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The Best Accesories for Electronic Cigarette Users

So, by now you’ve probably read one of the many guides I’ve created to try and help you quit smoking cigarettes or at the very least, understand more about electronic cigarettes. I stand by the affirmation that electronic cigarettes have been nothing but positive for your average consumer. They taste loads better than traditional cigarettes, and are nowhere near as unhealthy; plus, they’re easy to sneak in doors if you’re an employee of a job where you can frequently take breaks – wink wink, nudge nudge, but don’t get caught.

However, if you’re like me and soon get into purchasing a little too much vaporizing stuff, it can quickly get burdensome. Currently looking over my unorganized workspace, I see bottles, coils, a wrapper from a coil, an unfilled tank and my own personal device – it’s just a messy cluster. However, organizing your electronic cigarette hardware isn’t the only goal of this guide, as I am also looking to introduce you to the many accessories I’ve bought to complement my own ownership of an electronic cigarette.

Bottles – Glass and Plastic

Bottles are going to be extremely important for your electronic cigarette. Not only do you need the juice to actually generate vapor, but having extra bottles can be important. I always have extra bottles on hand, due to the fact that I make juice, but so I can also possibly borrow juice or lend juice out if needed. Typically, when you make any electronic juice purchase, you’ll get a plastic bottle – I typically label mine with a date when I purchased the juice and have it last for a year. The year isn’t a confirmed time that you should keep the bottle, but it’s the longest measurement of time that I’ll feel comfortable allowing myself to keep chemicals in a bottle. Remember, while the two main components to electronic cigarette juice are propylene glycol (extracted from animal fats) and vegetable glycerin (extracted from plant sugars), we don’t know how they do over a long period of time – they can begin to break down and use some of the plastic from inside the bottle. I just don’t feel that safe leaving a substance in a plastic bottle for a long time, and plus, the juice will start to taste funny after awhile, anyways. Typically, juice that has been sitting for a long, long time might separate if the components of it are heavy or differentiated enough.

Different colors of bottles, just like beer bottles
Different colors of bottles, just like beer bottles

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the glass bottles. As far as I know, it would be next to impossible for juice sitting in a glass bottle to get any “bad stuff” in it from the bottle. Glass bottles for electronic juice typically come in either a blue or brown, which is recommended – it’s the same idea as beer bottles. If you have a clear bottle, the sun or the elements will have a much easier time affecting the contents of the bottle.
There are also various other types of bottles for contents, but one worth an immediate mention is the skinny, long type of bottle. If I know I’m going somewhere where I’m going to be vaping heavily, I’ll carry the bottle with me so I can easily refill my juice and not worry about having to bum. In fact, if I’m travelling with another vaper (typically my roommate), I’ll carry a bottle. Just because I’m a nice guy.
What I personally did was purchase 2 60 milliliter brown bottles, a pack of 10 30 milliliter plastic bottles, and then also 5 of the long-necked 30 milliliter bottles. This way, I have enough bottles if I decide to mix some juice one night, or if I want to let somebody borrow juice. Having too many bottles is never really a bad thing.

External Battery

Just imagine this, but with something a lot more pleasing than an iPhone
Just imagine this, but with something a lot more pleasing than an iPhone

The electronic cigarette I own, the iTaste MVP 2, is pretty neat because it has the most underrated feature of all time (in my opinion); it has an external charger on the very bottom. However, most electronic cigarettes last the foresight of Innokin and thus, most other brand batteries just lay around when you no longer need them instead of doubling as an external batteyr charger.
An external battery can be really important for any vaper who doesn’t have constant access to a car charging port or a wall outlet. Your typical external battery will come with around 6,000 milliamp hours (MAH,) all the way up to 20,000 and beyond. Your average electronic cigarette battery or mod will have around 2,600 or more MAH, meaning you should get anywhere from 2 full charges all the way up to 6 or 7, depending on the type of external battery you purchase.
Owning either a second pair of batteries (for mechanical mods) or an external charger lets you keep vaping on-the-go, and possibly even serve as a life saver to someone else who needs a quick recharge. Don’t forget that most mods are charged by micro-USB, so your phone charger in your car or even at home can probably charge your USB, as well. Stick styles use a proprietary charger where they have to be screwed into the port.

