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Novosbed Mattress Review 2018 – Is It Worth It?

It’s been a while since I’ve got to test out a new mattress, but when the word came to me I was to try out a Novosbed I was greatly enthused. I’ve said before how fond I am of plush mattresses, and looking at the insides of this one, with its four inches of memory foam, I expected to sink into the thing and never want to get out. It wasn’t quite like that though. The Novosbed company began in 2009 in direct response to both the growing market for direct to consumer mattresses, and the old showroom mattress buying experience. A man with the same opinion as me with regards to mattress salespeople. The design here is another spin on the now classic three tiers of foam, with a big difference. So how does it stack up to the competition? Read on to find out.

About Novosbed

Novosbed was founded in 2009 by three sibling, Sam, Andy and Helenka Prochazka. They self financed the company to the tune of $40,000 with a simple goal, to sell high quality mattresses direct to consumer, removing the awkward process of negotiating with a mattress salesperson, beating their customer support and giving the power back to the consumer. When it comes to giving back, they proudly proclaim that all returned mattresses are donated, but their return rate is far lower than the competition, at 3% when compared to the 10% industry standard. They have grown year on year, and in 2012 brought their manufacturing back to the States, with the mattress now being made in Pennsylvania.

Novosbed Mattress Build Quality & Materials

novosbed-product-19BI like to start from the top. Seems like most obvious place to look at first, but you would be surprised. The most important factors when looking at the topper material is its durability and its breathability. Striking a balance is important, and most companies have to compromise in some small way. Novosbed are an odd one here though. Rather than using a standard material, such as a cotton, they use a mishmash of materials, creating a custom Poly-blend that left me a little dumb-founded. At the very top is an extremely breathable layer of poly-silica-modacrylic-Tencel. That fabric combination is both durable and extremely porous, allowing for fantastic heat dissipation. To combat the relative durability issues, they attached it to a sturdier poly-blend for the side materials. They combine to make a topper with the best of both worlds, both very porous and long lasting. Aesthetically it’s lovely. A nice patterned off white top layer with a grooved gray lower section separated by a blue line. That blue line is a zipper by the way, making washing it easy, something I wish more mattress companies would take into account. All in all I was very impressed with the quality on offer here.

On to the insides, and here we see something quite special. There are three basic designs on offer from Novosbed, the Soft, the Medium and the Firm. The Soft is the one I am most familiar with, but I’ll give you the make up of the other two first. At base we have 7″ of support foam, topped with two 2″ layers of memory foam, ultra dense and aerated. The Firm’s topmost layer is slightly less dense, leading to a firmer mattress, great for back pains and aches. The thing that impressed me about these designs was the way it solved the heat retention issue. They use two memory foam layers that are denser than normal, thus matching the comfort of regular memory foam, but not creating little heat pockets when they depress. Add in the aeration and you have a cool, comfortable mattress that can match any.

The Soft is slightly different. Here we have 6″ of support foam followed by 3″ of memory foam topped with 2″ of gel infused aerated memory foam. Having a slightly larger middle foam layer leads to more heat retention, and they have solved that issue nicely with the gel infusions. It’s a trick I’ve seen in a few other designs, and it always impresses me.

Novosbed Overall Review

Overall I was greatly impressed with the build quality here. The materials used are both fascinating and well chosen. Novosbed’s twist on the tried and true three tiered foam layout was a success, and the options available in terms of pliability are usually only seen in the more expensive online retailers. In terms of pure feel I would say go for the soft, but for those with back issues a firmer mattress is best, there is less sinking involved and you’ll have a much better night’s sleep.

Novosbed Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

All that quality comes with a fairly heft price tag, but still less than what you would pay for a similar mattress elsewhere. The figures below are a little misleading. I haven’t factored in the discount that comes as standard.  Factor in free shipping and we have a good product at a great price. But they actually have one other thing that sets them apart from the competition. So Novosbed guarantees the quality of every mattress they sell, if you are unhappy with the quality you may request a Comfort+ package. These things are great. they are essentially extra foam layers that they send you for free so you may dial in the firmness on the fly. They slide in under the zip up mattress topper and sit flush with the core design. Did I mention they’re free?  This really lets you fine tune the mattress perfectly to your unique needs/type of comfort.

Best of all you can currently get a $100 coupon for the Novosbed by clicking here and using an exclusive coupon code they provided us for our readers to us! The coupon code is Gazette100.

Twin$89939″ x 75″ x 11″
Twin XL$94939″ x 80″ x 11″
Full$99954″ x 75″ x 11″
Queen$109960″ x 80″ x 11″
King$129976″ x 80″ x 11″
Cal King$129972″ x 84″ x 11″


So overall you’re getting more mattress with Novosbed than the competition, once you factor in the free toppers. Their sleep trial is a little longer than most too, you get a full 120 nights of sleep to decide if you want to keep the mattress. If you don’t like it you get the toppers sent out, if you still don’t like it they donate your mattress and give you a full refund, can’t ask fairer than that. On top of that is the fifteen year warranty, five years more than most, and remember, mattress warranties cover visible sag.

Novosbed Mattress – So Is it Worth it in 2018?

Take away the incentives and you have an amazing mattress that is competitive with a lot of the other direct to consumer mattresses we’ve reviewed. With the $100 discount and the free toppers, the Comfort+ system, you have a real winner on your hands. In terms of comfort it is luxurious, the build quality is terrific and the options available are rare in the foam mattress world. If you have the cash, and want to experiment with different firmness levels, then you cannot go wrong with this one, easily one of the better products on the market.

Novosbed Coupon Code – Discount for 2018

If you would like to take advantage of the $100 discount on the Novosbed you can click here to automatically apply it to your account. Then use coupon code Gazette100 when checking out! 

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