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What Happened to Heather Locklear – News and Updates

Elegant and talented, Heather Locklear is best known for playing Amanda Woodward in the primetime soap opera, Melrose Place (1993). When she was a high school student, she discovered acting to be her true passion after being rejected from the cheerleading squad and joining the drama club. After graduation, she attended ULCA where she eventually picked up a few casual modelling gigs in the school store. Soon afterwardー at the age of nineteen, Locklear appeared on television for the first time in the crime drama, CHiPs (1980) in which she played a minor character. From there, the blonde went on to appear in 240-Robert (1981), Eight is Enough (1981), The Return of the Beverly Hillbillies (1981), and Twirl (1981) until finally, she caught the attention of TV producer, Aaron Speller. Before long, the actress found herself playing a lead role in the romance drama, Dynasty (1981)ーit would later garner her two Soap Opera Digest Award nominations.

Just a year afterward, while she was still on the show, Locklear was cast as a series regular in yet another drama called, T.J. Hooker (1982). Although not as popular as the Golden Globe-winning Dynasty per se, it did enjoy a successful five-season run. In the subsequent years, she appeared in a string of television films including City Killer (1985), Rock ‘n’ Roll Mom (1988), Jury Duty: The Comedy (1990), and Rich Men Single Women (1990). After playing a female lead in the ABC sitcom, Going Places (1990) for 19 episodes, she received a breakthrough with the Fox soap, Melrose Place in 1993. Although initially a recurring character, Locklear was later promoted to a series regular in its second season. Critically acclaimed, the Golden Globe-nominated show garnered her a spectacular amount of recognition within the industry. Not only did the role earn her four consecutive Golden Globe Award nominations, but it also led her to a TV Land Award nomination in 2004.

Although she isn’t as active in Hollywood as she is on television, Locklear has appeared in a fair share of films. In 1984, she made her motion picture debut in the science fiction thriller, Firestarter (1984), where she co-starred alongside David Keith, Freddie Jones, and Drew Barrymore. Later on, it wasn’t until 1989 that she returned to the big screen in the superhero comedy flick, The Return of Swamp Thing. Throughout the 90’s, she made a handful of minor appearances in The Big Slice (1991), Wayne’s World 2 (1993), The First Wives Club (1996), and Money Talks (1997). Some of her more recent projects include The Perfect Man (2005), Game of Life (2006), Flying By (2009), and Scary Movie 5 (2013).

So what has the actress, famous for her role in Melrose Place, been up to since then? Is the 55-year-old blonde beauty still acting in front of the cameras? If so, what are some of the newest roles that she’s been cast as? What happened in Heather Locklear? Where is she now in 2018?

Heather Locklear’s Early Life and Acting Beginnings

locklear2 Born on September 25, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, Heather Deen Locklear is the daughter of William and Diane Locklear, an administrator and a production executive; she is of German, Scottish and English descent. Growing up, the blonde enjoyed a happy childhood in her hometown of L.A.

She first discovered her love for acting when she was in high school; after being rejected from the cheerleading squad, she had tried her luck with the drama club. Following her graduation, she went to ULCAーwhere her father served as a high-level administrativeーfor a brief period. During that time, she pledged both Delta Delta Delta and Chi Omega but was never actually initiated into either sororities; she also picked up a few modelling gigs at the school store. Despite her top grades however, Locklear ultimately dropped out to pursue an acting career.

At the age of nineteen, Locklear made her way onto television in the mystery drama, CHiPs (1980), which also served as her professional debut. Several auditions later, she found herself playing various minor roles in the shows 240-Robert (1981) and Eight is Enough (1981); she also appeared in a couple of TV films including The Return of the Beverly Hillbillies (1981), and Twirl (1981). Soon afterward, much to her luck, she caught the attention of television producer Aaron Spelling. Beginning a long-term collaboration, Spelling casted the blonde as a series regular in the second season of his ABC soap opera, Dynasty (1981).

