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Neopets Premium Membership – Is it Worth it?

Neopets is a virtual pet website in which you can create a free account and then own virtual pets. The world is known as Neopia, and you can buy items for your pets using both the in-game currency and real money.When you think about Neopets, there is no real objectives but you have to feed and take care of your pets. If you do not take care of them they will not die but you just will be limited in the games and gameplay that you can do. These Neopets come in many shapes, sizes, colors and even species.

neopets membership benefits

While you do not need a membership in Neopets to have fun and enjoy your virtual pets, there are many benefits of having a Premium membership to the game. If you are thinking about getting a Neopets Premium membership, which comes in 1 month, 4 month or 12 month subscriptions, then read on to learn about the benefits of the Premium membership.

Neopets Premium Membership Benefits

Adopt 5th Neopet- As a Premium member of Neopets, you can adopt a 5th Neopet, which is cool since non-members can only adopt 4. You can have more fun in Neopia if you have another Neopet and you will really enjoy how much variety and uniqueness you can give to each Neopet. Having another Neopet also means you will be able to earn more Neopoints and in-game currency.

No Ads- Once you have a Premium membership you will also notice that there are no ads within the game. This is really good because ads are annoying and get into the way, so you will be able to play the game without the ads and the annoyance. When your membership runs out however, the ads will come back so this is a member-only offer.

Premium Games- Having a Premium membership to Neopets allows you to have access to the Premium games that are exclusive to members. These games are more entertaining and more fun than the regular games, and also offer special and exclusive rewards that the regular games do not have.

Double Neopoints– We just talked about Premium games and it is important to know that in these Premium games, you will get twice as many Neopoints. The double Neopoints is only on the specific Premium games, which is good because you will be able to go into the store and get more items.

Monthly Bonus Neopoints– As a paid member of Neopets you will get free monthly bonus Neopoints. You do not have to do anything to earn these Neopoints as you will get them for free as a thank you to being a Premium member of the game. You can choose to keep the Neopoints until you need to use them or you can spend them right away, it is completely up to you.

Weekly Space Faerie Scratchcards– Being a Premium member of Neopets gives you weekly Space Faerie Scratchcards for free. This is a good little freebie in the game that will come in handy and it will be available until your membership runs out.

Search Power Boost– The Super Shop Wizard will increase your searching power in the game, which can help you at crucial times in the game.

These are just some of the best benefits you can get if you decide to purchase Premium membership to Neopets. You will find out that you get all of these benefits for as long as you have your Premium membership, whether that is 1 month or 12 months. These benefits are going to allow you to have more fun in the game and will help keep your Neopets happy and healthy.



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