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What Happened to Sheryl Crow – Recent Updates

Sheryl Crow is a Grammy Award-winning musician best known for her contributions to pop and rock music. Since her first piano lessons at the age of six, Crow has developed into one of the most celebrated music artists in the country. After going on a few tours around the world as a back-up vocalist for various big name musicians such as Michael Jackson and Don Henley in the late 80’s, the aspiring singer went on to record and release her first studio album, Tuesday Night Music Club in August 1993. Carrying on with her professional singing career, Crow would continue to release two more full-length albums during the 90’sーSheryl Crow (1996) and The Globe Sessions (1998).

Throughout the past decades, Crow has received a vast amount of awards and recognition for her musical talents. Over the years, she has won three American Music Awards, nine Grammy Awards, a People’s choice Award, an ASCAP Pop Music Award as well as a BRIT Award. In addition, she has been the recipient of over fifty award nominations, including 32 for the Grammy Award, three for the Orville H. Gibson Award, two for the Golden Globes Award and one for a Daytime Emmy Award. Besides her formal accolades, Crow has also been recognized in various big-name magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. To date, she has sold over 50,000,000 records across the world.

On top of being a well established singer, Crow has also made a number of appearances on television behind the cameras as an actress. Her debut acting role was that of an undercover cop in the 1990 drama series, Cop Rock. Some of her other works on the small screen include Fairway to Heaven (1996), Ellen (1997), 54 (1998), The Minus Man (1999), De-Lovely (2004), 30 Rock (2009), Cougar Town (2010) and Julius Jr. (2013), amongst a couple others. A natural performer, the blonde beauty has also guest starred in a handful American talk-shows such as Late Show with David Letterman (2008), Late Night with Jimmy Falcon (2010), Good Morning America (2013), Live! with Kelly (2013), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2014) and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2015). In 2012, she also made a small appearance in the popular comedy drama, Glee.

But what has the American singer been up to as of late? Where has her work brought her? What happened to Sheryl Crow? Where is she now in 2018?

Sheryl Crow’s Early Life

sheryl2 Born on February 11, 1962 in Kennett, Missouri, Sheryl Suzanne Crow is the daughter of Wendell Wratt, a trumpet player and lawyer and Bernice Crow, a piano instructor. She has three siblings, a younger brother named Steven and two old sisters named Karen and Kathy. Growing up in a Midwestern community, Crow was active in various extracurricular activities as a child such as cheerleading and piano. Friendly and outgoing, the teen was popular amongst her peers at school and was nothing short of a model student at Kennett High School. An avid athlete, Crow was also a member of the school’s track team and often medaled at the low hurdle events.

After graduating from high school, she went to the University of Missouri in Columbia where she studied performance, education and music composition. Blessed with stunning vocal abilities, Crow also took part at the university’s local band called Cashmere. She later graduated from the institution in 1984 at the age of twenty two. Shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree, Crow relocated to the city of St. Louis from her home state of Missouri to work as a music teacher at an elementary school. Eventually tired of the teaching scene, she moved to Los Angeles in 1986 in order to pursue a career in the show business.

In L.A., Crow landed a number of gigs singing and recording for various businesses such as the fast-food chain, McDonalds; she would ultimately go on to work as a back-up vocalist for music stars Michael Jackson, Don Henley and Rod Stewards during the late 80’s prior to starting her own individual singing career.

Sheryl Crow’s Early Music Career During the 1990’s

sheryl3 Following a scrapped album idea in 1992, Crow released her first studio album entitled Tuesday Night Music Club the next year in August 1993. Consisting of eleven tracks, most of which were written by the singer’s friends in the music industry, the debut album peaked at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200 Chart and at number one on the ARIA Album Chart in Australia; it also charted in a number of other countries overseas including Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, amongst others. Despite a lack of success for the title track, Run Baby Run upon its release, the album was warmly received by music critics around the world, rendering it a commercial success. Since its release, Tuesday Night Music Club has sold over 7,000,000 units in the United States Alone and has received 7x platinum certification from the RIAA.

Rising in eminence, the singer released her second studio album, Sheryl Crow in September 1996. In contrast to her earlier record which was mostly written by other music artists, most of the songs included in the album were written by Crow herself. Featuring a theme of relationships and the American life, Sheryl Crow encompassed a large range of music genres in its tracks including that of blues, country, folk and alternative rock. A huge hit, the album peaked amongst the top ten in different seven countries, including number two on the US Billboard 200 Chart, number five on the UK Top Albums chart and number three on the Swiss Albums Chart. Critically acclaimed, Sheryl Crow would go on to spawn five singlesーIf It Makes You Happy, Everyday is a Winding Road, Hard to Make a Stand, A Change Would Do You Good and Home. It later went on to receive Triple Platinum certification status from the RIAA for having achieved over 3,000,000 sales.

