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What Happened to Pamela Anderson – News & Updates

Pamela Anderson is an actress famous for her work in Baywatch and Home Improvement. She’s also had a career of two decades in the magazine Playboy and has graced the covers of many of its issues. Outside of entertainment Anderson is a staunch supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as an honorary director and has campaigned for animal rights and other causes.

Before we take a look at the latest regarding Anderson, let’s first check out how she started and the journey she took towards stardom.

Pamela Anderson’s Early Life

Born on July 01, 1967, Pamela Denise Anderson was the first newborn to draw breath during the early hours of Canada’s centennial, thus earning her the moniker “Centennial Baby”. Anderson grew up in the town of Ladysmith, British Columbia, and was quite an athletic girl in school. Anderson finished high school in 1985 and relocated to Vancouver three years later to find work.

what-happened-to-pamela-anderson-blue-zone Anderson and a couple of friends went to the stadium BC Place during the summer of 1989 to watch a football game. It was in this game where Anderson was “discovered” after being shown on the Jumbotron when the cameraman panned on her direction. She was given the chance to introduce herself on the football field and was met with much applause from the crowd. Anderson wore a Labatt’s Beer shirt at that time and luckily one of the executives of the brewing company saw her jaw-dropping beauty. It didn’t take long for Labatt agents to find Anderson and offer her a contract for their advertising campaign which spread her name and face all throughout Canada as the “Blue Zone Girl”.

Pamela Anderson’s Rise to Fame

Anderson surged in popularity thanks to the numerous billboards and posters of different companies that she modeled on. She caught the attention of men’s magazine Playboy and was invited for a photoshoot in 1989 for their October issue, and she became Playmate of the Month in the magazine’s issue for February 1990. Anderson relocated to Los Angeles to meet the demands of her modeling work, and she also decided to undergo breast augmentation to bring her cup size up to 34D. She had it enhanced to 34DD a few years later, then removed, until again having another set of implants in 2005 which were larger than its predecessors.

what-happened-to-pamela-anderson-baywatch The opportunities in the small screen came knocking on Anderson’s door thanks to her budding fame. She had her acting debut in the television series Charles in Charge and Married with Children but only for a single episode each. In 1991 she landed a role in the comedy series Home Improvement as the character Lisa and stayed there for two seasons. In 1992 Anderson joined the cast of the drama series Baywatch from its third up to seventh season. She played the role of C.J. Parker who was among the most famous characters in the series, especially when she dons the iconic red suit. The scheduling requirements of the two shows proved to be difficult to balance, forcing Anderson to ditch Home Improvement to become a full-time onscreen lifeguard.

Anderson’s film debut came in 1993 with the mystery Snapdragon, followed by the 1994 action flick Raw Justice. Two years later she was the lead actress of the film adaptation of the comic book series Barb Wire, although it was critically panned and a commercial failure and it also earned Anderson the “Worst New Star” award during the 1996 Golden Raspberry Awards.

After her time in Baywatch Anderson starred in the action comedy series V.I.P. for four seasons from 1998 to 2002 and she also served as one of the executive producers. Even though the show failed to appease critics it still managed to rake in millions of viewers and even spawned a line of products ranging from shirts to a video game adaptation. Anderson also lent her voice to a couple of animated series namely Futurama, King of the Hill, and her very own Stripperella. In 2004 Anderson was featured in the book Star which was touted as a fictionalized version of her life. The sequel Star Struck followed a year later. Both books were not written by Anderson but by ghostwriter Eric Shaw Quinn.

In 2005 she starred in the sitcom Stacked and was also among the producers. The show was axed after two seasons with five episodes yet to be aired. Video on demand service Hulu has made the series available along with the four unaired episodes. The next year Anderson was included in Canada’s Walk of Fame for her work in Baywatch and Playboy. At that time she was the second model to be inducted until becoming the third in 2008 with the inclusion of Daria Werbowy. Also during the same year Anderson appeared in the controversial mockumentary Borat and was also an integral part of the plot.

Anderson stepped into the realm of reality TV in 2008 starting with the documentary series Pam: Girl on the Loose! which followed Anderson’s everyday life. It was not well-received and was even compared to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She also paid a visit to the House in Big Brother Australia during its eighth season in 2008, and in the fourth season of its Indian counterpart Bigg Boss in 2010. Her appearances on the two Houses boosted ratings for the shows. Later on she visited the Houses in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Germany.

In 2010 Anderson joined Dancing with the Stars on its tenth season in tandem with Damian Whitewood. The pair lasted until the seventh week before being eliminated. The two participated in the competition’s Argentinian version up to the fourth week. She returned on the competition’s fifteenth season two years later, this time coupled with Tristan MacManus, but they were swiftly axed during the first week. 2013 saw Anderson trying her luck on figure skating by joining Dancing on Ice with season 3 winner Matt Evers. They didn’t last long as their elimination came quick in the first week.

What’s Pamela Anderson Doing Now in 2018 – Recent Updates

Let’s see what Pamela Anderson is up to now this year.

Anderson was one of the stars in the drama film The People Garden released last April. She is set to appear in the upcoming thriller The Institute and in the remake of Baywatch in 2017.

Anderson’s career in Playboy of 22 years amassed more than a dozen cover appearances. It was reported that Hugh Hefner himself wanted Anderson to grace the cover of the magazine’s January / February 2016 issue which was the last to contain nudes.

what-happened-to-pamela-anderson-london Anderson is a well-known activist of animal rights and actively campaigned against fur and seal hunting, and usually appears on PETA’s advertising campaigns. She was one of the celebrities who helped with the rescue of the tormented elephant named Sunder in India last 2012. On October 13 she visited London and penned a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May regarding the banning of animal circuses.

She also developed an anti-porn stance in September when she co-wrote a Wall Street Journal article “Take the Pledge: No More Indulging Porn” with Rabbi Shmuel Boteach. A few weeks later she announced her dream of adding erotic fiction writer to her resume. On October 17 Anderson paid a visit to the Oxford University to give a lecture on the rising rate of porn consumption.

Stay updated with Anderson by following her Facebook (/pamelaandersonfoundation), Instagram (pamelaanderson), and Twitter (@pamfoundation) accounts. You can also visit her official website at

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