A Vaping Lanyard

While you may look silly, the functionality will surprise you. Just don't look to any loved ones or family members
While you may look silly, the functionality will surprise you. Just don’t look to any loved ones or family members

Okay, this one might be a little ridiculous, but hear me out – vaping lanyards can be useful, but Good Lord do they look incriminating and dorky. However, I typically use my vaping lanyard only when I’m going on a drive somewhere – rather than leave my vaporizer in the center console or in the door, I instead just let it dangle from my neck. Seriously – I own a lanyard meant specifically for vaping. Vaping shops will typically give these away for free or for a cheap price through some customer loyalty programs, so I don’t consider a necessity to own – but seriously, just try wearing a lanyard attached to your vape. It makes you look like a tool, but for instances like driving, it really does make a nice difference.

Spare Tanks

nautilus I learned this one the hard way – ALWAYS keep a spare tank on hand. Most tank kits will come with an extra glass housing, but make sure you always have a backup available.

I had the misfortune of having a tank crack on me (and gig my hand pretty good), leading to a bunch of juice to pour out and a general mess to be created. Not only that, but I couldn’t even vape because of my damaged tank. Typically, tanks will crack/splinter if the juice has too much acidity in it, or if the juice is old and has a high nicotine content – the tank won’t explode, but it’ll crack, pop, and then splinter, requiring the user to either cut up their hand or use tools to remove the glass. Either way, the process is a pain, and I would recommend taking the steps to avoid having a cracked tank in the first place.

If your tank does crack, however, it’s important to either have a spare tank on hand, or the replacement glass so you can keep vaping. You can pick up replacement glass for cheap from vaping stores, typically, or just order it online for an even cheaper price.

On the same note, I would keep tools such as pliers, rubber-insulated gloves, and a little toolkit around. No, the rubber-insulated gloves aren’t going to be to prevent you from getting shocked, it’s just that you’re less likely to have a piece of glass pierce through heavy duty gloves.

Not an Accessory, but customize your storage

I use these to hold all of my vaping stuff, and it cost me $20 and a trip to IKEA
I use these to hold all of my vaping stuff, and it cost me $20 and a trip to IKEA

This isn’t an accessory that I can recommend you to go out and purchase, but instead I do recommend that you take great care in setting up your little electronic cigarette station. Things like shelving and railing can be important, as most components to an electronic cigarette are tiny – make sure to also keep them away from any pets or children, because certain parts can be swallowed, and you should DEFINITELY NOT INGEST ELECTRONIC JUICE. For this reason, I would specifically like to point out IKEA, who is my favorite shop for furniture; IKEA is fairly cheap and has a huge variety of goods, so my own personal electronic cigarette workstation consists of a variety of IKEA products, ranging from plastic bins all the way to shelving which holds it all. Of course, you can use whatever you like from wherever you like, but I personally use IKEA products since they are so cheap and can usually be modified with ease.

A Case


Finally, the last accessory I can consider a necessity is a good case to hold all your electronic cigarette supplies on the go. Cases might not fit in jean pockets (especially not for women), but if you want to carry some complementary supplies for your personal vaporizer, then throwing a case in your backpack or purse can really help. I keep two cases ready to go; one just has a bunch of juice and a replacement coil for my usual device, while the other case actually has some eGo-style sticks in them, just in case I feel like I’m going somewhere where somebody may ask to use my vape to see what it’s like, such as a party or a gathering.
Cases won’t run too much money, but are great investments for helping the longevity of your device. Would you rather have the case hit the ground, or your precious metal device hitting the ground?

These are just the suggestions for accessories I have from looking around my workstation, and I think I covered most of the personalization I’ve done for my use in electronic cigarettes. If you use any of your own customization, leave a comment below and let us know how it works for you!



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