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Top Ten Gifts for Surprising your Girlfriend

We give gifts to our girlfriends as a symbol of love and affection. Whether it is during her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just an ordinary day, surprise presents never fail to leave a smile on her face. But if you happen to struggle on what gift to give her, especially with the day of hearts fast approaching and you don’t want to ‘surprise’ her again with the usual teddy bear and bouquet of roses combo, then take a look at some of these gift ideas for your girlfriend:

10. Bath Bombtop-10-girlfriend-gifts-bath-bombs

You might be wondering what these colorful spheres are when you stroll around shops. Bath bombs dissolve when tossed on a tub of water, filling it not only with a variety of pretty colors but also with relaxing fragrances. Another added bonus is that these bath bombs are usually filled with ingredients that make skin soft and healthier. Help your lady relax after a hard day of work with bath bombs and she will surely thank you for it.




9. Chocolate Bouquettop-10-girlfriend-gifts-chocolate-bouquet

Bouquets of flowers are the most common gifts one can give to a girlfriend. Why not take the sweetness to the next level by substituting chocolates to the roses? There are many premade chocolate bouquets sold online, but if you are feeling extra creative then you can make one on your own. You only need sticks, firm chocolates that can be skewered, and colored paper for its petals. A base that will hold the “flowers” is entirely optional.




8. Instant Cameratop-10-girlfriend-gifts-instant-camera

A travel camera is a good gift for a girlfriend who is bitten by the travel bug. But if you want to take pictures of truly precious and one-of-a-kind moments then an instant camera is your best bet. Polaroid and Fujifilm offer a wide range of these cameras, and the Instax series of the latter has a selection of colors to choose from. Instant cameras are usually small in size, making it easy to be lugged around in a small pouch. Pictures printed by instant cameras make great additions to a corkboard that is filled with your relationship memorabilia.


7.3D Jewelry


The advent of 3D printing opened up lots of pathways towards different possibilities with such an innovation,including the creation of realistic figures and even prosthetic hands and animal legs. Shapeways, a Dutch startup, offers users the ability to upload 3D creations to their website including jewelry that are for sale. Different intricate designs are available, and if you fail to find one that fits your fancy then you can “hire” a designer in the website to make the ultimate gift that will surely fall your girl into a swoon.


6. Personalized Birch Vasetop-10-girlfriend-gifts-birch-vase

Carving initials on a tree trunk was a thing back in your childhood days. Now you can relieve this experience by buying a personalized birch vase, eliminating the need of trekking to the forest or growing a birch tree on your backyard. Your two initials, sealed within a heart-struck arrow, are carefully carved on the side. Online shops on Etsy like Morgann Hill and Charlie Chalk Designs craft these unique creations, and they are not limited only to vases but also provide candle holders, ring boxes, and home decors.


5. Love Map


If your love story progressed through different places in the country or the world, then this is a great gift idea for your girlfriend. Simply buy a map, cut out locations where significant events took place like where you first met, where you had your first date, where you had your first whatever, then put it on a frame with respective captions that describe what took place in that said location. You can also include travel destinations if you are the adventurous couple, and add more cutouts as you have more important events in your relationship.


4. Message Pills


A simple message of love and encouragement is powerful enough to make her day brighter or to relieve her burdens after a stressful week. One good way of relaying sweet thoughts to her is by making a bottle full of message pills. Plastic medicine pills that contain small pieces of paper when twisted open are widely sold online in bulk. Fill them up with messages and store them in a jar or any other container, just make sure that you give your best in decorating it. Use 365 pills so she can have a full year’s dosage of your love, and organize them in different bottles according to what kind of message does she need for the day.. Aside from sweet phrases, you can instead write hundreds of things that you love about her.


3. Customized Candle Holder


If your girlfriend is into lighting candles at night then this is the gift for her.  Magic WoOod in Etsy offers tea light candle holders in the shape of a box with designs according to your specifications cut on the side. When the candle is lit and placed inside, the designs will be projected on the wall. If you are well-versed with woodwork then you can make one at home instead.


2. Senbazuru


This is known as the art of folding one thousand origami cranes, hence its name when translated in English as “thousand origami cranes”. According to legend, when a person manages to finish this daunting task he will be granted one wish. Senbazuru was further made popular through Sadako Sasaki, the Japanese girl who was exposed to radiation during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. During her confinement in the hospital due to leukemia, Sadako was informed by her roommate of the legend of origami cranes. The girl only managed to fold 644 before passing away, and her friends finished the remaining cranes. Senbazuru can be quite a monumental task, but successfully finishing it and hanging them up on the ceiling through strings is an immensely satisfying sight. Imagine the look on your girlfriend when you lead her into the room with her eyes closed. Play her favorite music and attach sweet messages to the strings for bonus points.


1. LoveBook

Perhaps one of the best gifts you can give to a bookworm girlfriend, and still a very sweet gesture anyway top-10-girlfriend-gifts-lovebook even if she is not. LoveBook is an online store that provides users the ability to create a book that details their love story. The best thing about LoveBook is that you are in charge of everything, from the cover art right down to each and every page through their highly customizable LoveBook Builder. Once you are done perfecting your love story, LoveBook gives the choice of soft or hard cover for the book, and their option of global shipping ensures that your girlfriend receives your gift no matter where she is. Fill an entire bookshelf with novels of your romantic escapades, and this can also help you once your grandchildren start asking about how you and grandma fell in love.

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