Continuing on with her career, Crow released her third solo album, The Globe Sessions in September 1998ーit would also be her last album of the 90’s. Named after its recording location, Globe Recording Studio, the album featured eleven songs, one of which was written for the artist by renowned singer-songwriter, Bob Dylan. Met with positive reviews upon its release, The Globe Sessions peaked at number five on the Billboard 200 Chart and at number two on the UK Albums Chart; it would later garner three Grammy Award nominationsーones for “Best Engineered Non-Classical Album”, “Album of the Year”and “Best Rock Album”. As of 2008, the album has sold over 2,000,000 copies in the U.S alone.

Sheryl Crow’s Later Music Career During the 2000’s

sheryl4 Just before the end of the 90’s, Crow released her first live album, Sheryl Crow and Friends: Live From Central Park in December 1999; the singer’s next full-length record wouldn’t be released until after the new millennia in 2002. Titled C’mon, C’mon, recording for Crow’s fourth studio album first started in 2001 at the Clinton Recording Studios in New York. Regarded as one of her most pop-orientated albums to date, C’mon, C’mon did well in the charts having peaked at number two on both the U.S Billboard 200 Chart and the UK Top Albums Chart. A large contrast compared to her previous experimental folk record, the album sold over 185,000 copies in the country during the first week of release and has since achieved 2,000,000 sales in the Country as of 2008.

Following a great hits compilation album release in 2003, Crow released her fifth studio album, Wildflower in September 2005. Featuring eleven tunes, the album eventually made its way to the number two position in the Top internet Albums and Billboard 200 Charts in the United States; it also topped the charts towards the north in Canada. However despite its success with the charts, Wildflower was generally considered to be less of a commercial hit compared to her previous albums, having been met with mixed reviews from music critics. Nonetheless, it still earned Crow two Grammy Award nominations for “Best Pop Vocal Album” and  “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” that year.

Returning to the music scene after a short break, the singer released her sixth solo album, Detours in February 2008. Recorded at her personal farm in Nashville, the album consisted of fourteen tracks and debuted at the second spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 Chart and soon sold over 90,000 units during the first week. Described by many fans and critics to be a “political album”, Detours went on to spawn six singlesーMotivation, Detours, Out of Our Heads, Now That You’re Gone, Love is Free and Shine Over Babylon. Praised for its contents, the album received a nomination for a Grammy Award for “Best Pop Vocal Album” in December 2008.

Over the next few years, Crow has released three more albumsーHome for Christmas (2008), 100 Miles from Memphis (2010) and Feels Like Home (2013). 

What’s Sheryl Crow Doing Now in 2018- Recent Updates

sheryl5 Although Crow hasn’t released any new records these past few months, she isn’t quite out of the limelight yet. This August, the singer has just celebrated her ten years of being cancer-free at a conference held in Los Angeles, after having been diagnosed with a non-invasive type of breast cancer back in 2006.

An active advocate for breast cancer awareness, the singer has recently partnered up with Hologicーthe company behind a state-of-the-art 3D mammography device, in order to spread information about the importance of routine mammograms. According to Crow, the device had been monumental in helping to detect her cancer in 2006; it gave her the ability to seek quick treatment, which had ultimately enabled her to once again be able to lead a normal life. Having dealt with breast cancer first hand, Crow understands how scary the ordeal can be and thus has been encouraging women to visit their local medical facilities for a routine mammogram checkup; the singer would also like to urge those who are above the age of 40, to educate themselves on the disease.

In terms of her music, while she may not have an album release lined up anytime soon, Crow will be performing for her fans at a concert later this September held at the Ector County Coliseum in Odessa, Texas. As a benefiting event, all proceeds from the performance will be going towards the Education Foundation, a non-profit organization which helps to improve the culture of education by providing scholarships, literacy programs and classroom grants for teachers in Ector County. For the 15th annual event, Crow is scheduled to play for an hour on the stage with the possibilities of an encore, depending on the audience. For those of you who are interested, tickets are still available for purchaseーfeel free to visit her official website for more details.

If you’d like to stay up to date with the music artist, you can do so by following her on social mediaーyou can find her on Twitter (@SherylCrow) as well as on Instagram (@sherylcrow). Or if you’re an avid Facebook user, you can also follow her on her official page at @sherylcrow!

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