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Master P Net Worth 2018 – How Rich is Master P Now?

Master P is a rapper who is famous for the record label No Limit Records. He has also released more than a dozen albums and produced films that raked in millions of dollars. Through perseverance he managed to endure a challenging life of poverty and built up an empire of businesses outside of the music industry. With his hard-earned income Master P gave back to society through many charitable endeavors, some of which he did with his son Romeo Miller.

Read on and find out more about how Master P became rich and successful.

Master P Net Worth in 2018 – $375 million

How did Master P make his money & wealth

Percy Robert “Master P” Miller was born on April 29, 1967, in New Orleans, Louisiana. His life of poverty propelled him to seek business opportunities to make ends meet. His grandfather’s death left him $10 thousand which he used to start his own record store No Limit Records & Tapes. His two years of taking a business major in college helped greatly in this endeavor.

master-p-net-worth-no-limit-records Through the store Master P learned about the demand for hardcore gangsta rap which was not being fulfilled by major record labels, thinking that the genre was unprofitable and dead. In 1990 he turned the store into a record label and released his first few albums under it albeit with minimal success. Master P kept his business’ expenses low by giving away free album samples and operating on a limited budget. Albums were quickly made and the label was even able to come up with ten new releases under a single year. Album covers looked incredibly cheap, and some of the songs were ripped off from currently popular titles, but that did not deter customers and hardcore rap fans from buying.

Master P’s later release of successful albums, plus the increasing roster of talent (including Snoop Dogg), helped propel No Limit Records until it eventually became one of the titans in the hip hop industry. Six years later he penned a contract with Priority Records which earned Master P money by the millions. He managed to build a mini-empire out of No Limit Records despite having an almost non-existent presence on radio or television.

While No Limit Records was on fire Master P made an aggressive expansion towards different ventures. His business-oriented mentality made sure that he always planned for the future unlike the other wealthy artists who only thought about the present. He tried his hands on a travel agency, gas station, clothing line, real estate firm, energy drink, and a phone sex business to name a few. Master P starred in and produced straight-to-VHS films through his studio No Limit Films, and some of the titles it released grossed millions. Later on he made appearances in movies such as Gone in 60 Seconds and Hollywood Homicide. Master P shares his success tips and the things he learned as a businessman in his 2007 book “Guaranteed Success”.

No Limit Records sold millions of records and earned Master P spots in various rich lists. As the 90s came to an end the label faltered until filed for bankruptcy in 2003. The numerous lawsuits that plagued the label also contributed to its demise. In 2005 he established a new label called Guttar Music Entertainment with son Romeo. The label managed to release seven albums and four straight-to-DVD master-p-net-worth-no-limit-forever films. Master P passed the label to his relatives D The Business and Black Don in 2007.

Three years later he revived the No Limit Records label under the new name No Limit Forever Records and appointed his sons Romeo and Valentino as president and vice president respectively. He is still actively rapping with his fourteenth album Empire, from the Hood to Hollywood released in 2015. He and his family also star in the reality show Master P’s Family Empire.


Master P Personal Life & FAQ’s

Is Master P married?

Master P married singer Sonya C in 1989. 24 years later Sonya filed for divorce and the two are still locked on a lengthy legal battle.

Does Master P have children?

Yes. His nine children are:

  • Romeo – 26
  • Vercy – 24
  • Veno – 24
  • Tytyana – 24
  • Intylyana – 23
  • Cymphonique – 19
  • Itali – 17
  • Hercy – 12
  • Mercy – 10

Master P Salary & Annual Earnings in 2015

Master P is reported to have earned $45 million last year.master-p-net-worth-mansion

Master P’s House

Master P has a mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which was once featured in MTV Cribs. Aside from this he has several other homes across different states.

Master P charity, donations and philanthropy

In 1999 Master P made three donations that total to $500,000 in an effort to keep his alma mater St. Monica Elementary School from closing down.

Master P and his son Romeo founded the Take A Stand Records label in 2007. The label focuses on hip hop songs sans the offensive lyrics and focuses more on positivity. Proceeds were used to support underprivileged youth scholarships. During the same year Master P opened “P. Miller Youth Centers” in a handful of states. These youth centers come with a library and gymnasium.  At the same time his P. Miller Food Foundation for the Homeless helped those who are without a home.

In 2008 he became an executive board member of high school Joel John Scholastic Academy after his many efforts in keeping the school open.

The father and son duo would later join forces in holding the “Let the Kids Grow Day” in 2008. The event taught kids various topics of interest such as education, recycling, respect, and avoiding gangs and drugs. The young ones were also given career guidance so they can easily plan for their future paths. Children were encouraged to pen an essay about the importance of education, with ten chosen winners were given $500. To help better communicate with the children Master P and Romeo came up with the cartoon character Gee Gee the Giraffe.

Two years later he teamed up with charity One Million Gifts to clothe and feed a million people for that year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Master P and Romeo hosted the health campaign of organization It’s Time Kids which was held in Los Angeles, California in 2010. Master P’s daughter Cymphonique was among the many celebrity guests who joined the school tour. The campaign sought to promote healthy eating and exercise to children and taught them to fight off obesity and unhealthy lifestyles.

In 2014 he participated in the “Life Skills Basketball Camp” event in St. Louis, Missouri. The event helped kids realize their potential through motivation and teaching of life skills.

Master P’s Accomplishments

In 1998 Master P was the tenth highest paid entertainer in America as listed by Forbes. He got the spot with his $56.5 million earnings.

For his philanthropic efforts Master P was rewarded with the keys to Memphis, Tennessee by Mayor Willie Herenton in 2008.

His induction in the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2013 makes Master P the first ever hip hop artist to be given a spot there.

Master P and Romeo were awarded by Congressman Maxine Waters with a Certificate of Special Recognition for their involvement with the It’s Time Kids campaign in Los Angeles.

He was appointed as the Youth Ambassador of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

What’s with the tank?

The logo for No Limit Records and No Limit Forever both feature a tank. Master P looked at the tank as an unstoppable force that crushes everything in its path, as if there is “no limit” to its power.

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