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Rare Pieces in McDonalds Monopoly 2018 – Winning Stickers in Money Monopoly

This article will be updated for the new game as details are released.

It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s favorite fast food “lottery” game McDonalds Monopoly is back in full force. One of the biggest questions on people’s minds during this crazy time is which pieces are the rare and hard to find winners! As you likely know there is only one “rare” piece per color so you really only need to find that piece to be the big winner.

Rare Pieces for Money Monopoly in 2018

When it comes to McDonalds Monopoly the rare and hard to find pieces are what separates the winners from the losers. For each color set (and railroads) on the board there is only one piece that’s hard to find. The others are pretty common. For example the odds of finding all of the pieces (other than the rare monopoly spaces) are either 1-10 or 1-11. Yep a couple meals and chances are you’ve found the common Monopoly piece you need.

So which stickers are the rare ones in 2018? Check out our list below!

Brown Properties Rare Piece – Mediterranean Avenue – Win $50 (2016 Prize)

Railroad Properties Rare Piece – Short Line – Win $500 (2016 Prize)

Light Blue Properties Rare Piece – Vermont Avenue – Win $1000 (2016 Prize)

Magenta Properties Rare Piece – Virginia Avenue – Win $2000 (2016 Prize)

Orange Properties Rare Piece – Tennessee Avenue – Win $5000 (2016 Prizes)

Red Properties Rare Piece – Kentucky Avenue – Win $10,000 (2016 Prize)

Yellow Properties Rare Piece – Ventnor Avenue – Win $25,000 (2016 Prize)

Green Properties Rare Piece – Pennsylvania Avenue – Win $50,000 (2016 Prize)

Dark Blue Rare Piece – Boardwalk – Win $1,000,000 (2016 Prize)

So which McDonalds Monopoly Stickers are the Rarest & Hardest To Find? 

Here they are in order from Rarest to the Most Common (of the hard to find pieces that is)

  1. Boardwalk
  2. Pennsylvania Avenue
  3. Ventnor Avenue
  4. Kentucky Avenue
  5. Tennessee Avenue
  6. Virginia Avenue
  7. Vermont Avenue
  8. Short Line
  9. Mediterranean Avenue

Odds for the Different McDonalds Monopoly Stickers and Prizes

Obviously it’s going to be harder to pull Boardwalk than Mediterranean Avenue. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was as easy to pull the $1,000,000 winner as it was to pull a $50 winner? Well that’s not the case but below mcdonalds-monopoly-prizes-2016
you’ll be able to see just what the odds are for pulling any of the winning tickets!

  1. The Odds of Finding Boardwalk – 1 in 513,591,720 (that’s a lot of burgers and fries!)
  2. The Odds of Finding Pennsylvania Avenue – 1 in 102,718,344
  3. The Odds of Finding Ventnor Avenue – 1 in 102,718,344
  4. The Odds of Finding Kentucky Avenue – 1 in 102,718,344
  5. The Odds of Finding Tennessee Avenue – 1 in 102,718,344
  6. The Odds of Finding Virginia Avenue – 1 in 51,359,172
  7. The Odds of Finding Vermont Avenue – 1 in 51,359,172
  8. The Odds of Finding Short Line – 1 in 2,567,95
  9. The Odds of Finding Mediterranean Avenue – 1 in 114,132

Looking at these odds may be a little daunting but someone’s going to pull these winners! Let’s just hope that that winner is you! As a sidenote think about how many burgers and coca-colas McDonalds must sell every day for these to be the odds! Kind of mind blowing when you really think about it.

The 2018 Monopoly Prize List – What can You Win

So McDonalds has gotten a bit lazy when it  comes to prizes.  Monopoly stickers in 2018 aren’t going to result in jetski’s, sports cars, or even gift cards. Now if you pull a winner it’s going to be a cash prize.  Kind of boring but at the same time how many people would really want a jetski over the cash?  If you really want the jetski you can buy it anyways, so I guess it’s a win win!

So this year you’re either going to walk away with $50, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $1,000,000.

I guess this is why they decided to rename it “Money Monopoly”.


Bonus Prizes:

You can also boost your chances of winning big by using the McDonalds App to redeem any offer between March 29th and April 25th.  Every week McDonalds is going to be giving away bonus prizes to people that didn’t pull a winning sticker (including $50,000 weekly prizes) to players who use the app to redeem an offer during this period.  The best part is 99% of people won’t take the time to do it, so your odds are infinitely better to win via the app.



