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What Happened to Bob Guiney – 2018 News & Updates

The crossover between contestants and leads between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette can get confusing. First, contestants eliminated from The Bachelor were cast to be The Bachelorette. Then, contestants from The Bachelorette started being cast as The Bachelor. Bob Guiney was the first to go from The Bachelorette to The Bachelor. From there, he briefly hosted a show on GSN. These days you can find him on TLC hosting Date My House. What else has he been doing?

The Bachelorette

Robert Guiney was born in Michigan, in 1971. After high school, he attended Michigan State University. After graduation, he worked as a mortgage officer, eventually creating Allied Home Mortgage in 1999. He married, and went through a divorce in 2002. In the late 90s, Guiney was in a band called Fat Amy. They broke up in 2000, reuniting in 2003 under name The Bob Guiney Band.

In 2003, ABC cast Bob Guiney to be on the first season of The Bachelorette. There, he competed against 24 other men to win the heart of Trista Sutter (née Rehn), who herself came from the first season of The Bachelor. Guiney and Sutter didn’t find romance with each other, but they did become friends. She ended up choosing and marrying Ryan Sutter, but invited Guiney to their wedding. Shortly after the season ended, Bob Guiney and his band released their first album, 3 Sides, which sold decently well, but didn’t help his band see larger fame.

Bob Guiney and his choice from The Bachelor, Estella Gardinier
Bob Guiney and his choice from The Bachelor, Estella Gardinier

Bob Guiney was one of the audience favorites from The Bachelorette, so the show’s producers invited him to be The Bachelor for that show’s fourth season. He accepted, and ended up choosing Estella Gardinier. Sadly, the couple broke up shortly after production, while ABC was airing the season.

Guiney also published a short book while The Bachelor was in broadcast. The book mostly focused on Bob Guiney’s life in 2002, immediately before him entering the world of reality TV.

After The Bachelor

In 2004, when ABC was airing repeats of Bob Guiney’s season of The Bachelor, he met Rebecca Budig. Budig, best known for her roles on several daytime soap operas, quickly formed a romantic relationship with Guiney, and the couple married on July 3, 2004.

In 2006, Guiney began working with several of Budig’s friends and colleagues for the Band From TV project. The music group toured the country, performing to raise money for various charities. While playing with Band From TV, Guiney became more connected to various TV celebrities, including Hugh Laurie, Scott Grimes, and Jesse Spencer.

In 2007, he hosted the briefly-lived Trick My Trucker, a spin-off of CMT’s Trick My Truck. On the show, he helped truckers who were in need of physical and emotional makeovers, showing them how to make the life changes necessary to get to where they wanted in life.

Starting in 2008, Bob Guiney began hosting Date My House on TLC. The show has Guiney working with home-owners to help stage their house for potential buyers, and then trying to persuade one person to buy the house by hosting a dinner party for them. Since it’s premiere, the show has served as the lead-in for Trading Spaces.

Rebecca Budig ended her marriage to Bob Guiney in 2010, without much public fanfare. Budig became engaged to a television marketing executive, Michael Benson, later that year, leading to some brief rumors about that relationship being why Budig and Guiney’s marriage ended.

What’s Bob Guiney Doing Now in 2018 – Recent Updates

Recently, Bob Guiney has been hosting the YouTube series Single and Hungry, produced by Perdue Chicken. The show works to teach men how to cook a meal to impress a different lady each episode. He also appears on The TODAY Show‘s “Guys Tell All” panel, a recurring segment on the morning syndication. There, he and some others discuss traditionally masculine topics, like how to move out of the friend zone, or explaining why guys care so much about sports.

Bob Guiney and his new fianceé, Jessica Canyon
Bob Guiney and his new fianceé, Jessica Canyon

Last Labor Day, Guiney proposed to Jessica Canyon, which they revealed first through Instagram, and later confirmed through his segment on The TODAY Show. They haven’t revealed any wedding date, but considering how public Guiney is about other elements of his life, we’ll probably hear about it well in advance.



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