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Top 10 Places For Wedding Registries in 2018 – Best Stores & Websites

After you and your significant other make the necessary decision to join your lives together in marriage, both of you have many more decisions to make before the actual wedding. You have to decide everything from the color of the tablecloths at the reception, to which one of your distant family member to cut from the guest list. One of the most fun decisions you get to make is what gifts you get to enjoy after the ceremony is over in the form of your wedding registry. We have compiled a list of the best stores for couples to register at in 2017. We hope this will make some of the hard choices that you have to make a little easier.

So let’s get down to where you should setup wedding registries in 2017!

Amazon Wedding Registry – Read For Exclusive Amazon Offer

amazon-wedding-registries The winner of the best place to register for your wedding in 2017 is Amazon (who would of guessed?.) Not only does Amazon offer an incredible range of products, but they also allow you to create a universal registry using products from other sites. Other benefits that Amazon offers is easy sharing of your registry, 180 day returns, free shipping, and financing for the gifts using the Amazon store card.

One of the amazing parts of doing your wedding gift registry with Amazon is that they offer a gigantic coupon to married couples that have already had their ceremony. If the couple did not receive everything on their registry, Amazon will provide the couple 20% off what’s left on their list for up to 90 days. They also keep track of buyer details which makes it simple to create an itemized list when it comes time to write out thank you cards. It’s tough to get discounts at (since the prices are generally low to begin with) so a 20% coupon is huge! Make sure to add some big ticket items to your registry!

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The Runner-Ups in Reverse Order

#10 – Pottery Barn Wedding Registry

pottery-barn Pottery Barn makes it very easy to complete your gift registry. Once you get to the wedding registry site for Pottery Barn, there is a common sense listing of links, where you can find a friend’s registry, create your own, or manage the gift registry after you have create one. One of the most helpful features of the Pottery Barn wedding registry website is the registry checklist. The list helps couples figure out what to include on their registry. The categories are comprehensive, from tabletop, bath, bedding, decor & organization, rugs and windows, outdoor, lighting, and furniture. If you sign up with your email address at the Pottery Barn website, you can save 15% off of your next order. Pottery Barn also features the option to monogram items on your registry, such as plates, napkins, or even wine glasses. Visit their website to learn more.

#9 – West Elm Wedding Registry

west-elm-wedding West Elm has lots of interesting items that you’ll need to start your new life as a couple. Once you visit the West Elm bridal registry landing page, you’ll be able to search for a registry for a friend or family member, as well as create and edit a registry for yourself. West Elm even allows you to sign up for your account with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. West Elm offers four good reasons for doing your gift registration with them. They have free home stylists that you can make an appointment with in order to let them help you pick the perfect pieces for you. The West Elm Monogram shop allows you to personalize “everything from barware to bedding” with your initials. They even let you save 10% off whatever is left on your registry after the wedding ceremony. If guests can’t make a decision, they can send you gift cards that are usually at Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, or West Elm. For more information, visit the West Elm website.

#8 – Walmart Wedding Registry

walmart-wedding Walmart always has you covered no matter what your looking for, and that includes items for your wedding registry. Walmart offers two different methods of starting the registry. You may use the Walmart app on your smartphone to scan the items in the store that you would like your friends and family to purchase for your special event. If you are not at a location, you are able to browse their inventory by category. On their website, Walmart allows you to create your registry, and then share it on your Facebook page, or via email. Walmart also makes it easy for your friends and family to scan their receipt after purchasing an item off of your gift registry, so that you don’t get any duplicate gifts.

#7 – Blueprint Wedding Registry

wedding-blueprint Blueprint doesn’t offer your typical bridal registry. It was featured in Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, and InStyle for it’s innovative take on the typical gift registry. Blueprint offers you the ability to create a “blueprint” of your dream home, which is a visual representation of what you are looking for and in what place. Blueprint has curated a gift catalog from top retailers such as Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Terrain, CB2, and Amazon. Blueprint makes it easy for groups of your friends and family to go in a particularly expensive give, and contribute as a gift. All of this pales in comparison to their top two features. Blueprint offers a “universal registry,” which allows you to add any item from any website to your gift registry using their “Add to Blueprint” button. The coolest feature, in my opinion, is the Blueprint Honeymoon Registry, which lets your guests give you cash gifts to go towards your home fund, or even your honey moon.

