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Drain Strain Update- What Happened After Shark Tank

Drain Strain Before Shark Tank

Drain Strain is the creation of Naushad Ali who was inspired by his wife and daughter to come up with such a product. Drain Strain is a replacement stopper for sinks and bath tubs. The purpose of the Drain Strain is to stop and gather debris namely hair that would normally go down the drain and possibly clog the pipes. Naushad was constantly unclogging his drain due to the amount of hair getting stuck in it when his wife and daughter would take a shower. Naushad knew that there must be a solution and began to brainstorm as to how he could solve this problem. The Drain Strain consists of a little basket that sits under the stopper. The basket is there to catch any debris that would normally slip down the drain. When the basket is full, you can simply twist and empty before placing it back to repeat the job.

Drain Strain - will the shark's like the product?
Drain Strain – will the shark’s like the product?

Naushad attempted to make Drain Strain work with an Indie Go-Go crowd funder campaign in July 2014. Naushad set out to raise $25,000 to help him get the Drain Strain beyond the development stage. Unfortunately for Naushad, the crowd funder campaign was not a success with him only achieving $2,010 of the $25,000 goal. However, Naushad was not deterred and began to search elsewhere for additional help. Naushad was hoping the sharks would provide him with some additional capital as well as their business expertise that can help develop the product and get it into stores all across the United States. Will the sharks like Drain Strain enough to make an offer?


Drain Strain On Shark Tank

Naushad enters the shark tank, introducing himself and his product to the sharks. Naushad also tells the sharks that he wants a $110,000 investment with a fifteen per cent stake in Drain Strain. He then goes on to explain exactly what the Drain Strain is all about. Drain Strain can eliminate expensive plumbing costs and you no longer need to get your hands dirty to clean out the debris that gets stuck in the drain. Naushad then shows the sharks a short video that demonstrates just how easy it is to use the Drain Strain. Naushad ends his pitch promising the sharks that he will work hard every day to ensure the sharks’ money will not go down the drain should they choose to invest with him.

Naushad gives some samples of Drain Strain to each of the sharks. Lori asks if the samples the sharks have been given are prototypes to which Naushad replies yes. He then goes on to show the sharks exactly how to twist and empty the Drain Strain. Lori has questions about the durability of the basket and wonders if it would start to become clogged up. Naushad explains that he has it in use in his home and for heavy use, you would expect to change the basket every four to six weeks.

Kevin claims that the only way to make the product into a success is by licensing it out to bigger companies who specialize in showers, sinks, and similar products. In Mr. Wonderful’s opinion, putting the Drain Strain on the retail market as a stand-alone product is absolutely crazy.

Robert seems interested in the product and asks about Naushad’s background. Naushad explains that for eleven years he was a realtor and then the economic downfall hit and was detrimental for his business. Unfortunately for Naushad he literally lost everything. He had two choices at that point and he chose to get up and fight to rebuild a life for himself and his family. Naushad got back on his feet and became a successful realtor once more but he began to think of business alternatives in case anther economic downturn was to occur. Robert asks what Naushad is looking for here in the shark tank. Naushad claims he is looking for the experience and relationships in business that the sharks can offer.

In a surprise move, Kevin is first to make Naushad an offer. He offers him $110,000 for a twenty per cent equity share of the company. However, with Mr. Wonderful, nothing is straightforward and there is a contingency. Naushad must sign a licensing deal for the product with a manufacturer of Naushad’s choice and on his terms.

Robert asks if the product has a patent and Naushad produces the patent paperwork much to Robert’s delight.

Mark acknowledges that it is proof of concept currently and essentially not a product as of yet. He also claims that inventors are the hardest types of entrepreneurs to work with. For those reasons, Mark decides to declare himself out.

Robert asks the question if Naushad would be willing to work on Drain Strain as his full time job if it became enough of a success to which Naushad replies he absolutely would. Drain Strain is his passion. Kevin tries to dissuade Naushad from taking that path and says that he does won’t have to give up his job as a realtor but he will still reap the financial rewards if he goes for a licensing deal. Naushad admits that he does not want to take an ‘all or nothing’ deal like that.

Barbara asks how long it would take to have a product ready to go to which Naushad replies ninety days. She then asks if he has the money to fund that process and Naushad admits that the money he is seeking in the shark tank is primarily for that purpose. On hearing this, Barbara admits that she thinks Kevin’s deal is the right deal for Naushad. For that reason, Barbara decides to declare herself out.

Lori claims that she thinks the idea for the product is clever but the whole thing seems very complicated to her. Lori just does not know if the product will work or not and unfortunately the sharks have no proof of that. For that reason, she decides to declare herself out.

Robert likes the product and in his opinion big faucet companies will either adopt the Drain Strain or not. If they adopt it, the option to do multiple licensing deals is there for Naushad. Robert, similar to the other sharks, agrees that Kevin is absolutely right. Robert seems to want in too and thinks the share that Kevin is seeking is too big. Robert says he will make an offer. He would give Naushad the $110,000 he came to the shark tank looking for in return for a ten per cent share of the company and under the same contingency terms as Kevin.

Both Kevin and Robert want to close a deal on Drain Strain
Both Kevin and Robert want to close a deal on Drain Strain

Kevin tries to dissuade Naushad from taking Robert’s offer claiming he is worth so much more. Lori stops Kevin and addresses Naushad asking which offer he himself would like to take. After a moment of consideration, Naushad thanks Kevin for his offer but tells Robert he would love to do a deal with him. Naushad leaves the shark tank absolutely thrilled to have left with a deal. He now finally believes that he is making his family proud after the difficult times they went through. Another successful deal to come from the shark tank.


Drain Strain Now in 2018- The After Shark Tank Update

Since appearing on the Shark Tank and doing the deal with Robert, a lot of exciting things have happened to Naushad and his product Drain Strain. Drain Strain has been sent to retailers, wholesalers and big faucet manufacturers and the response to the product has been phenomenal. Some of the companies who received the Drain Strain claimed it was the best and innovative solution to a common problem they have ever seen. Drain Strain looks close to signing deals with home retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot as well as faucet manufacturers wanting to include the Drain Strain in their new products. So the potential for some massive licensing deals is still very much there.

Further to that, the final production of Drain Strain has been completed since the episode of shark tank aired and it is ready to be sold to all those viewers who watched the show and wanted to purchase this innovative product.

Overall it seems that Drain Strain has a very exciting future and Naushad made the right move accepting Robert’s deal. We wish him and Drain Strain the very best for the future.

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