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Rolling Sky Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

Rolling Sky is a mobile runner game where you control a ball as you roll through a level filled with dazzling colorful displays and deadly traps. The game reminds me of Flappy Bird with its deceptively-simple mechanics yet once you start playing you’ll realize that it is actually difficult and exasperating. It will take you days of constant practice before you can be comfortable with the game’s fast-paced twists and jumps.

Before you decide on giving up on playing Rolling Sky be sure to check out these tips and hints that could help you push through until you complete all levels.

Rolling Sky Gameplay Hints

rolling-sky-cheats-tips-and-tricks-gameplay Remember that the controls in Rolling Sky are fluid and do not rely on slow swipes like in other running games such as Minion Rush.  The game precisely follows your finger so be watchful of the smallest swipes that you make as it could lead to your demise.

Try not to pick up gems on your first few attempts on a level. Instead you should focus on memorizing the map especially the paths that you should take and the obstacles that you have to avoid. You can always come back later for the gems to satisfy your completionist tendencies.

Do not even think of lifting your finger off the screen. A momentary loss of control can cost you a ball. Just keep it behind the ball as what the game told you to do. If you play with your finger in front of your ball you won’t be able to properly see the paths and the obstacles ahead of you.

Some players attest that using an index finger is the best way to play the game. Others say that the thumb gets the job done. Don’t be afraid to waste a few balls trying to learn what works best for you. There’s really no universal rule on which appendage works best for Rolling Sky. Just find out what you’re comfortable with so you can easily play without dying too much.

Some players also claim that listening to the game’s music helps as it gives clues on what

Stay alert at all times. If you’re new to a map you can be caught by surprise when the colors suddenly shift and the ground begins to sprout trees or mountains. This happens halfway through the map and these changes not only affect the aesthetics but also the kind of traps that will try to kill you.

Certain platforms have a different look than the ordinary ones you roll on. Watch out as these could be fragile platforms that break when you step on it. Try your best to stay on the stable paths to avoid the chance of falling to your death.

The dangers in Rolling Sky are not solely the traps and the pitfalls but also the shifting colors and the pretty yet deadly obstacles. Always stay focused and do not let these colorful visual displays be the cause of your ball’s destruction.

Be incredibly patient in mastering a level. Expect to die at least a dozen times before you can even get to 50%. One good tip in learning a level is to watch other players in YouTube complete it so you can get a good grasp on where to go and what to expect.

Rolling Sky Levels Guide

rolling-sky-cheats-tips-and-tricks-level Rolling Sky currently features eight levels that you can play in any order. Each level is packed with different challenges that may leave you throwing your phone against a wall in utter frustration. To minimize the chances of that happening, check out this level by level guide.

Level 1: The easiest level of them all. You’ll have to move the ball left and right a lot of times. Traps range from easy to dodge hammers to more difficult ones like the trees that sprout out of the ground.

Level 2: Has a lot of gaps to jump across coupled by moving platforms and an assortment of traps. Still somewhat easy as it is a prelude of the more difficult levels to come.

Level 3: Now a little bit faster compared to the first two levels. The start of the level has sprouting trees, moving platforms, and some mid-air side movement. Things get easier near the end with traps that are very easy to avoid, making them more like visual distractions than actual dangers to your ball.

Level 4: Now trees and walls both emerge from the ground. Quick reflexes are a must if you wish to pass through a rising narrow gate without shattering to a million pieces. There’s also a part where you must go through an emerging tunnel and be quick enough to jump across the gap as a laser beam fires on your position.

Level 5: The colors in this level stay the same from start to finish. Expect a lot of jumps, columns, and moving platforms with those rolling wheels. A lot of split-second jumps are needed halfway through the level if you do not want to be blasted by laser beams.  There is a very high chance that you can immediately get killed by traps on the first moving platforms right after starting the level.  The best chance to avoid this early death is to stick to the right side and move towards the gems as the platform is sliding towards the left.

Level 6: The level is initially devoid of the usual showcase of vivid colors. There are a lot of narrow paths that you must go through. You must be really precise here to avoid meeting an early demise.

Level 7: The new obstacle in this level is an arch that ascends and descends. You can go through it when it’s up and you can jump over it when it’s down. A lot of lasers and shifting blocks that could move in front of your ball which is of course fatal if you don’t move sideways fast enough. The large laser beams here somewhat distort the colors when they fire.  Also there is a part where the level turns completely green. These visual distractions may disrupt your momentum so be warned.

Level 8: The latest addition to Rolling Sky is composed of colors that shift from a bleak blue to a dazzling array of hues that make the obstacles look like Tetris blocks.  Always look ahead for arrows and red / bright blue platforms.

Rolling Sky Balls Tips

rolling-sky-cheats-tips-and-tricks-balls Perhaps the best way to master Rolling Sky is to purchase unlimited balls for $1.99. It’s not that expensive and your momentum won’t be interrupted when you run out of balls. Also it goes a long way in supporting the developer and the future of the game. If you still choose to play without spending money then you can always watch advertisement videos for a couple of extra balls.

You might come across a website that claims to have a hack that can give you unlimited balls. Do not use these hacks as they do not work and can only damage your device. Do not download installers or input your personal information when asked.

There we go with the cheats, tips and tricks for Rolling Sky. I know that the game is incredibly frustrating and you might be on the verge of giving up. Just be patient in learning a level’s ins and outs, don’t lose hope, and keep practicing. All your efforts will pay off in the end when you finally reach 100% on all of the game’s levels. Good luck and have fun!

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