#6 – Target Wedding Registry

target-wedding-registry Target offers many perks for registering with them. They make it simple to create a account, and start listing the items that you would like to receive as gifts on your special day. Target allows you on the go access to your bridal registry through the Target registry app. They also let your family and friends contribute to significant gifts together efficiently. Amazingly, Target also lets you add items from other websites to create a university registry. If you have second thoughts after the ceremony, and you decide that you hate the items your guest picked out for you, Target gives you a year to return or exchange your gifts. Target lets you purchase items left on your registry after the wedding at a 15% discount. The defining element of the Target wedding registry is the ability to score some bonus gifts if your guests purchase individual items from your registry. For example, if you receive a Keurig brewer, you would get two free travel mugs.

#5 – Etsy Wedding Registry

etsy-wedding If you and your significant other prefer to support local artists, and small businesses instead of the large corporations, Etsy has you covered. Etsy is a large marketplace which allows makers of handmade goods sell things that they’ve made, or create custom orders for their customers. Etsy makes it simple for you to add and remove registry item via the Add to Your List Feature. You are allowed to add up to 100 items, but if you find something you like above that, you will have to remove a few. Once you add your wedding date and the name of you and your partner, you can add a delivery address for the gifts, which buyers can choose, or customers can sent purchases to their own addresses. Visit the Etsy website for more information.

#4 – Kohl’s Wedding Registry

kohls-wedding-registries Kohl’s features a Smart Start feature for their wedding registry creation. This feature lets you create an account, then it gathers some of the most popular Kohl’s items for you to be able to select all of your favorites. You are able to create the registry either online on the Kohl’s website, or via the Kohl’s app. Kohl’s also offers a wedding registry checklist to remind you that you’ll need a waffle maker for your new life together as well as bar accessories, dinnerware, home decor and luggage. You can share your registry via either Facebook or via email, and also create announcement cards to let your guest know where to buy gifts for you. You and your partner can also earn free gifts from Kohl’s just by using them for your gift registry from excellent companies such as Cuisinart and Keurig.

#3 – Best Buy Wedding Registry

best-buy-wedding-registry If you already have all the dinnerware and bedding that you need, you can create your wedding registry on the Best Buy Website. Best Buy doesn’t just offer DVDs and video games – you can also add standard appliances for your kitchen, office and living room. The Best Buy website provides a starter registry if you are not sure what to add to one of your own. Whether you are looking for wearable technology or smart home products, Best Buy has you covered. If you and your partner has more expensive tastes, the Best Buy wedding registry process makes it easy for friends and family to get together as a group to pay for a larger gift. If you really wanted an Apple Watch or a Nutribullet, but did not receive it on your big day, Best Buy gives you 10% off all the gifts on your registry that you did not receive.

#2 – Macy’s Wedding Registry

macys-wedding Macy’s makes it simple to create a wedding registry, and pick out some great gifts to celebrate your special day. Macy’s offers a quiz to discover your style, which can be either Rustic, Modern, Trendy, or Traditional. It then displays the items that you’ll be most likely to add to your registry. Macy’s also provides individual buying guides for all the different categories, such as Bed & Bath, dining, kitchen, luggage, and a mattress buying guide. You can either book an in-store appointment with a consultant, or you can create your registry online. Macy’s offers an impressive amount of categories from gifts under a certain sum of money, styles you like, or brands that you and your partner identify with. Macy’s also offers a Dream Fund, which lets your wedding guests contribute to a large gift card so you can do your own shopping. Visit the Macy’s website for more information.

Hopefully, this list helped you in finding the best registry that will allow you to fill it with all the things you will want and need in your new life together as spouses. Whether you are moving to a new place, and need to deck it out with new kitchen gear, and fun appliances or you have everything you need except the latest technology, this list has got you covered. Congratulations, and enjoy your new lives together!

Ariel Leather
Ariel Leather
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