  1. so which one is rarer – Baltic (as shown in one list) or Mediterranean (as shown in another list on this same page)?

  2. Didn’t they used to have game pieces on a lot more items?!
    I just bought a meal via the drive thru and discovered I had no game pieces
    Figured I’d just go back and get a free game piece as ‘NO PURCHASE NECESSARY’ but in their frickin fine print it says “Play game w/o purchase: to receive two game pieces without purchase, mail a handwritten self addressed stamped envelope…..”
    WTF?! If I gotta use two envelopes, two stamps, etc – I sure the heck am making a purchase to get the dang game pieces!!!!

    • You also had to purchase a computer to make this stupidass comment so why aren’t you complaining about that?

      • Apparently Mel has never entered another sweepstakes in his entire life. Almost all of them offer “NO PURCHASE NECC.”, but require you to mail in your info. DUH.

  3. So, will McDonald’s give me a smart phone and set me up with a phone plan with data so I can use their app?

      • I am just one of the very few people it seems that do not have a $600 smart phone with a $200 a month data plan so I can play stupid games and fill it full of ‘apps’. Just trying to get by paying the bills I have with a house, mortgage, insurance and every other bill I have with a wife and kids. But it seems today if you don’t have a smart phone, you are excluded from half the special offers, prizes, and coupons that are out there. It just bothers me that it is just taken for granted that everyone has a smart phone. Maybe I should take out a loan to get the phone and try to win the $50,000????? The story says the odds are good! 😉

          • Hey I’m a college kid who can’t afford a smart phone. Are you going to tell me to get job and stop being a lazy butt when I pay over 10,000 in loans a year? I have a fulltime and a part time job and I still dont have a smart phone.

          • Basic straight talk smart phone – $30, phone plan – $45. Thats the same thing you will pay for a non smart phone, it doesn’t have to be powerful or top of the line to run apps, no excuses

          • I can’t even afford a phone. I get no financial aid because my parents won’t help me, they have disowned me because I am going to a D3 school instead of the D1 I could’ve gotten into.

        • Data plans are not $200 a month. And smart phones aren’t $600. You can get a basic smartphone for $100 and a plan for $30.

        • You don’t have to use the app you can put up to 10 codes a day on the website on line it also does a weekly drawing

      • LOL! Obama, free stuff??? That’s why I’m paying more now than ever for healthcare and getting worse coverage….

      • amen to that! No one wants to earn anything . Unfortunately we’re I live Obama is know for his free phone service anyone who has a foodstamp card is eligible for a phone and free minutes every month ! so too late Obama has done his fare share of damage

  4. This game is ridiculous, I’ve had pennsylvania ave for a week now, i’ve bought probably 200 meals and can’t get the other greens. I’m about to throw it away, stupid scam game.

  5. I pulled my first game piece off this afternoon and it was $50 cash instant winner. Anyone happen to know the odds on the instant win cash prizes? I se where they have chance of winning $25 or $50 but can find the odds. Just curious.

    • Brown Properties Rare Piece – Mediterranean Avenue – Win $50 (2016 Prize)

      The Odds of Finding Mediterranean Avenue – 1 in 114,132

    • Park place is super easy to come by, if anyone has boardwalk I don’t see them giving it up for anything lol I have 6 park place lol

  6. I have all the pieces except the rare ones + one green. I was wondering why I never got anything else, lol. This clears up everything.

  7. I have board walk I guess I just went to the store and got some fries and a drink but I don’t know what’s the point of the monopoly at McDonald’s

  8. I need 622 for the million; 620 for the 1/2 million; 616 for the 1/4 million; 612 for ten thousand; 610 for five thousands and 606 for the two thousand. If you have the matching piece we win and split the prize. Text me at

  9. ok I’ll give you guys board walk it has no value to me Kik me and subscribe to my YouTube channel and Kik me its Chacho zapata

  10. If anyone wants to split, and HAS board walk, I have two of the park place, just reply and we’ll see from there

  11. Just got Boardwalk – dark blue piece. Anybody have other dark blue, willing to split 50/50. E-mail is

  12. I woke up this morning ppl asking about my boardwalk it was real hard to get it I know its a rare piece and a lot of ppl have park place my boardwalk I’m not giving up Sorry

  13. I’ve got any piece you need, except I’m looking For Mediterranean Avenue, Shortline, Vermont Avenue, Virginia Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, Kentucky Avenue, Ventnor Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Boardwalk. If you want to trade any of these pieces for my pieces, let me know!

