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Star Wars Battlefront Tips and Hints

Star Wars Battlefront is a great game, but the rank up to level 50 can take some time. If you are looking to help maintain some supremacy on the battlefield of the new Battlefront, here are some tips to help keep you in command of the chaos;

Using Your Best Early Weapons

Just like most other modern shooters, the new Star Wars Battlefront has a leveling curve behind which lies most of the good unlocks. The starter weapons are mediocre, but the weapons will eventually start to get better and better as you progress closer to rank 50. When starting out, the player is given the traditional A280C blaster rifle. This is a decent weapon, but upgrading to either the DLT-19 or DH-17 when you have the credits is the best bet. From there, you can upgrade to whatever rifle you would like; the E-11 is a great all-purpose blaster rifle, the EE-3 serves as a fantastic carbine type of deal with its 3 shot burst, the T-21B Targeting Rifle is a fantastic sniper capable of killing in one shot to the head, and then at level 28 the Cycle Rifle unlocks. The Cycle Rifle is a powerful weapon that will fully kill an enemy soldier with just one hit, no matter where you hit them. An alternative is available at rank 6 called the Pulse Cannon, which doesn’t do the area of effect damage that the Cycle Rifle does, but will still be able to rip through dozens of soldiers without issue.

Be an Ace Pilot

Just like the previous two Battlefronts and even the Battlefield games, vehicles are an important part to the battle and will change the tides heavily. Some vehicles are fast and unarmored, while others are heavily armored and will allow for multiple passengers and even gunners. Air combat is especially important to be a whiz at, as enemy fighters have the ability to shoot homing missiles which will lock onto you and are not easily shaken by typical evasive maneuvers and barrel rolling. Still, use evasive, sneaky maneuvers during aerial combat in order to outsmart your opponent.

Be Smart on the Battlefield


The new Star Wars Battlefront is a very chaotic game; lots of different people are going about their own agendas to accomplish the same goal of winning the game, and some may know their capabilities more than others. As with all games, master your favorite class and your “calling” – if you are used to playing as a “tank,” bring a shield and maybe a shotgun and run into the front of the fight to draw fire away from any enemies. If you play as a sniper, equip yourself with a jetpack and jump to vertical heights. In addition, most guns in Battlefront do not have instant bullet travel time – bullets will take time from leaving your gun to hitting their target. Lead your target, even if you are directly in front of them and think your bullets will hit; there are no hitscan guns in Battlefront.

Aim for Vehicle Weak Spots/Know Your Target Priorities

In the Walker Assault mode, the AT-ATs can be a tough challenge to take down. As the rebels, you might need to wait for the Y-wing ships to bomb out the shields until you can properly get underneath the vehicles and start blasting away at the undersides while they are vulnerable. While the shields are up of any vehicle, the vehicle will take not take any permanent damage and any weak spots will not cause critical damage. The smartest tactic is to wait for a Hero be present as the rebels while you hoard the important Star Card power-ups like the Ion Torpedo or Impact Grenades in order to deal the most damage – of course, it goes without saying that explosive weapons are the most effective against the AT-AT vehicle.


Of course, in the same vein you should know who is the biggest threat to handle. Heroes are the biggest threat on a battlefield, followed by vehicles (of course, you might not be able to take down a vehicle by yourself depending on your equipment – if this is the case, scamper out of there immediately and wait for someone to come along who is capable of destroying it), then followed by a deadly sniper. Anyone else can be a threat up close, but the main thing is to keep control of the battlefield and know your escape routes in case things go south. It’s better to escape with your life than trade lives between someone else. Explosives like grenades, thermal detonators, and Ion Torpedoes work well against masses of people and stop Heroes and Villains dead in their tracks.

Hero Token Locations

Hero tokens look just like this
Hero tokens look just like this image to the left.

Just like Battlefront 2 and even some scenarios in the original Battlefront, the new Battlefront allows for players to control the Heroes and Villains of the Star Wars universe. These characters will allow for tons of damage to be dished out, and the entire face of the battle to be changed just by their presence. In order to activate as a Hero or Villain character, the player must collect Hero Tokens which will be spread throughout the entirety of the battlefield. However, these locations aren’t random – they’re always in the same spawn location. Get a map or memorize these locations and rush to them immediately to beat out the enemy team (and your own!) to take control of a powerful Hero or Villain character. Keep in mind that the Hero you play as will have some consequences based on their equipment, as well – if you are playing against a lot of snipers and ships, Luke may not be the best option compared to someone like Han Solo who is a more capable ranged combatant.


Be Smart with your Control of Power-Ups and Pick-Ups

Charge Cards will allow for the player to control their power-ups and abilities that they periodically receive throughout the battle. Charge Cards can be chosen before the battle and allow for a player to swap between a primary and secondary hand, and will come with abilities such as supplying the player with ion torpedoes or equipment like a jetpack. Be sure to change these around based on the map you are playing – as a sniper, it might be smart to take a jetpack and have a more vertical approach, but if you are playing on the Walker Assault gamemode, taking a variety of explosives is the smarter option. Your “ultimate power up” can also be configured as well. Charge Cards will also allow for any lower-leveled player to borrow a higher-leveled partner’s Charge Cards and use those for the duration of the match, as long as the pair are partied together. As you level up over time, more and more Charge Cards are unlocked – be sure to maintain your collection of Charge Cards in Battlefront to dominate the battlefield.

Play With a Buddy1

Battlefront has so many incentives for players to play with their friends. Not only does the game let you spawn directly on your friend in the co-op screen (just press triangle or Y), there are incentives such as increased amounts of experience at the end of a successful match and allowing lower-leveled partners to borrow a hand of Charge Cards. Of course, you can’t spawn on your friend if he is taking fire or there are enemies nearby, so communication is key in order to maximize the efficiency between you and your squad, but two blasters will be so much deadlier than one blaster.



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