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Best Calendar Apps for the iPhone

Calendar apps are among the most used functions in both Android and iOS smartphones. People with busy schedules need to keep track of their numerous events and tasks and be reminded whenever there’s an upcoming big date. Most of the time the built-in calendar app is not enough for a lot of users, hence the hunt for a better substitute among hundreds of choices in the app store.

To help you with your search we have listed below some of the best calendar apps for iPhone.

Best Calendar Apps for the iPhone

Fantastical 2

best-iphone-calendar-apps-fantastical-2 Fantastical 2 from Flexibits Inc. is hailed as one of the best iPhone calendar apps available right now. It features a fast and easy to use design which can adapt to different views (month, week, day view) with just a few gestures, and a changeable color scheme from light to dark. The app can easily understand and differentiate information typed or voiced-out thanks to its natural language parsing engine. You can input entries as if you’re just reminding your buddy about an event, and Fantastical will effortlessly sort out the data into their respective fields. The app can set up location-based reminders with the use of geofencing, and events with an address automatically display the directions via Maps. Fantastical 2 is always among the top ten paid productivity apps for the iPhone, and if you got $5 to spare then don’t think twice in purchasing this wonderful calendar app.

Google Calendar

best-iphone-calendar-apps-google-calendar Google offers a multitude of services aside from being a search engine and if you are among those who extensively use these said features then this calendar app is a must for your iPhone. If you’re using Google Calendar on your computer then you’re in for a treat as the app’s design and functions are quite similar to it. It effortlessly syncs with other Google calendars and it also integrates with other services such as hotel reservations, concert schedules, and flight information. It can also show other kinds of calendars aside from Gregorian such as Hindu and Lunar. If you’re in a hurry and cannot provide specific details in an event then Google Calendar can help you out by providing smart suggestions so you can create events in a breeze. One negative aspect of the app is of course it won’t be useful to people who do not make much use of the things Google has to offer.

Calendars 5

best-iphone-calendar-apps-calendars-5 Calendars 5 from development company Readdle is a powerful calendar app that’s also a frequent entry in the paid productivity apps category. It provides views on both macro and micro scales and supports natural language input as well so you can just type in a name, day, time, and place, and the app will take care of the rest. It has a task manager that works hand in hand with iOS Reminders and can sync with Google Calendars without hassle. Calendars 5 is quite similar to Fantastical 2 in a lot of ways, although the former is a bit pricier with $6.99.

Week Calendar

best-iphone-calendar-apps-week-calendar Despite what its name implies, Week Calendar is not limited to just weeks. As with other calendar apps this one also provides day up to year views. It is packed with many features and customization options, and its week view crams your events for seven days in a single screen. Week Calendar is also compatible with numerous navigation apps like iGo and Waze. One thing that may turn off users is that Week Calendar’s interface can get incredibly messy once you have a lot of entries. If you prefer functionality over aesthetics then Week Calendar is a good choice for you. It only costs $1.99.

Pocket Informant

best-iphone-calendar-apps-pocket-informant Pocket Informant has the usual works of a calendar app and task manager. You can customize multiple calendars to your liking so you can easily separate your home and work life schedules with just a tap. Tasks appear at the top part of your screen and the ones you have finished will be crossed out in red. The app is actually free to use although you are hampered with very limited functionality. Its premium version costs $14.99 and provides unlimited entries. One good thing about Informant is that you can add more functions to it such as daily weather information or a lunar calendar via in-app purchases. Informant’s free version is good enough if you only need a basic calendar app and won’t be putting too many entries, but if you have to take things seriously then a paid version is indeed a must. The price might be too much but Informant’s diverse selection of upgrades makes it look like a 3-in-1 app.

Microsoft Outlook

best-iphone-calendar-apps-microsoft-outlook You might be wondering what an email app is doing in this list of calendar apps. If you’re not familiar with Sunrise Calendar then it was once one of the best calendars for both Android and iOS. Last year Microsoft acquired the app and its development team moved to work with the tech giant. Now the familiar calendar app is in Outlook but it is not really completely similar to Sunrise. The calendar also ties in with third party apps like Evernote and Facebook, and has a subscription-based Interesting Calendars which allows you to follow specific events like sports or television series. You can use the email functionality of Outlook with other accounts like Gmail so if you want a calendar and email app in one then choose this one. The app is also free so there’s nothing to pay for if you want to test the waters first.


best-iphone-calendar-apps-timepage Timepage is quite different from the other calendar apps as it puts the spotlight on a continuous timeline view. Your daily events are presented in a clean and simple vertical layout, and its month view shows your important days with a colored circle. It can also tell you the weather and estimates of travel time depending if you’re walking or driving. The app even tells you the ideal time to start moving so you can get to your appointment without risking being late Timepage might not be the calendar app for many people especially those who are used to the traditional look of calendars, but if you’re willing to try something different then be prepared to pay $4.99.


best-iphone-calendar-apps-cozi Being a parent can become quite challenging when appointments, events, meetings, and chores start piling up. The Cozi Family Organizer is here to help you manage your busy schedule as it allows you to set up a calendar tailored to your family’s timetable, or you can get your appointments from other calendar apps via syncing. You can assign color-coded dots to represent family members which appear under the events you enter and in checklists of tasks. You can also have upcoming agendas sent straight to the emails of your family members. Aside from the calendar Cozi’s other functionalities include a shopping list, recipe box, and journal. Cozi is for free but there is an optional Cozi Gold option for $19.99 per year which removes ads, adds shared functions, themes, and many other useful features.


There we go with the best calendar apps for the iPhone. There are a lot of options to choose from so just go with the app that fits your needs. If you have other calendar apps to recommend then let us know in the comments section below.

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