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Voez Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Voez is a mobile rhythm game where good reflexes and a keen sense of hearing are a must in order to succeed. Games under this genre demand hours upon hours of diligent practice until you can master the songs and attune your fingers to quickly hit notes. Despite the seemingly steep mastery curve, Voez is fun to play and the gorgeous visuals and great selection of music are a delight to the senses. It also comes with a plot populated by several characters set in colorful locations.

If you are a new player or perhaps a veteran looking for Voez tips and tricks then read on.

Voez Gameplay Tips and Tricks

voez-cheats-tips-and-tricks-white-bars You may have encountered a long black bar with arching white lines. The tutorial does not specifically mention anything about that kind of note. To clear it you must trace your finger towards the direction of the white lines.

Try to maintain the positioning of your fingers. Left fingers only tap notes on the left side, and the same as well for your right fingers. Resist the urge of tapping right notes with your left fingers as this will only mess up your combo.

Posture counts too. It is generally recommended to play while looking down at your device that is placed flat on a table instead of setting it at a different angle. This small change can affect your accuracy. However for smaller devices you might need to rely on using your thumbs and carrying your phone.

Keep in mind that each song in Voez has its own same pattern per difficulty. Amp it up and notes become a lot faster and complicated. There’s also the part where the lanes actually move to different directions. The best tip here is to practice a song again and again in the same difficulty. Stick to just one song until you can master its pattern before moving up the ladder. Another good thing in doing this is that you’ll be able to memorize the song’s beat and flow, thus making it easier to follow the rhythm.

You can adjust the speed of the notes prior to starting one. It all boils down to personal preference but the most recommended value is 6. This setting ensures that the notes descend in a speed that’s not too fast and is easy to tap.

Once you become more experienced in Voez you will eventually learn how to keep your focus at the center of the screen instead of looking at each note individually. You’ll also be more alert on what kind of note is coming so you can better prepare for it. So keep practicing and don’t be discouraged whenever you fail to perfect a song. It takes a lot of patience to become good at rhythm games.

Voez Finger Independence Guide

voez-cheats-tips-and-tricks-gameplay Some Voez players swear that they successfully rake in combos using their thumbs. Others claim that using other fingers is a much better approach. Basically you’ll have to practice using either your thumbs or fingers to determine what works for you. Regardless of what you decide to use, you should learn about “finger independence”.

Finger independence is when you can move each of your individual fingers on their own without affecting the others. Musicians make good use of this skill, particularly pianists and guitarists, and of course the same goes for rhythm games like Voez. Regularly practicing the game builds up your finger independence. Some players recommend wearing tight gloves or putting other kinds of physical limitations on your fingers to train their independence and reaction time. Just make sure to rest once your fingers tire out to avoid incurring problems.

Here’s one of the many exercises you can do to train your finger independence. Stretch your palms open and press them together. Tap each pair of fingertips together while keeping your thumbs glued to each other. Do this slowly while making sure that your other pairs of fingers absolutely do not move. Once you hit your plateau you can tap two pairs at the same time. You’ll know when you have trained your fingers well when you can effortlessly start from your pinkies and up to your thumbs, then vice versa.

Voez Combo Guide

If you look at the combo counter you’ll notice two small diamonds that flank the word combo. It is actually a meter that keeps track of your accuracy. When it turns golden it means that the notes you hit are either Perfect or Max Perfect. Blue indicates an “Ok” rating. When it is colorless it means you missed a note and it will no longer regain color.

Also the diamond that bursts on your screen indicates the accuracy rating of the note that you just hit. A large rainbow-colored diamond means Max Perfect accuracy, a medium-sized orange diamond denotes Perfect, and a small blue one is Ok.

Voez Keys Tips

Keys serve as the pvoez-cheats-tips-and-tricks-songs remium currency in Voez. You’ll need them to unlock new songs and profile portraits. Youcan get free Keys by completing Diary challenges, but not all pages will reward you. As always you should not fall for hacks or apps that promise to give infinite Keys as these could either be phishing attempts or malicious software. Exercise caution and do not be easily fooled by the things you see online.

If you are the kind of player who does not spend real money on games then by all means do not waste your Keys in buying profile portraits. They are incredibly useless and will not affect the game whatsoever. You’ll be better off buying songs instead.

If you have enough Keys and can’t decide on which song to unlock, the recommended ones are Wilt, Platinum and Double Dragoon. Buy them even if they are currently free so you can still play them once the song list reshuffles. This takes place every Monday and Friday.

Voez Miscellaneous Hints

Turn off your Facebook Messenger’s notification bubble or other apps that may suddenly pop out of your screen while playing. An accidental click may cost you your hard-earned combo.

Make sure to wipe your screen clean before playing the game. I’ve lost one too many combos because of an insensitive screen that demanded wiping.

Restart the game if ever the sounds suddenly become mute. This is a known game bug that can be disruptive if you are in the middle of a song.

Increase the cache if the game loads slowly. It is recommended that you set it to 512MB to prevent lagging and slow load times.

Don’t forget to calibrate. In the game’s Settings or before you start a song, you can adjust the game’s timing in regards to falling notes and their respective sound effects. If you find it somewhat hard to accurately hit a note despite your best efforts then you might need to reduce the calibration to a lower value.

Also don’t forget to sign up for an account or to link the game to your social media accounts. You’ll risk losing your progress if you fail to do so.

As there are a lot of flashing colors and patterns, it may be wise not to play Voez if you are photosensitive. Stop playing if you begin to feel dizzy or disoriented.



I hope that these tips and tricks for Voez will help you chain up killer combos despite how fast or tricky the notes can be. Just remember to keep on practicing and do not give up so easily.

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