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Top 10 Fastest Rappers All Time – Updated For 2018

Speed wasn’t always a deciding factor in what makes a rapper good. But Chopper, a rapping style characterized by its fast pace, changed that. It appeared in the 90s in the Midwest, and slowly gained popularity, reaching California and other regions of the US. Today, the fastest rappers in the world are:

10. Twisted Insane

Twisted Insane is a rapper from San Diego, California. He also lived in Chicago, Dallas, Portland, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Earl on in his career, he was homeless and selling CDs to get by. He got mainstream attention by being featured on the track Worldwide Choppers. While he’s not what you’d call big, he has small but loyal fan base. His discography consists of six self-released albums.


9. Watsky

Watsky a rapper, author, and performer from San Francisco, California. He gained mainstream attention when he appeared on the HBO television series Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry, but his big break came when a video of his fast rapping went viral. He has 4 released studio albums: Invisible Inc, Watsky, Cardboard, Castles, All You Can Do.

8. Bizzy Bone

When he was 13 and living in Cleveland, Ohio, Bizzy Bone met Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-n-Bone, and created Bone Thugs-n Harmony. He has 12 albums with BTnH,  and 8 solo albums: Heaven’z Movie, The Gift, Alpha and Omega, Speaking in Tongues, The Midwest Cowboy, A Song for You, Crossroads, The Wonder Years.

7. Krayzie Bone

He is a member of Bone Thugz-n Harmony, and released 12 studio albums with them. He also has 4 solo albums: Thug Mentality, Thug on da Line, Gemini: Good vs. Evil, and Chasing the Devil. His first solo album, Thug Mentality, went platinum. He also won a Grammy Award for the song Ridin by Chamillionaire, that he was featured on.

6. Busta Rhymes

Hip-Hop veteran Busta Rhymes has been in the game for a long time. He got his record deal when he was only 17 years old. He has 9 released studio albums all together.

5. Yelawolf

Yelawolf is a rapper from Alabama. He started releasing music in 2005, independently. His mixtapes got him a cult following, but not mainstream attention. That changed with Trunk Muzik, which became an instant hit, and made Eminem sign him to Shady Records. Since then he released two studio albums: Radioactive, and Love Story. His third album Trial by Fire is to be released sometime next year.

4. Tonedeff

Tonedeff grew up in Chicago, IL and Miami, FL. He began making music at the age of 12. At 16, he appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show, which got him a few offers from record labels, but he turned them down to focus on his education. In 1997 he founded the QN5 Music label, through which he releases music independently. His discography consists of: Hyphen, Happy Fuck You Songs, Underscore, Archetype, and Polymer.

3. Twista

Twista is a Chicago rapper. At one point in 1992, he was named the fastest rapper in the world by Guiness World Records. Twista gained mainstream popularity in 2003 and 2004 when he teamed up with fellow Chicago rapper Kanye West and Jamie Foxx for “Slow Jamz.”Runnin,’ which was a huge hit. He released 9 studio albums: Off at da Mouth, Resurrection, Adrenaline Rush, Kamikaze, The Day After, Adrenaline Rush 2007, Category F5, The Perfect Storm, and Dark Horse.

2. Eminem

Eminem is one of the biggest name in the rap world. He has ten #1 albums on the Billboard 200, sold 41 million albums in the United States, as well as 90 million albums worldwide. He won 15 Grammys, and even an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Lose Yourself.”

1. Tech N9ne

Kansas City rapper Tech N9ine is the face of the Chopper style. In 1999, Tech founded the record label Strange Music, which is now has 12 artists signed, and is worth over $70 million. At one point, Tech N9ne was the best selling independent rapper in the US, selling over two million albums throughout his career. He released 11 albums:  The Calm Before the Storm, The Worst, Anghellic, Absolute Power, Everready(The Religion), Killer, K.O.D., All 6’s and 7’s, Something Else, Special Effects, The Storm.'
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