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What Happened To Jared Fogle – Subway Jared Update

The 38 year old rose to fame in 2000, showing off his impressive weight loss that he said was the result of eating subway sandwiches. These days he better known for soliciting sex with minors and receiving child pornography. Right now he’s serving a sentence of no less than thirteen years, after pleading guilty to all charges. So let’s take a brief look into the life of Jared Fogle.

Jared Fogle – The Subway Guy

Jared Fogle Jared Fogle was born August 23rd 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Not much is known about his life prior to attending Indiana University, except that he was obese for much of his early life. It was in early 1999 that he came to the attention of the media, after his friend and Dorm mate wrote an article on him, detailing his weight loss. He had become obese due to a lifetime of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle, which is how most folk become obese. He decided then to make a change. But change is hard, and when you have grown use to simply popping down to the local fast food joint and picking up a burger, harder still. He substituted the fries and a shake for Subway, and the rest is sordid history.

He felt that eating at Subway encouraged him to practice not only portion control, but also to examine the condiments that he put on his food. The likes of mayonnaise and even ketchup can pile on the calories without us even noticing. Couple this new focus on calorie intake with some brisk exercise and Jared Fogle found himself losing weight, as anyone who has done the same would also find.

His local Subway took the story and ran a regional marketing campaign based on it. He tested well and it wasn’t long before he was plastered all over billboards, featuring in advertisements and giving talks on weight loss. Subway would keep their focus as the healthy fast food place for nearly a decade, but soon began featuring Jared less and less, promoting instead their $5 Footlong campaign. Subway has publicly stated that upwards of one third of their increase in sales is due to the marketability of Jared Fogle.

He started the Jared Foundation in 2004 as a non-profit organization devoted to curbing child obesity. In reality the firm gave out no grants, over a fourth of the money in the foundation was unaccounted for and the Director of the organization was arrested in early 2015 on possession of child pornography. Jared Fogle attempted to distance himself from him immediately following the arrest, but by that point it was too late, the noose was tightening around Fogle, and he would be arrested on similar charges soon himself.

He first came to the attention of the FBI in 2007, due to inappropriate comments made by Jared Fogle regarding the middle school students. Reporter Rochelle Herman-Walrond worked with the FBI to gather evidence against him. She wore a wire and befriended Fogle. She was able to record many conversations, with Fogle flat our admitting to having sex with underage girls and trying to get the woman to install webcams in her daughters bedrooms. These heinous requests would serve as a great foundation for putting him away. He was arrested in mid 2015.

What is Jared Fogle Doing Now in 2018?

jared fogle In August he agreed to a plea bargain, guilt on two counts. One of distribution and receipt of child pornography and one of traveling to engage in sex with a minor. It has been discovered that he would pay a finder’s fee to prostitutes in the New York area for procuring girls young enough to satisfy his predilections. He agreed to undergo treatment for sexual disorders and be placed on the sex offenders registry for the remainder of his life. He was sentenced to a minimum of fifteen years in prison, three years more than the plea bargain offered, and triple what Jared requested.

He began serving his sentence in November of 2015, arriving at Henderson County Detention center before he was moved to FCI Englewood in December. The facilities at Englewood include a program specifically for dealing with sexual offenders. Early this year Jared was beaten severely by fellow inmate Steve Nigg. He was left with a bloody nose and inflammation of the face. His attacker, Nigg, has stated that he simply cannot be around child molesters, and the prison he is in has a disproportionate number of them there. He has released statements on Facebook detailing why he did what he did.

In odd news, Jared is filing a motion against the parents of one of his victim’s parents. He claims that their divorce caused the girl emotional damage. During his case the victim in question, known as Jane Doe, cited the unauthorized videos taken by Jared and an associate, also serving time, caused her major distress and led to several depressive episodes. Jared is seemingly hoping to discredit the claims, and make it seem as though the witness overplayed the effects of the voyeur on her psyche. Why he thinks this would work is beyond me.

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