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Top 10 Places to Download New iPhone Wallpapers

As each new iPhone model is released, consumers get to experience more and more impressive resolutions on constantly improving displays. What this means is that you need resources that can help you to find high quality, high resolution wallpapers for your phone. The wallpaper is one of the few things that you can customize on an Apple device, so you have to make the most of it.  You could simply google an image, but that’s too random. Here’s a few options to find a more bespoke wallpaper for your iPhone.

Top 10 Places to Download New iPhone Wallpapers

The following sites offer wallpapers that were captured and edited by professional photographers, or created by graphic designers. Some are paid, some are free, and all offer high quality to give your device a stunning home screen.

#10 – reddit.com/r/mostbeautiful

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 5.33.06 PM

There is a huge number of sections of Reddit that offer communities sharing high quality iPhone-ready backgrounds, but one of the best of the bunch is /r/mostbeautiful. What’s great about this subreddit is that it offers photos with unusual content; famous photos or photos that have appeared on Reddit elsewhere are not allowed. All submissions must also be of high quality. With a wide range of photos on a variety of themes it’s easy to find something that’ll make your home screen really pop.

#9 – Wallax


Wallax is an app that costs $0.99 in the App Store, and it caters to people who want to make their own colourful, custom wallpapers. It has been around for years, but manages to stay popular by providing consistent updates and improvements. It gives you the option to make custom gradients, as well as a huge range of editing options for existing photos. From there, you can resize and optimize your photos for any device.

#8 – Wallpapers Plus


Wallpapers Plus is a free app that provides basic wallpapers for your iPhone, like pictures of flowers, and plants, and sunsets. What’s great about Wallpapers Plus is that it is constantly unveiling new pictures, updating with hundreds of new wallpapers every day, so you’ll have plenty of new options to choose from whenever your home screen starts to feel a little stale. Even if you’re not looking for a new wallpaper at a given time, it can be nice to scroll through their endless supply of pictures for inspiration. You can filter the wallpapers to manageable levels by sorting the pictures by categories like new, popular, or random.

#7 – Pimp Your Screen

pimp-your-screen-2 This app costs $1.99 in the App Store and is great for those who like flashy displays, custom themes, and other effects. A lot of the wallpapers they have on offer are angular, modern, jarring displays that mimic 3D effects. Using Pimp Your Screen, you can equip your phone with matching icons, lock screens, and graphics to create cohesion across the visual components of your device. You can also use Pimp Your Screen’s built-in editor to edit your own photos in eye-catching ways.

#6 – digitalblasphemy.com

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 5.38.53 PM Ryan Bliss, the owner of Digital Blasphemy and creator of most of its images, refers to himself as one of the world’s only full-time 3D wallpaper artists since 1999. He supports his site by charging $25 for a year-long subscription which gives you access to his entire catalog of high-definition 3D wallpapers, plus one new wallpaper every 7-10 days in resolutions suited to the highest-definition screens. If you’re not looking to shell out any money, there is also a free gallery on the site that offers limited options at no charge.

#5 – 10,000+ LockScreens with ActiveBlur

10000-lockscreens 10,000+ LockScreens with ActiveBlur is one of the most popular apps in the App Store, owing in part to the ActiveBlur technology. It uses the parallax effect to create the illusion of depth or texture when you move your phone. This app focuses more on lock screens than wallpapers themselves, so it can be best used in conjunction with a good wallpaper app. 10, 000+ LockScreens prowls the internet for all images (it promises access to over ten thousand, which you could probably have guessed from the title) and allows you to preview what they’ll look like on your phone with a blur effect.

#4 – Wallpaper Fix

wallpaper-fix-2 This app, available for $0.99 in the App Store, is not a resource for finding photos like the other apps and websites. Instead, this is a way for you to fix and resize your photos that you’ve downloaded or taken yourself so that they’ll look optimal on your screen. Wallpaper Fix advertises the ability to achieve all the editing functions you could need to get your photo to look perfect as a wallpaper: cropping, scaling, zooming, re-sizing, positioning and more.

#3 – Monogram Lite

monogram-lite-2 Monogram Lite is similar to Pimp Your Screen in that it provides options to iPhone users looking to express themselves creatively. The free version of this app provides around 60 wallpapers that can be used to create your own monogram images. These images aren’t tied to your device either, as you can easily take them off your phone and use them to create other crafts like jewellery or custom phone cases.

#2 – Google Images with Search Tools

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 5.34.29 PM

This seems like an obvious choice, and perhaps not as sophisticated as some of the other options, but in actuality Google Images can be one of the very best places to search for high quality iPhone wallpapers if you know how to use it properly. Clicking “search tools” gives you access to very specific, narrow search terms to select the exact type of image you’re looking for. You can select an exact size image. You can choose what colour palette you’d like the image to be, if you’re trying to develop a certain colour scheme on your device. You can sort the images by how new they are, or what the copyright restrictions on them are, or a number of other categories. Using Google Images lazily is one of the worst ways to find a good, high-resolution wallpaper for your iPhone, but using Google Images properly is one of the best.

#1 – reddit.com/r/wallpapers

TScreen Shot 2016-03-05 at 5.33.08 PM here are a huge number of great wallpaper-based boards on Reddit, but the best of them is the simply-named /r/wallpapers. It has consistently high quality and interesting images. It mixes the curative nature of apps like Wallpapers Plus with the search function of Google to give you easy access to the best of wallpapers on the internet in a simple, easy to navigate layout. It also has the benefit of having Reddit’s comment system for each photo, so users can ask for further details about each image, or request more images of a similar nature or different file sizes and resolutions.

Of course, this list only scratches the surface of the available options when it comes to wallpapers for your iPhone, but it’s a leaping-off point than can satisfy the visual needs of most iPhone users. Another option is simply to Google the phrase “goat tower.” Doing this will provide you with a surprising number of photos of goats poking their heads inquisitively out of stone towers with spiral staircases leading to various portions of each goat tower. My iPhone wallpaper is of a goat tower.

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