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Star Stable Membership Benefits

Star Stable is an online virtual world that allows you to enjoy 3D horse riding and online gaming. Star Stable is aimed at children and teenagers although adults too can enjoy this cool interactive game. One of the best parts about this game is that there are updates weekly to it, which means new adventures and mysteries are put out there for you to explore. Whether you are a girl or boy you will really enjoy Star Stable if horse riding and racing is something you are into.

While anyone can play Star Stable for free and enjoy the fun found in Jorvik, there are certain benefits that you can have access to if you decide to get the Star Riders membership. The Star Riders membership is the premium membership to Star Stables and it comes in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or lifetime membership packages. We are now going to share with you just some of the cool and exciting benefits that come with a Star Stable membership, and these features will stay with you as long as you have your membership.

Star Riders Membership Benefits

Explore The Whole World- Although you are able to explore most of Star Stable as a free member, the paid membership gives you access to everything. There are a ton of different areas in the game that are exclusive for just the Star Riders. A couple of the areas you will have access to as a paid member include Fishing Village and Hollow Woods.

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Weekly Star Coins- As a Star Rider member, you will also get 100 Star Coins each and every week for free. You can use the Star Coins in Star Stable to purchase new items for your horse, such as equipment, and you also can purchase new clothing items and accessories. The Star Coins also are important because you can buy new horses with them as well. The free 100 Star Coins every week is just a small thank you for purchasing the membership to the game.

Exclusive Horses and Breeds- There are exclusive horses in this game that are known as Star Rider horses. These are the special breeds of horses than the non-paying members do not have access to. Some of the breeds you will be able to purchase as a member include Arabians, Andalusians, and Friesians. You will also be able to purchase as many horses as you want as a Star Rider, since you are not limited on the amounts of horses you can own.

Make a Riding Club– As a Star Rider, you will also be able to hang out with your friends more by creating your own riding club. If you make a riding club you will be able to have your own private channel for talking and chatting with your friends. You will also be able to race with your friends if you have your own riding club as well.

Exclusive Equipment- Among a ton of other benefits of being a Star Rider, you will also be able to get exclusive equipment. This special equipment is only available for the Star Stable members, which means it is top-of-the-shelf equipment that you will feel lke a million dollars wearing both on you and your horse. The exclusive items and equipment are available just to members so you will be able to tell who all has a membership just by what items and equipment the players and horses are wearing.

These are just some of the biggest benefits you will notice if you become a Star Stable Star Rider. The Star Stable membership will give you all of these things plus more and all of these exclusive member-only items are available to you until your membership runs out.



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