  14. So many people trolling they have boardwalk. The odds are 1 in half a billion people… EDIT: I JUST GOT BOARDWALK whoo, but I still need park place. Does anyone want to split the money with me?

  15. I have a park place and Atlantic ave & Marvin gardens need #622 boardwalk and or #616 ventnor ave I’m located in Brooklyn ny looking for missing pieces 50/50 mrthomas0010gmailcom

  16. This goes out to anyone that has Boardwalk I have Park Place and I am willing to give it to you and in return I only want $25,000. I am not a greedy person at all I do not want to split it down the middle half and half all I would like is $25,000 out of the 1 million you can keep the rest no strings attached I am an honest man. $25,000 is more than enough that I need! If you are serious and interested, please email me at

    • I’m not greedy, all I want is $25,000 for a worthless piece.

      I have three pennies, can you trade for a thousand dollars?

  17. If you really have Board Walk don’t be stupid. Park Place is a common piece. Just wait until you get Park Place and claim the prize for yourself.

  18. I have 2 park place tickets and I only need one Broad Walk. Please someone contact me on my e-mail and we can divide money 50/50… Please I’m serious

  19. I wonder what the odds are combined just to win any cash at all.

    And to all the dumb people asking to trade Park Place for $25k it ain’t gonna happen. That piece is worth nothing. Boardwalk is worth 1 mil, but as stated in the article, park place is a common piece. If someone offers you $25k they’re probably scamming. If you do have park place, just go buy a bunch of McDonald’s, whatever is the cheapest item to get the pieces, keep ordering till you get the common piece you need and give the food away. You probably won’t spend more than $100 before you find the common piece you need.

  20. i need pennsylvania avenue green if u have it from 50k i want 20 u take 30k contact me at 7879742498 i live in georgia

  21. Hey — check it out! I got “Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Just my luck.

  22. ok people my boardwalk is no longer available I gave my boardwalk away sorry no longer playing the game I don’t be on here like that

  23. I’m a recent widow who was a caregiver to my disabled husband. I will be homeless next month. I am looking for Ventnor Ave if someone feels like helping.




  25. I gots me 2 Boardwalks. Dunno how it happened, but I an’t gotta be greedy bouts it. Does anyone knows if I can donat won to charity? Just wanted to ax everyone what to do.

  26. I have multiple park places and other game pieces if you win all I want is 20,000 when you get it only once please my email is I will send you a picture of the price and the code in the email.

  27. 500,501,503 $100,000 Cash

    507,508 $50,000 Home Makeover

    512 $35,000 Vehicle

    516,518,519 $20,000 College Tuition

    521,522 $10,000 Jet Ski

    526,530 $10,000 Family Vacation

    532,533,534 $25 Gift Card Mall

    536,537 $15 Grocery Gift Card

    540,542 $10 Grocery Gift Card

    545,546 $5 Grocery Gift Card

    547,548 $25 Grocery Gift Card

    553 $25 Cash

    555,557 $50 Grocery Gift Card

    559,560,561 $78 Redbox

    563,564, $100 Grocery Gift Card

    567,569 $100 Cash

    571,574 $200 Family Picnic

    576,577,578 $200 Cash

    580,581,582 $500 Spa

    583,584 $1000 Weekend

    589 $1000 Grocery Gift Card

    591,593,594 $1000 Cash

    595,596,598 $1500 Led HD TV

    601 $2500 BigJoe Grill

    604,605,606 $5000 Groceries

    609,610 $5000 Cash

    612,614,615 $1,000,000 Cash

    616,617 $1,000,000 Cash

    621,623,624 $500,000 Vacation Home

  28. i sighned up online to keep track of the game.. no boardwalk here but im prob not gonna wn much.. maybe the 1000. i have 2 out of 3.. u need to sigh up at mcds first.. i hope to god i get sumhing…

  29. I got boardwalk the first day they started doing the monopoly this year, I was on the road staying at a hotel in ohio… I threw it away because I assumed it was the common piece..I just pulled Park Place off a large fry, and now im pissed..

