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Club Penguin Paid Membership Benefits – Worth it?

Club Penguin is a super popular massively multiplayer online game that children are playing. This game is set in the winter time and children use penguin-avatars to play games and hang out in this virtual world. Whether you want to play games, solve puzzles and participate in other activities or just socialize, Club Penguin has it all. You can choose to be a free member on Club Penguin, but if you want to get everything that the game has to offer you really need to become a paid member.

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You can get the paid memberships in a variety of forms including 1 month, 3 month, 6, month or 12 month memberships depending on if you purchase online or in a retail store. If you choose to purchase the Club Penguin membership, then there are certain benefits that will come with that which are not available for the free members. We are going to tell you just some of the best benefits of having a paid Club Penguin membership.

Benefits of Club Penguin Paid Membership

All Games & Exclusive Games– As a paid member on Club Penguin, you will have access to all of the games, including exclusive mini-games that are for members only. You will be able to go on a lot of different quests and grab the rare items as rewards. There are member-only party features and offers that you will have access to as well. The best part is that as a paying member of Club Penguin, you will be able to take your puffles into the games. This means you will be able to earn even more virtual coins.

Exclusive Access to New Content– You will be able to get the new furniture for your igloos and also get the newest clothing styles as a paid member. There is also a new party every month that you have unlimited access to as well as new rooms that you can explore. You will also be able to go on the new quests and earn even more virtual coins. As a paid member of Club Penguin if there is something new going on in the game, whether it is a room, location, feature or item, you will be the first one to have access to it which is really neat.

Full Access to Pets & Clothing- You will have unlimited access to the clothing offered in the game as well as complete access to the new styles and trends. You will be able to adopt 75 pet puffles, which is an exclusive offer for the members only. Since you can have up to 75 pet puffles, you will be able to dress up each one however you want and can get them any items you want as a member. Another good part about having this many pet puffles is it gives you more options in terms of which animals to take on certain quests or games. You can create as many igloo houses as you want as well and you will have complete unlimited access to the furniture items to decorate your igloo homes.

These are just some of the most amazing benefits of having a Club Penguin membership. If you want to get a club penguin membership for free check out

As you can see being a member gives you access to everything in the game, since some things are blocked off to those who do not have a membership to the game. The best part is that you will feel very special as you have first access to the new items and features, and you will never have to worry about missing out on anything again.



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