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Criminal Case Tricks, Cheats, & Tips

Criminal Case is a great detective game where you solve crime cases with puzzles and hidden objects you’ll find along the way. You can locate clues with the help of your friends, boosters, and other items. This guide will give you useful tips on how to advance in the game with ease, so read along and enjoy the game.

Get Energy in Criminal Case

  •         criminal-case-cheats-tips-tricks-1 The energy bar is automatically refilled while you wait or when you level up, but will not exceed the maximum amount of energy points.
  •         When you level up, it will fully restore your energy bar but will not exceed even if you had remaining energy points.
  •         Claim your daily bonus reward by playing every day. You’ll get 1,000 coins on the first day of playing, 1 orange juice for 2 consecutive days of playing, 2 orange juices for 3 consecutive days, 5,000 gold coins for four consecutive days, and 1 bag of potato chips for 5 or more consecutive days of playing. If you didn’t play for a day, your reward bonus resets back to 1,000 coins.
  •         You can purchase energy items via cash. The orange juice bottle gives you 20 energy for 10 cash, a bag of potato chips gives you 50 energy for 50 cash, and a burger gives you 120 energy for 50 cash.
  •         There are also free daily gifts being offered at the game, but they expire after a certain time period. You can get free daily gifts like free 3,000 coins, an orange juice, spin the wheel, 5 extra energy, a lucky card, one bag of potato chips, a free burger, and a free meal (which has all of the energy items and one at each item).
  •         Your teammates can send you up to 2 energy points for free daily. Optionally, you may also get 1 energy point whenever a teammate accept an energy from a player.
  •         When your friend gets promoted or levels up, your friend can give you a bag of potato chips or an orange juice as a way of saying thanks. You can only claim a bag of potato chips and 3 orange juices each day.
  •         You can also get energy points by finishing a mini-game called Forensic Kit, where you examine evidences for clues to move forward in your case. If you can finish the mini-game quick, you’ll get more energy points.
  •         You can trade your remaining stars for energy rewards by finishing a case and their Additional Investigation.
  •         Even suspects reward you with a burger if you helped them during the Additional Investigation (the last chapter of the case).
  •         You can also trade your Lucky Cards if you have a collection that is complete. Lucky Cards are collectibles that gives rewards when you completed a Royal Flush. You can trade your Clubs for 500 coins, Diamonds for 20 XP, Spades for a bottle of orange juice, and Hearts for a bag of potato chips.
  •         Even a police pet can find energy rewards at the end on an investigation.
  •         You can also watch advertisements, and every time you watch an advertisement, it gives you 20 energy points.

Rank Up in Criminal Case

criminal-case-cheats-tips-tricks-2 Every time you level up, you’ll get a promotion and a certain rank and a badge. It does not affect the game’s storyline, but it has its advantages like sharing to their teammates or other players a bag of potato chips when a player ranks up.

There are 19 ranks in this game and these are the following:

  •         Officer (Level 1)
  •         Deputy (Level 5)
  •         Detective (Level 12)
  •         Corporal (Level 20)
  •         Sergeant (Level 32)
  •         Lieutenant (Level 45)
  •         Captain (Level 60)
  •         Major (Level 75)
  •         Inspector (Level 100)
  •         Lead Inspector (Level 125)
  •         Commander (Level 150)
  •         Deputy Chief (Level 175)
  •         Commissioner (Level 200)
  •         Sheriff (Level 250)
  •         Ranger (Level 300)
  •         Marshal (Level 350)
  •         Senior Trooper (Level 400)
  •         General (Level 500)
  •         Secret Agent (Level 600)

Earn XP (Experience Points) in Criminal Case

Experience points or XP are needed to level up. You can get XP points by crime scene investigation, a lucky find from police pets, Lucky Card trading, Additional Investigation reward, and/or case progression (like suspect interrogation, clues examination, laboratory results viewing). You’ll get 20 XP for chapter progression and 50 XP (or 30 XP for mobile app) for chapter completion.

Medals in Criminal Case

criminal-case-cheats-tips-tricks-4 You get medals when you earn 5 stars in all bonus and crime scenes, killer incarceration, and/or complete the Additional Investigation. There are three kinds of medals in this game:

  •         Bronze Medal – you’ll get this when you arrest a killer in the case, and all cases requires an Additional Investigation after the arrest of a killer (with the first case as an exception).
  •         Silver Medal – you’ll get this when you complete the case’s Additional Investigation. You need both silver and bronze medals for unlocking the next case.
  •         Gold Medal – this can be obtained by earning 5 stars in all bonus and crime scene. Gold medals are also required to unlock police pet shops that can be found in the season map. Just zoom the map and access the pet shop marker to view the gold requirement needed to get access to a certain pet shop.  

Remember that you cannot obtain a gold medal if you don’t have a bronze or silver first, and you have to get medals in this order: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Solve a Case & Get Gold Medal Stars

  •      criminal-case-cheats-tips-tricks-1    You need 36 stars to finish a case most of the time including stars required to unlock the next case without getting 5 stars in all crime scenes. You just need to arrest the killer in Case Number One, and you need just 21 stars to advance to the next case in Case Number Two.
  •         If you have a problem obtaining stars, just pick the scene that has the minimum score needed to earn a star. The time attack scene has the least score required to have a star, so you’ll play that bonus scene.
  •         To complete a case faster, you can pick to 5 star all crimes and bonus scenes available in a chapter. You can obtain up to 25 stars in Chapter 1, 35 to 40 stars in Chapter 2, and a total of 45 stars in Chapter 3 (the same goes to Case Number Three and onwards). You just need to earn 15 stars for Case Number One and 30 stars for Case Number Two.
  •         It is now up to you on how you spend the stars you earned. You can arrest the killer, suspect interrogation, examine clues, and go to the next chapter and/or Additional Investigation. If you finish the Additional Investigation, use it to buy like orange juice (1 star), a bag of potato chips (2 stars), and a burger (3 stars). It’s a good idea to use all other 9 stars to get some burgers.

Use Boosters

These power-ups can help players get a high score or find objects during investigation of the crime scene, and here are the three types which you can purchase with coins:

  •         5 Hints – for 1,500 coins, you can use 5 Hints.
  •         Instant Magnifier – for 500 coins, you can instantly preview the items hidden in the scene of the crime.
  •         x6 Combo Starter – for 3,000 coins, you can start in the scene of the crime with a combo bar completely full.

To use these boosters, you will have to choose the crime scene investigation, then in the partner selector screen, you will have to put the booster you want or they want to use by clicking the plus sign. If you don’t have enough coins to purchase boosters, you can buy using cash and you cannot purchase more than 99 different boosters.

Some of the tips to use these boosters:

  •         It’s a good idea to use the 5 Hints booster if your partner has few hints left.
  •         The Combo Starter and 5 Hints, when used, increases your score.
  •         To know where the objects are at the start of the crime scene, use the Instant Magnifier.
  •         If you purchased a booster and made a mistake, just close the game before hitting the Play! Button. You will get your coins and booster back when you reopen the game.
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