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What Happened To Vigilante 8 Games – Latest Release and Studio Updates

If you played the first Twisted Metal games and looked for similar titles, you probably played Vigilante 8. The PS1 game, which was developed by Luxoflux and published by Activision, is a lot like the other vehicular combat games. The game, that is actually a spinoff of the PC game Interstate ’76, was a success on the PS1 and was later released for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color.

In Vigilante 8, players have to try to take out the other drivers in a big stage. Each stage comes with a number of interactive features, which you can use to take out other drivers. The game is similar to Twisted Metal, players choose a vehicle with weapons and face other drivers. In the stage, players can find a few icons, which repair damage or can block other drivers from using their weapons. Vigilante 8 comes with an Arcade and Story Mode, where you players have to complete a number of objectives to unlock more stages and characters.

Story Mode

The Story Mode follows the Vigilantes, a group of people who have teamed up to stop the bad guys. The characters all have their own endings, which all connect to the story. There is also an alien, who appears as a secret character.

The Nintendo 64 version of the game includes a new campaign for the secret character and more multiplayer modes, including a two player story mode.

Success and Second Game

Vigilante 8 Vigilante 8 received good reviews, with many critics liking the multiplayer modes and controls.

A year later, a second game called Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, was released for the PS1, Dreamcast and Nintendo 64. Years later, the Xbox 360 received a remake of the game called Vigilante 8 Arcade. The remake brought better graphics and online mode. The Xbox 360 version was released back in November 2008, so its been a while since Vigilante 8 appeared on consoles.

Vigilante 8 – PC? Xbox One? PS4?

Vigilante 8 is usually listed as a classic whenever old games are mentioned but its been almost eight years since it made an appearance. Fans have requested for a new game and it is not a bad idea, considering that the game was a big success in the past and that there aren’t many games like this one out on PC, Xbox One or PS4. The only problem is that Luxoflux, the game developer of the first two games, was closed in 2010. The original founders did return with a new studio and Vigilante 8 Arcade back in 2008, but nothing about a new game has been announced.




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