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Natural Alternatives to Insulin

Insulin is a word that is feared by many Americans. We’ve all seen that standard sitcom plot where someone is constantly forced to stay away from sugary treats because of the fear of their diabetes and needing another insulin injection.

One thing to consider about Insulin, however, is it is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. The way Insulin actually works is that it signals to all of your cells that it is okay to absorb consumed sugar. Without Insulin in your system, your cells may never get this signal and thus not absorb the nutrients that they need to carry on working.

Now, of course, if you have been put onto any course of Insulin drugs, do not try to self medicate or treat your condition. Natural alternatives a large amount of the time are not suitable alternatives at all and you can only know for sure by discussing this with your doctor. In the case of insulin following a doctors advice is crucial and trying to self medicate can have dire effects.

Again none of these natural alternatives are true alternatives to a doctor prescribed medical regimen.

Sources of Berberine

Berberine is a substance found in many natural supplements, including Oregon Grape, Golden Seal and Chinese Goldthread.

You will find all of these substances in your usual health store.

Berberine doesn’t produce more insulin in your body, but instead, it mimics the signals that Insulin sends to your cells, making this a natural alternative to both manufactured Insulin, and the Insulin within your body.

The best amount of Berberine to take is 500mg, three times a day. This means that if you do decide to go down this route for a natural alternative to Insulin, you will probably want to buy in bulk to ensure that you have enough for the duration you will be taking it.

Berberine has also shown evidence of being able to help with some of the problems caused by low natural body insulin levels in the first time. By taking any of the listed herbal sources of Berberine, you can also help to treat any problems with your heart. This is especially important if you have been needing to take insulin for a while, as your blood not having all of the nutrients needed can cause heart damage.


One way that can help even prevent the need to be considering Insulin alternatives is taking some cinnamon supplements or introducing cinnamon spices into your cooking.

With cinnamon, you can actually reduce your blood glucose levels, which is an important element in the treatment in certain types of diabetes.

You will need to make sure that you take a course of cinnamon that is consistent for 40 days. The best dosage to take to help prevent the offset of diabetes, and prevent the need for using unnatural insulin, is six grams a day.

If you decide to go down the route of using supplements to obtain cinnamon, then you do also need to consider the levels of hydroxychalcone. Most of the bottles found in the shelves of your health foods or alternative medicine shop will allow you to see the amount right on the bottle. Make sure to go for the ones with the highest levels available.

Remove Harmful Sugar Sources from Your Diet

Another thing to consider, especially if you are already taking insulin underneath doctor recommendations, is to try and replace some of the unnatural sources in your diet with healthier, natural alternatives.

In any food item you eat, you will need to look out for if it is listed as having Fructose, Sucrose, or Corn Syrup. You will, unfortunately, find many of these substances in candy and other treats.

What you should eat instead are natural sources of proteins and fats. For example, plenty of green vegetables, including most salad leaves, will provide you with all of the energy you need without spiking your blood sugar and preventing your diabetes from becoming under control.


If you do have a bit of a sweet tooth you can try and prevent your need to snack on these items by purchasing some sugar free candy made from organic sources. But, do be careful to not snack on these too much, as eating too many sugar free sweets can have laxative effects in certain individuals.

Drink Green Tea

One of the most amazing things about the human mind is that it can create physical effects on the body.

Stress is actually one really high contributer to onset diabetes. This is because when the mind is stressed, it sends out signals to send hormones that can seriously damage the natural course of your body’s insulin uptake.

One natural way to reduce your stress levels, and have a natural alternative to insulin, is simply to start drinking green tea.

By finding the time to, once or twice a day, have a cup of sugar free green tea, you can help calm your mind and prevent your mind from getting your insulin levels out of whack.

Additionally, green tea is actually full of great anti-toxicants, which can get straight to work at removing any other underlying causes that are causing your body to be unable to manage its insulin levels.


Another great tip is to exercise, especially if you haven’t been following a regular schedule.

If you are wanting to exercise to avoid the need to take lab grown unnatural insulin, you will want to focus on any exercise that will get your muscles working.

This is because it is normally your muscles that get the main benefits of your cells’ ability to absorb insulin. By exercising these muscles, you are increasing the rate at which they can use your body’s supply on insulin, allowing your systems to take better care of regulating themselves.

If you are taking insulin under strict advice from your doctor, again (and we can not stress this enough), do see them before switching to an all natural remedy. It may be that your doctor actually recommends that you start reducing your insulin levels before going the all natural route.

If you are simply looking to repair the damage already taken by having to take insulin, or are looking to prevent taking it in the first place, then you should be fine following all of these tips, although you may still want to talk to your health care professional just in case there could be complications with anything else that you are currently taking.

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers is an independent freelance writer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Bridget's work can be found on a variety of sources in both online and print media.


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