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Loom and Leaf Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme

Saatva occupies an odd middle ground. They are a large direct to consumer mattress company, you can tell by the way they offer more than one base mattress type. The Loom and Leaf is the more impressive of the two, and it is an all foam design. Saatva got their start in 2011 during the big direct to consumer mattress boom. There are now well over a dozen excellent manufacturers specializing in bespoke quality mattresses that are delivered to your door at bargain bin prices, but Saatva manages to stay ahead of the competition most of the time. The Loom and Leaf has the interesting honor of being the bed Pope Francis slept on during his last visit to the US. I’ll be pitting the Papal bed up against the Flex Supreme from Tempur-Pedic.

Tempur-Pedic is an older company. Most companies on the direct to consumer market are less than a decade old, while Tempur-Pedic got their start in 1992. You might have guessed by now that they are not just an online retailer. Tempur-Pedic are a showroom company, and in many ways that still shines through. They offer a tremendous amount of variety, but the prices are a little more than I would like to see.

So let’s come out swinging, and see which of these two mattresses is the better.

Company Vs Company – Saatva Vs Tempur-Pedic

Open and shut case this one. Saatva have been around for a while and they do make sure to donate all returned products to the homeless, I cannot find extensive details on their philanthropy. I am certain that they give more than their fair share, but without the concrete info in front of me I have to give this section to Tempur-Pedic. I know that since their inception in 1992 they have donated to pretty much any charity you care to name. They match Saatva in the mattress donation department. I am sure that Saatva give back to their community, but until I see it in front of me, Tempur-Pedic wins by a landslide.

Winner – Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Vs Loom and Leaf by Saatva Mattress Build Quality and Materials

tempur pedic From the top, or in this case the topper material. I love finding out the materials companies use in and on their mattresses. There is always positives and negatives to contrast, synthetic fibers having more durability than natural ones, balancing comfort and breathability etc. With the Loom and Leaf I know exactly what is used. 100% pure cotton. This is my personal favorite material, but I know why companies tend not to use it. It’s expensive. It does have the perfect balance between comfort, durability and porousness though. Add in an aesthetically pleasing criss-crossed quilted pattern and Loom and Leaf are on to a winner. Tempur-Pedic have not seen fit to release detailed information on their topper material. I have reached out to them regarding this, but have thus far been unanswered. If they do get back to me I will update this article accordingly.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

loom and leafOn the inside we have a little more information on the Flex Supreme, but still far less than I would like. I know the mattress is 11.5″ deep and I know they use four different comfort layers. A base layer at the bottom, followed by a wonderful coil spring layer, which is great for anyone with a bad back, next up is their own version of memory foam, called Tempur-Response, and finally there is a layer of something called Tempur-ES. I can only assume that last layer is their cooling solution. The Loom and Lead’s innards are well known. Four layers again, a 5.5″ base layer followed by a transition layer and a big 5lbs block of memory foam. That transition layer is interesting, it moves in tandem with both the support foam and the memory foam, allowing them to move more ergonomically. That memory foam sounds great in practice, but memory foam retains a lot of heat. Other firms add a layer of cooling foam, either Avena or Latex, to mitigate that. Loom and Leaf does something I have only seen two other firms do, they use a gel infused memory foam layer to get rid of the heat. I love gel infused memory foam, all the comfort none of the sweats.

Winner – Loom and Leaf.

Loom and Leaf by Saatva Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Overall Review

How can they compare? We don’t know what is in the Flex Supreme, we don’t know the lengths and we don’t know how they solve the memory foam heat problem. The Loom and Leaf is cutting edge mattress science. They use a wonderful blend of materials and in the end have the better product here.

Winner – Loom and Leaf.

Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme Vs Loom and Leaf by Saatva – Pricing & Returns Policy

When I fist reviewed the Loom and Leaf I had never seen a mattress quite so expensive. I felt at the time that the quality on offer justified the price. You got four layers of expertly designed foam sandwiched with pure comfort. When you compare the price of the Loom and Leaf to that of the Flex Supreme you’ll think the Loom and Leaf is pocket change. In 2016 a Queen sized mattress should not be sold online for $2699. The Loom and Leaf offer the same size, and a more comfortable mattress for less than half that. bear in mind Saatva charge $99 for delivery, meaning you’ll be spending $1099 minimum. That is still far below the Flex Supreme. You can get the Loom and Leaf for it’s best price online by clicking here.

SizeLoom and LeafTempur-Pedic Flex Supreme
Twin XL$799$2199
Cal King$1399$3299


When it comes to customer service policies the mattress industry is amazing. Both of these firms have excellent long term warranties and offer a trial period, where you sleep in the bed for a number of months and if you don’t like it they will give you a refund and donate the mattress to charity. Tempur-Pedic offer 90 days, and Loom and Leaf offer 75. Honestly, I feel like you’ll know whether you’re going to keep the mattress or not after 30 days, but a longer time to test is always better. The Flex Supreme comes with the standard 10 year warranty, which is soundly thrashed by the Loom and Leaf’s 15 year warranty. Remember that mattresses tend to last around 10 years, and warranties cover visible sag.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf by Saatva Vs Tempur-Pedic Flex Supreme – Conclusion

This is another easy one to call. The Loom and Leaf has the better build, a lower price and a longer warranty. You might have to spend a little money on delivery, but even when we factor that in you are still paying less than half the cost of the equivalent Flex Supreme. The Flex Supreme may be a great bed, but in the online market the price is just so far wrong. This one goes to the Loom and Leaf

Overall Winner – Loom and Leaf

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