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Novosbed Vs Layla Comparison – 2018 Mattress Reviews

The Novosbed may be more expensive than most on the market, but they more than make up for it with their impressive build quality and excellent customer service. They really do everything they can to go above and beyond, making sure that all of their customer have the exact mattress they want. How Layla will compare to them is a mystery, for you at least, but they are no slouches in any department. Their mattress uses some very impressive tech, and their customer service is at the industry standard, for the direct to consumer market at the very least. So how will these two mattress stack up against each other? Quite easily, they are basically the same shape, you can stack them as high as you like. No, how will these two mattresses compare? Read on for the full review.

Company Vs Company – Novosbed Vs Layla

In all the other head to heads Layla has come out on top, but that will not be the case here. Layla’s work with the homeless in the San Francisco area is very impressive. The Donate money and mattresses to make sure that everyone has something to eat and a place to sleep at night. Novosbed have similar policies in place, but with the recent fires in Fort McMurray they have switched focus to provide aid to the victims. Both of these firms have very commendable initiatives in place, and the fact that they donate all returned mattresses too just adds to it. Overall I am calling this section for Novosbed, their quick response and long term dedication to charity work sway m here.

Winner – Novosbed

Layla Vs Novosbed Mattress Build Quality and Materials

Layla Innards Always start at the beginning, or the top, in this case the topper. The cover material of a mattress is important, different materials have different properties, and knowing the pros and cons of the materials used is my job. With the Layla we are in the dark to some extent. They have not released the name of the material used, I have contacted them regarding it, but have yet to receive a reply. I do know that they use a Thermogel infused topper though.

Gel-infused memory foam is used by a few firms to dissipate the heat that memory foam builds up. It works wonderfully, the only issue being the length of time it takes to kick in. With a thermogel infused mattress topper the cooling effect kicks in as soon as you begin to perspire, and maintains that cool temperature for as long as you need it. It almost makes up for not knowing what material is used. The Novosbed uses two different materials on its topper, each suited to a specific task. The Top of the cover is an extra porous and soft poly-blend, durable but not as durable as I would like, which is why the side of the mattress is made from an extra durable, if a little rough, poly-blend. These two materials compliment each other nicely, and as they are both different colors they look lovely too. Both of these mattress toppers are removable, but Layla recommend you dry-clean their topper. While I am greatly impressed with the tech used by Layla, the relative opacity of their materials is too great a black mark.

Winner – Novosbed

novosbed-product-19BOn to the insides, and here we see the real differences. Layla have release extensive information on the goings on under the covers, and I was impressed with what I saw. The mattress is reversible, one side soft the other firmer. If you lay on the soft side you have a 1″ layer of memory foam at the base, followed by 6″ of support foam and then 3″ of copper infused memory foam. That copper infused foam works with the thermogel topper to further prevent heat retention, making the Layla one of the best mattresses for sweaty sleepers. The Layla site talks about the health benefits of copper, that it can reduce inflammation and arthritic pain, but are careful not to claim that their mattress does either of those things. I took and in depth look at medicinal copper and while it can be absorbed through the skin and does have slight anti-inflammatory properties, the effect is less than that of a single 200mg dose of ibuprofen. That and the copper in this mattress is embedded in the memory foam and beneath two layers of fabric. Don’t expect to get much of a health benefit from it, but do expect a great night’s sleep and excellent cooling.

The Novosbed is one of my favorite mattresses, up there with the Loom and Leaf, and at their prices ranges they had better be damn good. This mattress comes in three distinct flavors, Soft, Medium and Firm. The Medium and Firm have a similar make up so let’s take a look at the first. They have a base layer of 7″ topped with two 2″ layers of memory foam. Heat gets trapped in memory foam as a result of weight being applied to a thick foam layer. Novosbed have done much to eliminate that with their hyper dense memory foam layers, using two of them for max comfort and minimal heat retention. The topmost layer of memory foam is aerated in both firmness levels, and less dense in the firm mattress. The soft is a little different, with 6″ of support foam, 3″ of aerated hyper dense memory foam and a final 2″ layer of gel infused aerated memory foam. Excellent heat dissipation and one of the most comfortable things I have ever lay on.

Winner – Novosbed

Novosbed Vs Layla Overall Review

This is harder to call than it looks. While the Novosbed has more options and provides a sleeping experience than can match or exceed that offered by Layla, the cooling properties and the versatility of the Layla cannot be overstated. I think I am going to call this in favor of the Novosbed.

Winner – Novosbed

Novosbed Vs Layla – Pricing & Returns Policy

Like the Loom and Leaf the Novosbed is at a disadvantage in the price department when compared to the Layla. The Queen from Novosbed can be discounted to $999, and it comes with free shipping, but so can the Layla, down to $799. It really comes down to what you want for you money, and with the Novosbed you do get more, as if you find yourself unhappy with the firmness of your Novosbed they will send you out the Comfort+ system free of charge. The comfort+ system is around a half dozen mattress toppers that fit flush with the rest of the mattress, allowing you to dial in your firmness level. In the dollar to foam ratio you are getting a lot more with Novosbed.

Twin XL$599$949
Cal King$999$1299

While Novosbed’s perks make it a more attractive purchase, their customer service is not quite as good as Layla. It is true that both companies offer a full 120 nights to test out their mattress, more than enough time to figure out if you like it or not, but Layla are the only mattress company that I have found that offer a lifetime warranty. Novosbed’s 15 year warranty looks fantastic when you compare it to the industry standard of 10 years, but pales when compared to infinity. Overall a tough one to call, but I have to give this to Layla, they offer a cheaper price and an unlimited warranty. Novosbed still offer tremendous value for money though.

Winner – Layla.

Novosbed Vs Layla – Conclusion

The Layla is a great product, I would like to have it on record that I loved it. But when I do these head to heads I have to be fair, and bar the price of it, it just can’t match up with the Novosbed. If you are looking for a mattress that has excellent cooling, a versatile reversible design, and at a low price, then you should buy the Layla. You will not be disappointed. If you want the highest quality, the freedom to change your firmness level on the fly and an excellent price go for the Novosbed.

Overall Winner – Novosbed

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