  30. I have park place. I’d trade for funds to go towards a working motorcycle. I’d settle for a
    highfive though…

  31. I have 2/3 for every property just need rare pieces if anyone wants to share some prize money e-mail me at if interested!

  32. I need boardwalk, pennsylvania ave, ventnor ave, kentucky ave, TN ave, states ave, virginia ave, short line railroad, mediterranean ave, and vermont ave. Will give you more of the cash prize email me at

  33. anyone with boardwalk or any rare property ? and i have miltiple of every property except the rares , if you have rares & are willing to share email me let discuss $$ im a very honest person .

  34. I have North Carolina, and pacific avenue and I need Pennsylvania Avenue . I also have New York avenue and Saint James place and need Tennessee avenue. Also have Saint Charles place and states avenue and need Virginia avenue . Also have one of each from the remainder except the dark blue ones . If anyone has the other piece to the 2 I have I’ll more than gladly split any profit equally no scams or any of that crap . I’m in New York (Long Island area) anyone has any inquiries or wants to see photos email me

  35. people are so dumb……. I have Park place I have Park Place! Split with me split with me! Park Place has a 1:10 odds hahaha Park Place isn’t even worth 20 dollars. Just because its blue doesn’t mean its rare…. idiots!

  36. I have all the properties except the 9 they just listed is there anybody here in Texas that wants to match and split prizes

  37. I have all of the pieces but the rare ones (of course). If you got them, let’s split the winnings!! Email me!

  38. Only I need have Tennessee ave,shortline, st James place,Mediterranean ave, Vermont ave, Pennsylvania ave , Kentucky ave. I already have other many coupon. That those I don’t have that if you already have those that I need…

  39. Anyone who has Boardwalk, Pennysylvania, Ventnor, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Shortline, or Mediterranian, You should email me! Willing to split winnings.

  40. Hey yall! i want to get in on this, if anybody want we combine our property & split the winnings, dont have many i just started, Anybody interested please hit me up. Ps: i have ”St James, N. Carolina, Illiois ave, St Charles, Atlantic, & Reading.

  41. Let’s go half and half on every thing
    – State Avenue St Charles Place
    – Pacific Avenue North Carolina Avenue
    – Indiana Avenue Illinois Avenue
    – Atlantic Avenue

  42. Every year its the same old thing! McDonald’s has been running this stupid contest since I was kid. Growing up back in 1970’s and 80’s. I only played this game once! I
    got all the pieces expect for Boardwalk! Why do people waste their time with this nonsence I will never no? By the way, didn’t McDonalds get sued for playing this
    game one time? I wished McDonald’s would stop doing this Monopoly game!

  43. If anybody need these, i have ”St James, N. Carolina, Illiois ave, St Charles, Atlantic, & Reading. selling for $1,000.00 ”SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY” If i get anymore i will list them here price won’t change. Hit me up private message on facebook name is; monstrz lowkz.

  44. funny how people say they have Boardwalk, but no photographic proof haha
    I’m just here for my Chicken Nuggets after my gym workout. Need my protein 😀

  45. I am missing Boardwalk,Kentucky Ave, Pennsylvannia ave, Ventor, Tennessee Ave, Virginia Ave,Vermont Ave, Email me LUXURYBATHBOUTIQUE@GMAIL.COM WE CAN SPLIT THE WINNINGS.

  46. Hello if anyone playing Mcdonalds Monopoly each section I am only missing one peice . My missing piece are Boardwalk 1 million, P ennsylvannia Ave 50k, Ventor Ave 25k, Kentucky Ave 10k, Tennesse Ave 5 k, Virginia Ave 2k, if you have any of these pieces please contact me via email LUXURYBATHBOUTIQUE@GMAIL.COM I am a serious person and small business owner I posted pictures to what I got like i said I have everything but the rare pieces!

  47. I have park place, Indiana avenue, Illinois avenue, Atlantic avenue, states avenue, Marvin gardens, Baltic avenue, oriental avenue, North Carolina avenue, st.charles place, oriental avenue, pacific avenue, st.james place, New York avenue, Connecticut avenue, b & b railroad, reading railroad and Pennsylvania railroad… Email me if interested in pieces I

  48. I have all the tickets I’m just missing one of each from the list above we could split the money text me at 646-359-4798

  49. Can anyone help me out I need ventnor,Pennsylvania ave,Kentucky. Virginia tennessee email me please thanks


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