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Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

Anyone who can afford themselves a yacht is definitely a wealthy individual. Having a yacht is one of the telltale signs that someone is rich, alongside sport cars, mansions and expensive hobbies. But not all yachts are made, or cost the same.

As with any other material product, at the top you have the most expensive ones, that offer something that not many people will experience. If we’re talking cars, it might be their top speed or their limited edition status. If it’s houses, it can be the brilliant architecture or an exotic location.

But, if we’re talking yachts, things really go through the roof. The most expensive yachts in the world offer a whole another experience. And today, that’s what we’re talking about.

So without further ado, let’s see what can the top 10 most expensive yachts offer to their owners.

#10 – The Rising Sun – Price: $200 Million

the-rising-sun-yacht What could you get for $200 million? You can buy around 10 Lamborghini Gallardos, rent the Playboy mansion for a month, buy a luxurious 3-bedroom apartment at the center of New York, buy a Gulfstream G200 private jet, get yourself 5 bottles of world’s most expensive vodka (“Billionaire Vodka”),  and still have over $150 million left.

Or you can ask David Geffen, the current owner of “The Rising Sun”, to sell it to you. His yacht was built in 2004, after it was designed by a professional yacht designer Joe Bannenberg. The yacht’s length is 453 ft., or 138 meters.

The yacht accepts 45 crew members and up to 16 guests, to ensure a luxurious experience.

#10 – Seven Seas – Price: $200 Million

seven-seas-yacht-steven-spielberg Owned by no one but Steven Spielberg, this luxurious yacht, called the Seven Seas, suits 25 crew memebers and 12 guests. It’s much smaller than our previous listing, at 282 ft (85 m), but it makes up for it with a helipad, jacuzzi, private gym, indoor cinema and a massage room.

Of course that the yacht has a pool as well, and  Spielberg even got a 15-ft. glass wall installed, so he can enjoy movies on a big screen while enjoying a dip. It’s almost like he’s a film director.

#8 – Lady Moura  – Price: $210 Million

Lady Moura was first launched in 1990, made for Saudi Arabian billionaire business man Nasser Al-Rahid. Yacht_Lady_Moura_in_Monaco Not much is known about Al-Rahid, and he used to keep a quiet profile before buying this yacht. But, now he has a yacht that quite stands out.

Mr. Al-Rahid didn’t spare a dime on his yacht. Even the lettering on the yacht is made out of pure 24-karat gold. Other than that, not much is known about it, except that it was refit in 2007, and that its length is 344 ft., or 105 meters.

#7 – Al Mirqab – Price: $250 Million

al-mirqab-yacht Qatar’s ex Primer Minister, Hammad Al Thani, got himself this amazing yacht in 2008, for a quarter of a billion United States dollars. The yacht is 436 ft. (133 m) long, but regardless of that, only suits 24 guests and. Why? Well because each guest suite has its own double bedroom, a bahtroom and a big, comfy living room.

Other than that, Al Mirqab, known as Project May during development, has a cinema, bars, a heli-pad, and of course a jacuzzi and a pool.

#6 – Ona – Price: $263 Million

dilbar-ona-yacht Ona, a yacht formerly known as Dilbar, was built in 2008 for the Russian business magnate Alisher Usmanov. Ona is 360 ft. (110 m) long, and can suit one Mr. Usmanov, 12 guests and 48 crew members.

If you ever find yourself on the Ona, you’ll be able to enjoy the following; swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, spa, sauna, outdoor bar, massage room and a movie theatre.

The owner, Mr. Usmanov is the richest Russian alive, and the world’s 58th richest person, with a net worth of $13.4 billion.

#5 – Al Said – Price: $300 Million

al-said-yacht Qaabos Al Said is the Sultan of Oman, who owns 5 super yachts, the largest one being “Al Said”, that takes our number 5 spot. The huge yacht was ordered in 2006, and delivered 2 years later, as one of the most massive yachts in the world, with a lenght of 508 feet, or 155 meters, and weight of almost 16,000 tons.

