when you’re stuck on a level. While this may sound appealing as the power up can surely help you beat a level, the power ups cost real money. If you use up all the power ups you have, you’ll be forced to tough through the rest of the game with no boosts unless you shell out some money for more power ups. Since the game gets increasingly more difficult the further you get, power ups shouldn’t be used on levels 1-15 unless you are forced to by a tutorial.

Match up those big combos

gummy-drop-cheats-tips-tricks-4 In Gummy Drop if you match up to 4-5 of the same color pieces, you will unlock a power up which greatly helps with the game. By taking some time and thinking about the puzzle board in front of you, you can gain some power ups to use later on. In addition to getting power ups, it is great for setting up combos to score more points and complete levels sooner rather than later. Also, these huge combos look cool and free up more room on the board allowing for even more combo shenanigans.

Start at the bottom and work up

A common tip for all matching games, not limited to Gummy Drop or Candy Crush, is to start at the base of the puzzle and work your way up. By matching pieces at the bottom of the puzzle board, you allow for more pieces to have potential matches and/or potential combos. If you start towards the top of the puzzle board, you aren’t affecting that large of an area as opposed to starting at the bottom. In addition to allowing for more combos, starting at the bottom can just be simpler if there is a high concentration of a certain piece.

Keep an eye on the level requirements

As you progress further through the game, certain levels have certain challenges and requirements that need to be completed to beat the level. If you try to fly through the level without paying attention to the levels mission/requirements, you’re going to waste your valuable lives and time. While the whole point of the level requirements are to be a challenge and add more fun to the game, they can be very pesky and annoying sometimes; especially when you are so close to beating the level but the level requirement isn’t finished by such a minimal amount. By being constantly mindful of the task at hand, you won’t need to worry as much when you are down to your final 3 moves.

Look up some tutorial videos and online help

Having trouble with a certain level? Lookup a tutorial on YouTube. Since Gummy Drop is an incredibly popular match 3 game, you are bound to find at least one video that will show you how you can beat the level. The internet is a very vast place with many, many people who share the same interests. You can undoubtedly find someone on some website or forum who can offer some advice or who has the same exact problem as you; you can connect with others and find people to talk about your issues, comments, concerns, etc…

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