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Natural Alternatives to Allegra

What is Allegra?

Allegra is a drug used to provide allergy relief indoors and outdoors for 24 hours. Allegra is also often referred to as Fexofenadine, though the drug also has various other trade brand names like: Fexidine, Telfexo, Allerfexo, and Tilfur. Allegra provides relief by lessening the typical allergy effects of sneezing, running nose, and watery or itchy eyes.

Why go Natural?

While the drug is often taken to increase comfort, especially in the spring season, there is of course an extensive list of side effects which are commonly reported to stem from consumption of the drug. Adults may suffer from back pain, anxiety, insomnia, drowsiness, menstrual cramps, cough, fever, vomiting, facial swelling, trouble breathing, chills, diarrhea, dizziness, and the list goes on and on. Aside from this fact that while, drugs are helpful, they are often not without a trade off, and they may even cause more harm to your body than good. Natural alternatives however, have a record of providing relief of a similar kind and on top of this, they are often healthy for consumption, so much so that some of the methods on this list are most likely “super foods” used for achieving certain healthy heights. These foods and other activities probably result in any kind of massive list of side effects either. In short, the use of these natural alternatives will be a win, win, win.

The Natural Diet



Broccoli is one of the most common vegetables we hear about, kids often hate it, and health buffs love it. Let’s just say that it isn’t known for being one of the world’s most healthy go to foods for nothing. Broccoli is highly dense in vitamin C which is known for its ability to provide allergy relief. This relief isn’t just caused by the vitamin C either, there is also another product in Broccoli known as Kaempferol which has also been proven as a powerful source of allergy reliever and anti-inflammatory. Now aside from the clear allergenic benefits Broccoli is great for increasing levels in vitamin D making it a great option for anyone who may also be suffering from deficiency in said vitamin, which can also cause allergic reactions to occur, making a vitamin D increase a double whammy in some cases. There’s more too, if you’re suffering from high cholesterol than Broccoli is also a food that should definitely be put into your diet. This is because components within the Broccoli will allow body bile to be released easily and effectively thus, lowering cholesterol levels. One other final benefit, (while the list could potentially go on for pages) is Broccoli’s ability to quickly and efficiently detoxify the body. While snake bites may take some additional effort, (pro tip: don’t play with vipers) Broccoli will cleanse the body of various unwanted substances rather well.




Histamines are a vital protein which comes into play when an allergic reaction is produced. Onions are used to the same effect as they are rich with histamine lowering properties making them a great option when it comes to reducing allergens. Onions are also great for warding off cancer and have been proven to decrease the chance of acquiring various forms. Colon cancer is lessened from the large amount of fiber present in Onions and the prostate is also less likely to occur as well. Onions may also help improve the mood by releasing serotonin into the body and once again they’re rich in vitamin C, also helping allergies and all kinds of other parts of the body.



Perhaps the most well-known attribute of tuna is that it has a significant impact on heart related diseases, this is due to tuna’s high density in omega-3 acids. This is however, a property of tuna which also succeeds at reducing allergic responses, specifically coronary inflammation. On other sides of the spectrum, as a health food, tuna may as well be as close to the same beneficial properties of Broccoli. Like Broccoli, Tuna is another great method of detox due to the present mineral selenium which will also cleanse the body. This anti oxidizing quality can also be maximized by prepare fresh Tuna by steam cooking it. Collect the watery substance that will be left over and also consume this as it is dense in protein. These proteins specifically are peptides which are often referenced as good fat trimmers and athletic enhancers too.

Collard Greens


Collards are, in the simplest sense, green cabbages which do not have a heart, poor guys. They also are also another form of super food in the way of health benefits. For tackling the allergy issued Collard Greens are great because they are dense in carotenoids. These are a certain phytochemical which reduces allergic reactions quite well. Carotenoids are also the present chemical which is responsible for the coloring of most of our common fruits and veggies like carrots too. This chemical can also later lead up to the development of vitamin A in the body which is also another great vitamin for protecting the body from cancers and heart troubles. Collard Greens are actually cited for being one of the best foods for prevent heart disease, more so than Broccoli and many other super foods.



The final food present on this list, though there are too many foods that could potentially join it, is dense in a flavonol commonly used in health supplements. A flavonol is a bioactive compound which is in a branch of flavonoids, which are a branch of metabolites, while they seem like a Russian nesting doll; they are responsible for allowing the metabolism function properly. There is also a specific flavonol present called quercetin which is immensely powerful as an allergy reliever, especially for any spring time allergies, like pollen and the like. For those looking for a low calorie diet, Garlic has an extremely low amount of calories, especially when considering the ratio between healthy nutrients to calories. Garlic is also a great immune system enhancer which has been known to reduce the chances of acquiring a cold by over 50% and it also shortens the length of the sickness by 60-80% trimming that two week cold stretch down to just a few days. Again, we also have another food which is great for reducing blood pressure and bad cholesterol making it great for the heart.

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
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