Al-Said (the yacht, not the Sultan), can accommodate 50 guests an 154 crew members, and has a concert hall for a large orchestra. You see, Al-Siad (the Sultan, not the yacht) is a big fan of classical music. So how can he not have his own private concert hall on his own private yacht?

#4 – Superyacht A – Price: $323 Million

super-yacht-a Having read all the listings so far, you surely expect a yacht known as “Superyacht A”, with almost third of a billion price to be huge, right? Largest one so far, at least?

Nope, not even close. This yacht, owned by Andrei Melchenko, is “only” 390 ft (119 m) long. But, what sets the price so high it’s the uniqueness of this yacht. It has two unique, 11 meters long tenders, two swimming pools and an interior that is said to resemble a Bond villain base. In other words, the yacht is very advanced and modern. Kinda expected from a guy who reached the billionaire status before he was 40, right?

#3 – Eclipse – Price: $340 Million

eclipse-yacht-roman-abramovic One of the most known yachts in the world, the Eclipse, is owned by Roman Abramovich, best known for being the owner of Chelsea FC, a Premier League Club. In 2010, he purchased the Eclipse, a yacht that is the second largest one in the world, with a length of 536 ft (163.5 m).

The yacht has two helicopter pads, two swimming pools, few hot tubs and a disco hall. It has three launch boats, and even a mini submarine. Abramovich made sure that he’s safe while enjoying his yacht, by fitting a missile defense system in the Eclipse.

Around 70 crew members are required to operate the yacht and serve the guests.

#2 – Dubai – Price: $400 Million

dubai-yacht The current Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates, and the ruler of Emirate of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum owns this yacht, appropriately named “Dubai”.

The yacht is 531 ft, or 162 m long, and can hold 115 guests. Dubai was previously known as both Platinum and Golden Star, but was renamed by the Sheikh in 2011, when he bought it for a staggering amount of $400,000,000.


Before we reveal the world’s most expensive yacht, let’s talk some more about yachts in general.

Have you ever wondered how much fuel do such super yachts consume? Well, wonder no longer, because I have the answers, and they are…I’d say shocking, but we’re talking about billionaires here. It’s not like they care.

Anyways, a super yacht burns around $2,300 an hour, and the largest one require over half a million dollars to be filled up.

What about the crew? Well, the best captains aren’t shy to ask for a ~$22,000 monthly salary. The chefs will cost you around $11,000 a month each. The biggest yachts, with over 50 crew members can set you back around $111,000 per month.

And the upkeep of any yacht is said to be 10% of its original value, each year. So you can see that all of these cost quite a bit more than their initial price (the one we’re listing).

That being said, here’s our number one, a yacht that blows all of the previous ones away. Don’t think it’s possible? Well, wait until you meet…


#1 – The Streets of Monaco – $1 Billion

the-streets-of-monaco-billion-dollars-yacht-floating-island-concept Okay, before we get into this floating island, there’s one thing that must be mentioned. This yacht doesn’t exist  yet. It’s set to be unveiled in 2017, but I couldn’t waste an opportunity like this to show you one of the most unique things in the world.

The Streets of Monaco is a project by Yacht Island Design, and is a one-of-a-kind yacht/island mix.

Yachts are usually called “floating islands”, but after this thing gets released, there will be a whole new meaning to the saying. This 500 ft (153 m) long, one of a kind yacht, recreates the well-known city of Monaco, and scales it down to a smaller replica.

The most notable building, such as the Monte Carlo Casino, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix track and Hotel de Paris, will be there.

This yacht will accommodate 16 lucky guests who get to experience it, and they will be granted with a suite that has its own reception room, dressing room, bedroom, bathroom, and of course, a balcony.

I can’t wait to see how the yacht will look in real life, or who will be the buyer.

So there you have them, the top 10 most luxurious and expensive yachts ever built. Even experiencing something like a cruise on such a yacht is reserved for the wealthy, not to mention owning one of these. That’s why all of the owners are rich, powerful people who can afford to spoil themselves by spending a few hundred million dollars on a yacht. But the important question is, who will own the soon-to-be-released private island?

Well, as soon as I find out, I’ll let you know.

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