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Gordon Ramsay Dash Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Gordon Ramsay Dash is a mobile game developed by Glu and is part of their Dash series (Cooking Dash and Diner Dash). It features the usual gameplay of preparing food to customers by tapping on the appliances and ingredients. Might sound simple but in the long run things become more challenging when the dishes grow in number and the customers become more impatient. Gordon Ramsay stands in a corner watching your every move. He’ll assist you if you forget a recipe, and he can personally help you serve the customers if your performance is good enough.

If you’re a newbie or a veteran looking for cheats, tips and tricks on this game then read on.

Gordon Ramsay Dash Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Gordon Ramsay Dash Serving Tips and Tricks

gordon-ramsay-dash-cheats-tips-and-tricks-levels Right at the start of an episode the first thing you should do is to prepare the ingredients. Toss fries and onion rings into the fryer. Put patties on the grill. Chop up potatoes. The trick here is to never become idle and make sure that everything in the kitchen must be working to maximize efficiency.  In later episodes there will be more ingredients made available so you must keep practicing in order to not be overwhelmed when the customers come marching in.

Same goes for the storages. Try your best not to leave them empty at all times. They should be stocked with prepared ingredients so you can serve your customers faster. Here’s a tip: you can leave food on the toppings section like an extra storage without spoiling it. Meals like the turkey BLT and burger with condiments can be safely left there once they’re finished preparing.

A riskier form of storage is to let the ingredients like patties and onion rings stay on their respective appliances even when they’re already burning. As long as the timer does not run out you can still serve them without penalty.

Be very careful in picking up food items that are not ordered by your customers. Some meals cannot be placed back on storages and you might find yourself unable to pick up anything anymore with your two full hands of wrong orders. The only remedy in this kind of dead-end is to toss those items into the trash bin next to the fryer. Unfortunately this will cost you unwanted penalties.

For customers who order meals with cola it is wise to serve them the drink first especially when their food is taking too long to prepare. This way you’ll be able to delay their impatience and it will also earn you a couple of frenzy points.

Don’t forget to visit the Prep Kitchen (unlocked at level 6) to prepare dishes for the VIP customers. These guys and gals give a generous serving of tips when you give them what they want. Don’t forget to purchase ingredients in the Market to ensure that your Prep Kitchen is always stocked.

If you’re neck-deep with the different orders of all three customers then simply pause the game. A screen will pop out but will not block the area where your customers sit. This way you’ll be able to take a breather and review their orders without wasting time and getting pestered by Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay Dash Frenzy Hints

gordon-ramsay-dash-cheats-tips-and-tricks-gameplay “Super Gordon” can help you get out of sticky situations. The Frenzy Meter that summons this super-powered chef can be filled up in a variety of ways.

Wait for all of your customers to finish eating so you can grab their coins in a single swipe. This is infinitely better than having to pick them up one by one. In later episodes this becomes a dilemma as other customers take their sweet time in eating their meals, and no new customers will arrive when there are still coins left unclaimed. You have no other choice when it comes to this situation. You’ll have to forgo swiping and just pick them up.

Keep multi-tasking to rake in bonuses and a faster progress to your Frenzy Meter. Make use of both of your hands to deliver orders to two customers in one go.

Sometimes it is wise to use Super Gordon during the last few seconds of the episode, especially when there are still customers and you’re a few points shy of three stars. Of course do not waste it on easy orders or on just one customer.

Keep an eye on ingredients that can burn like patties or onion rings. Letting them waste will drain your Frenzy Meter and piss off Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay Dash Upgrade Guide

gordon-ramsay-dash-cheats-tips-and-tricks-upgrades Initially you might be overwhelmed with the large number of upgrades available for purchase, not to mention your very limited amounts of Coins and Gold. It would be wise to buy at least one level of everything available then you can start saving up towards what you want to upgrade next.

Determine what part of the kitchen plays the most part in delaying your operations. I’ve noticed that French fries and onion rings are quite difficult to prepare en masse. With that in mind I focused on upgrading the fryer so I can fry two ingredients at the same time. Two points in the fryer storage ensure that they can be safely stored without burning out. Never forget to upgrade the respective storages when you enhance your grill and fryer.

If you’re looking to maximize profit then focus on upgrading the food items. Prioritize the main ingredients like onion rings, potatoes, turkey, and beef.  Décor upgrades such as the table and table centerpiece boost the minimum and maximum tips given by customers.

Other décors provide different kinds of bonuses. Carpets, seats, and wall arts make your customers a lot more patient. The art sculpture adds the number of customers that arrive. The counter upgrade makes your customers eat faster, thus leaving you with more vacant tables and better income.

Gordon Ramsay Dash Coins and Gold Tips

gordon-ramsay-dash-cheats-tips-and-tricks-coins If you’re strapped for coins you can replay episodes that you’ve already finished. Once you beat Season 3 you will unlock the Expert Mode. This mode unlocks more challenges for each episode including the past ones, and these come with rewards and two additional stars.

Tap the green icon next to your Coin and Gold amounts to open the in-game shop. Tap the Free Coins / Gold button at the bottom so you can earn them for free in exchange for watching an advertisement video.  Sometimes you are offered to watch an advertisement if you’re short of a few Coins or Gold in purchasing an upgrade.

Strive to complete the challenges in the Trophies section for a quick burst of Coins and Gold. The first few ones involve incredibly easy tasks like purchasing upgrades and they come with handsome rewards.

Link your Facebook account to the game for extra 10 Gold. Your friends can send you Supplies so you can keep on playing. The game teases a future update called “Chef Clubs” which might be some kind of clans or some other multiplayer aspect.

As always do not fall for hacks or cheats that appear on the Internet. These apps or programs will not work and will only jeopardize your device. Be extra wary of hacks that ask for your personal information. Exercise caution and play safely.




There we go with the cheats, tips and tricks for Gordon Ramsay Dash. Just practice preparing dishes without getting too pressured when things become fast paced, memorize the ingredients, and always multi-task to maximize profit. This game takes a good amount of practice in order to be mastered but don’t let the pressure take away all the fun in playing. Good luck!

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