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Novosbed Vs Saatva – Which Is Better For You?

Everybody sleeps, which isn’t how that idiom normally goes. Most of us don’t enough, and many of us find waking up a chore. Did you know that part of the problem is our mattress? Having a good high quality mattress makes all the difference in our morning demeanor. Pretty obvious I know, I mean if you spend hours tossing and turning trying to sleep it makes sense that you’d be pretty annoyed upon waking. Today I’ll be comparing the Saatva, the Flagship coil spring from the company of the same name, and the Novosbed, a foam design that I have recently been able to test out. Both of these beds are excellent purchases, but it’s my job to tell you which one is better. Read on for the full breakdown.

Company Vs Company – Novosbed Vs Saatva

Novosbed is the older of the two firms, being founded in 2009, and focused on eliminating the hassle in buying a mattress. The showroom model can be uncomfortable for people seeking comfort. Saatva began in 2011 with very similar goals, aiming to provide excellent customer service and a superior product. Both companies provide a similar level of service, longer warranties than most and more options per bed. In addition they both make sure to donate all returned mattresses to charity, which seems to be the standard in the industry. Overall there is little to differentiate them here. Call it a draw.

Winner – Draw

Saatva Vs Novosbed Mattress Build Quality and Materials

saatva Let’s take a look at the topper materials here. The Saatva uses a 100% pure cotton topper, the king of topper materials. It is very porous, hard wearing and exceedingly comfortable, the trifecta. Other materials may surpass it in one area, but no other has that blend of properties. Saatva go one step further than most too with their euro-style pillow top. A regular pillow top sits outside the mattress, and while they are comfortable they are also arguably unsightly. The Euro-style topper is flush with the mattress, giving you not only comfortable mattress, but also an aesthetically pleasing one. Novosbed uses a blend of materials for their topper. It is separated into two sections, a more breathable and comfortable top side, with more durable side panels. It is great, cheaper to manufacture and achieves a higher level of durability than the cotton topper. It can also be removed for ease of cleaning. The mattress also looks quite nice, with an off white top, grey sides and two blue lines running around it. Both mattress use high quality materials, and both have an eye for aesthetics, a rare ting in the mattress biz, but with their use of top quality cotton Saatva eek out an early lead.

Winner – Saatva

novosbed-product-19BOn to the insides, and the differences are pronounced. Saatva’s flagship design is a complicated coil spring based beast of a bed. There are five distinct layers, at the bottom we have a steel coil based support layer. I love me some coil support, but the primary issue with them is that when you lie down your depressions on the bed with affect the depressions of your partner, leading to a slightly less comfortable experience. On top of the support layer is their magic wrapped coil contour coils. They use a layer of foam around that to create one of the best sleeping experiences I have tested. On top of that is a layer of memory foam for even more comfort. Rounding all this out is an edge support system, for durability. The Novosbed is a now classic three tiers of foam system, but with a few novel twists. On it’s base is 6″ of support foam, nicely dense and great for those with back issues, topped with a 3″ layer of dense memory foam and 2″ of dense aerated gel infused memory foam.

The issue with memory foam is its heat retention. The more memory foam the better the body contouring, true, but too much can lead to a hot uncomfortable bed. Most companies fix that by adding layer of cooling foam, like Latex of Avena, between you and the memory foam, but not Novosbed. They instead create superior airflow, make the memory foam slightly denser, to reduce the amount of space for heat to become trapped, and infuse the top layer with gel. In all they create a mattress that is about as comfortable as the Saatva, but allows for more than one person in the bed to create unique and unmoving contouring while they sleep. It’s that that pushes it ahead a little.

Winner – Novosbed(Just about)

Novosbed Vs Saatva Overall Review

This is a touch one to call. On one hand the Saatva has the better topper material, and the comfort level of the mattress in general is very comparable to the Novosbed. Novosbed still eek out a victory with their wonderfully memory foam blending. If you live alone then the Saatva is the better choice, you don’t have to worry about deviations to your sleeping contour, but if you live with a partner then I would recommend with Novosbed.

Winner – Draw

Saatva Vs Novosbed – Pricing & Returns Policy

Oh how deceptive numbers can be. Below is the base price for the mattresses sorted by size. What it doesn’t include are the discounts that are applied, nor does it include the shipping costs. Across the board you have to add $99 dollars to all the Saatva mattresses. That means we’re looking at $998 for the queen. We also have to subtract $100 from all the Novosbed mattresses, meaning that the queen is now $999. These beds are priced identically, unless you’re going for a larger size, in which case the Novosbed is cheaper. Novosbed have a little incentive up their sleeve that Saatva do not. The Comfort+ system. If you find yourself unhappy with your Novosbed all you have to do is all them and they send you the Comfort+ system. It is essentially a half dozen mattress toppers that will fit flush into the mattress, changing the firmness level. You can then dial in the comfort of your bed. It’s free too, so I would advise everyone who buys a Novosbed to take advantage of it.

 Size NovosbedSaatva
Twin XL$949$699
Cal King$1299$1299


When it comes to customer service, few industries can match the direct to consumer mattress market. First is the trial period, where you will receive a full refund if you don’t like your mattress. Saatva offer 75 days while Novosbed offer 120. Seems like a lot more, but most of us will know if we want to keep a bed inside a month. The Warranty is where the real action is, and both of these companies offer a fifteen year warranty, five years more than the industry standard. I know I say it every time, but remember that your mattress warranty covers sag.

Winner – Novosbed

Novosbed Vs Saatva – Conclusion

This is a tough one to call. On one hand the Saatva is one of the most advance coil designs on the market, and the price is fantastic. On the other the Novosbed is slightly more comfortable, and comes with more perks at the same price. If you want the better couples experience then get the Novosbed, if you really must have a coil based mattress then get the Saatva. Overall I’m calling this one if favor of the Novosbed.

Overall winner – Novosbed

Barry W Stanton
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