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What Happened To Yify Torrents – Updated For 2018

Note: It is illegal to upload or download copyrighted works using any service, including torrents. This article is in response to a readers request as to what happened to one of these pirating websites & why they disappeared/shut down.  

Cinematography is constantly evolving, producing better works of art through the use of acting, stunts, and the occasional CGI. With the substantial improvements made on big budget Hollywood films, the level of interest to see a new movie that’s coming out rises to an unparalleled level. The excitement accompanied with highly anticipated movies such as Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War is enough to pack the theaters nationwide. A plethora of series fans are more than willing to shill out the price of admission upon release to see their beloved heroes and characters go through various trials and tribulations.

Perhaps the next highly hyped movie is a horror film, than horror fans will assuredly be found in the audience with the anticipation and desire of getting frightened to their hearts content. Generally all of the aforementioned flicks will see profits coming in upon the first week of release. However there always being exceptions such as the most recent Fantastic Four film which will lose close to $60 million which is admittedly not as much as the lose that films like Tomorrowland which lost upwards of $140 million. But this trend isn’t seen as often as one would think.

yify-torrents-prime The aforementioned series and genre fanboys are willing to shill out the price of admission as well as most high schoolers and middle schoolers as the movies is a fun place to hang out. But what if you aren’t a diehard Marvel or horror fan. Are you really going to pay the price of admission and your time to sit through a movie that you would be fine with seeing on DVD in a couple months? More than likely you would just wait until it comes out on DVD or on popular video streaming sites such as Netflix and HBO. Then there are the people who would love to see the newly released movie title but don’t want to pay to see it in theaters and don’t want to wait for it on DVD. Those who share these ideals do have means of watching this through various video sharing websites. While some possess videos of the movie in a rather bad quality as someone who paid for a ticket just recorded it on there phones, there are some sites and organizations dedicated to delivering high quality movies with rather small storage space: most notably is Yify.

What is Yify – Origin of Yify Torrents

For those that don’t know, Yify was a group of people who, unlike other video pirating groups that focused on being the first to make a pirated video and release it. As yify-torrents-now-2016 little as 3 years is all it took for Yify to become one of the most notorious piracy brands on the internet. Not only did Yify focus on having a large library of titles for pirates to access but also to provide high quality pirated movies. Many people frequently ask themselves and various people on the internet how does Yify release such high quality movies so far in advance of Blu-ray releases. This has been a large question held by many of the piracy community.

Yify Torrents – The Popular Torrenting Website

Surely that Yify has to monetize these high quality pirated movies right? How else would they be able to stay up and running. Well Yify does not put these high quality pirated movies behind a paywall of a purchase fee or membership fee as it would be redundant to their mission statement. While there has not been a yify-torrents-then confirmed announcement about their monetary gains, most people speculate that Yify makes their money from the ads on their website. There are groups that make pirated movies for the thrill of making them and others do it for the monetary gains, but Yify seems to do it for the thrill as they currently do not have a paywall up to gain access to their videos.

What Happened to Yify – Where is Yify Now in 2018?

However the Yify founder believed that it was time that they should step down and retire. Their website has be changed and rebranded to yts.re however this has also recently shut down. The founder stated that they had thoroughly enjoyed the support from the pirating community and the thrill of uploading videos from a “10 year old laptop in my bedroom.” 

Despite the heavy level of criticism and legal troubles they experience,  these sites and groups continue to stay around. One of the largest pirating websites, thepiratebay, is one of the most targeted sites in the piracy community as they are just recently live again as they had suffered a period of downtime due to legal reasons.

While we don’t endorse visiting these sites and downloading a movie yourself as you may face legal issues as it is illegal to upload pirated films which occurs when your torrent is seeded.

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers is an independent freelance writer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Bridget's work can be found on a variety of sources in both online and print media.


  1. They were definitely my goto release group but not because of the “high quality” as i didn’t think the quality was that great, but what they did have was a constant conveyor belt of new releases often before release day. I always hated having to sift through CAM torrents and other junk from other sites.

  2. Didn’t know Yify had it’s own site. I always searched through torrent sites and was happy when the video I was hunting for was available by Yify. Their quality was always first rate, from 720p and under a gb to 1080i that still didn’t run higher than 3gb. So many great movies and shows have been enjoyed cause of this group of dedicated individuals. I thank you for your hard work! You deserve some time off! Cheers!


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