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Natural Alternatives to Coumadin

If you have blood clots, you may have been recommended to take Coumadin. This new medicine targets clots and removes them from the body, helping to prevent the risk of strokes, heart disease and heart attacks.

There are other options than Coumadin though. There are plenty of natural substances and techniques that can help minimize these problems and keep your heart healthy. You don’t need to reach for unnatural drugs, and in fact, can prevent having to have the need to indulge in expensive pharmaceutical medication.

This is especially good as Coumadin, like all other drugs, comes with a long list of side effects. Problems taking Coumadin can actually include clotting, the very thing you are trying to prevent. Furthermore, taking the drug can also cause bleeding, which isn’t especially wanted when you are trying to solve your blood problems. Some patients on the drug also report having really painful migraines.

That said blood clots are a very serious condition and if you doctor has prescribed you Coumadin it’s likely necessary for your long term health. Natural supplements may not and likely will not be enough to handle your case. Due to this you should always consult with your doctor before trying to self medicate.

Do not substitute this for actual advice from an expert as many cases require treatment that CAN NOT be remedied with natural options.  These natural options may only be helpful in addition to treatments, again consult with a medical professional before self treating or self diagnosing. 


This natural herb does an amazing job at all of the things that Coumadin is prescribed for. This is because Garlic is a natural source of allcin. As well as helping to thin the blood, allcin can also help with other heart problems, and can significantly impact your cholesterol. Furthermore, Garlic is a rich source of anti-toxicants, helping your body chase away any other infections. All of this means that you get many health benefits while trying to solve just one problem.

You can either take Garlic supplements (and if so, look for ones with a high amount of allcin) or simply add more Garlic to your cooking.

Having a clove of garlic, or the equivalent of, a day should be enough to remove all blood clotting problems without the need to take Coumadin.


From Japan, this supplement comes from one of Japan’s main breakfast dishes; Nattō.

Nattokinase is very similar to Garlic, in that it thins the blood and helps to reduce clots. However, there is also another side benefit to using Nattokinase as a natural alternative to Coumadin. Nattokinase is very rich in a chemical that helps to herbally promote amyloids in the body. This in turn helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, and also helps to prevent the onset of diabetes.

This is especially vital if you are trying to come off of Coumadin, as one of the side effects of coming off of it is an increased risk of Diabetes. So, if you have taken Coumadin before, then Nattokinase can be the perfect counter and natural alternative to taking Coumadin.


Bottled Water In Cooler

Keeping hydrated is another simple alternative to Coumadin, one which you might not have thought of.

Part of making sure that blood can flow around your body without any clotting happening is to make sure that the cells are all completely hydrated.

If you live in a hard water area, getting a water filter can be a very wise choice. You will want your water to be as pure as possible to take the load off of your body, as unfiltered water will cause your body to work over time to remove the excess chemicals.

You should be aiming to drink eight glasses of water a day, and even more in hot summer temperatures.

If you are struggling to drink your needed eight glasses of water, you can also try drinking some Gatorade. The advertisements don’t lie for this drink. It really is a fast way to hydrate your body after you have lost a lot of liquid.

Get More Vitamin E


Another important thing to look at, as well as water intake, is if you are getting enough vitamin E in your diet.

Vitamin E is a vital component that your body needs to regulate the thickness of your blood supply.

To get more Vitamin E in your diet, all you need to do is start snacking on more almonds. Almonds are one of the most natural, and yet full, sources of Vitamin E. Although you can get your vitamin E needs from milk and oils made of almonds, and even some supplements, the best thing to do is really eating raw Almonds.

Another high source of Vitamin E is the humble avocado. This food is perfect as a snack during the day, or as a tasty dessert just after a meal. Truly a great tasting natural substitute to Coumadin.



Although the easiest way to get Omega-3 may be from supplements, you can also get more of this into your body from your meals.

Omega-3 has an almost magical effect on blood cells, making it so that they are less likely to join together and start clotting.

One of the main sources of Omega-3 in the diet is from fresh seafood, such as Tuna, Herring and Salmon. If you can add these fish to your diet, you will be in a good position to not need Coumadin.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan who doesn’t eat fish, it is still possible to find natural sources of Omega-3. By adding some Seaweed to your diet, you can get all of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 (useful for anti-inflammation), that you need.

Turmeric Supplements


Turmeric is another herbal substitute for Coumadin. This one works by getting rid of all of the gunk on your artery walls, allowing the blood to start running smoothly around your body.

Although it can be found in many South Asian dishes, the best way to get the needed amount of this chemical is to take a supplement pill. These can be found in any good whole foods or supplement shop.

As well as helping to increase the flow of blood and reduce blood clots, Turmeric can also help you to cleanse your skin, and remove any ache and pains. It can also help to resolve any problems you might have with your liver from already taking Coumadin or any other pharmaceutical drugs.


Although it may seem counter-intuitive, doing exercise when your body is blocked by blood-clots is actually healthy for you.

This natural alternative to Coumadin works through any cardiac exercise. This includes activities such as running on a treadmill or using a rowing machine. A simple regimen of heart-pumping cardio may be all that you need to solve the route causes for needing Coumadin.

As well as helping to ensure that your blood is running around your body properly, without any side effects, doing this kind of exercise can strengthen your heart, preventing your problems from coming back without needing to take Coumadin. You will also start feeling much healthier and more active, which is always a plus when you are worried about blood clots enough to consider taking Coumadin.

Drinking Healthier


As well as food and water, you need to think about what other drinks you are having. Alcohol and Caffeine can both influence the blood stream, causing even more blood clotting. So, if you are a heavy user of these drinks, you should really think about limiting your intake (although one glass of alcohol, with a meal, a week should be fine.)

Instead, replace your treat drinks with either Cranberry or Grapefruit juice. Both of these fruit juices naturally thin the blood, increasing your rate of circulation and reducing your blood from clotting without Coumadin.

Reducing your Vitamin K input

One thing not to take while trying to reduce blood clotting and removing your need for Coumadin is Vitamin K. This is because this vitamin can actually increase the amount of blood clotting, removing all the beneficial effects of the above natural treatments against blood problems.

To reduce Vitamin K from your diet, take note of if you are consuming any Spinach or Asparagus. Both of these foods are naturally high in Vitamin K, and consuming then can set back your progress in having a healthier body.

Following these natural and herbal tips can really help reduce the need for Coumadin. Furthermore, taking these herbal supplements, or following the above lifestyle changes, can help to make your whole body feel healthier. And all without the need to spend out on expensive, unnatural, medications.

As always, do see your doctor before deciding to stop any prescribed course of drugs. Your doctor may also be able to point you into the direction of support groups or other alternatives, and can also be instrumental in giving you the help you need to make any life style changes while living a manufactured chemical free life away from Coumadin.

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
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