Heather Locklear’s Early Acting Career in the Early 80’s

locklear3 The brainchild of the husband and wife team, Esther and Richard Shapiro, Dynasty centred around a wealthy familyーthe Carrington’s, in Denver, Colorado; John Forsythe starred as the patriarch Blake Carrington while Linda Evans starred as his new wife, Krystle.

Originally introduced as a recurring character, Locklear played the role of Sammy Jo Carringtonーthe niece of Krystle Carrington who eventually becomes romantically involved with the family’s son, Steven (played by Al Corley). Much to their parents’ dismay, the two later elope. After appearing from time to time throughout the initial seasons, she was made a series regular in the fifth season.

Debuted on the ABC Channel on January 12, 1981, Dynasty achieved a 19.0 rating during its first season. Despite its unimpressive initial performance however, it later entered the top 20 by the second season, having ranked in at number 19. As the series continued, its popularity only grew; by its fifth seasonーwhich also coincidentally happens to be when Locklear joins the main cast, it had become a number one show in the US. Critically acclaimed, the soap opera won numerous awards during its time on air; it also received six consecutive Golden Globe nominations for the category of “Best TV Drama Series”. Recognized for her talents in the series, Locklear was also nominated for two Soap Opera Digest Awards for “Outstanding Supporting Actress – Prime Time” and “Outstanding Actress in a Comic Relief Role”.

One year after the debut of the soap, Locklear found herself being another main cast member in the police drama, T.J. Hooker (1982). Produced in part by Aaron Spelling, who ultimately helped to kick start the actress’ career, it revolved around the adventures of Sergeant T.J. Hooker, a veteran police officer and his rookie partner, Officer Vince Romano. While William Shatner took on the responsibility of playing the title character, Adrian Zmed played as Romano. In the second season, Locklear’s character, Stacey Sheridan made her debut as an attractive officer named Stacy Sheridan; toward the end of the season, she had progressed to patrolling with another veteran, Officer Jim Corrigan.

Originally released on the ABC Network on March 13, 1982, T.J. Hooker was met with mediocre reviews upon its debut. Still, it garnered a loyal group of fans during its time on air. Aside from the previously-mentioned actors, it also featured James Darren, Richard Herd and April Clough. While William Shatner took the trophy for being the only cast member to appear in every episode, Locklear was in close secondーhaving appeared in 84 out of 90 episodes. After four seasons, T.J. Hooker was canceled by ABC; shortly afterward, it was picked up by CBS, which produced longer episodes for the series. Following a five season run, the cop drama finally concluded on May 28, 1986.

Highlights from Heather Locklear’s Continued Acting Career

locklear4 In the fall of 1990, Locklear starred in a sitcom for the first time in ABC’s Going Places. Created by Howard Adler and Robert Griffard, it centred around the lives of four young writersーCharlie Davis, Jack Davis, Alexandra Burton and Kate Griffin, who all worked as the writing staff of a Candid Camera-type program called Here’s Looking at You. Aside from the blonde actress, who played the part of Burton, Going Places also starred Alan Ruck, Hallie Todd, Jerry Levine, Holland Taylor and Staci Keanan.

Released on September 21, 1990, Going Places‘ pilot episode drew in over 19.7 million in the United States. Despite a slow initial growth, viewership ratings soon went up after the company decided to place a stronger emphasis on story lines and preteen characters. Still, the show came to an end after nineteen episodes on March 8, 1991.

Eventually in 1993, Locklear received a big break in her career when she was offered a lead role in the Fox primetime soap opera, Melrose Place. Created by American producer Darren Star of Beverly Hills 90210 fame, it followed the lives of a group of young individuals living in Melrose Place, an apartment complex located in West Hollywood. After being a recurring character in the first season, the actress was promoted to a series regular starting from the second season. In the show, she portrayed the character of Amanda Woodwardーa young woman who has developed somewhat of a hard shell after many years of domestic abuse and parental neglect. Brought into the series in attempts to boost the ratings, the ploy ultimately proved to be successful. Named as “One of the Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years” by Entertainment Weekly, Amanda had effortlessly garnered herself countless fans.

Released on Fox on July 8, 1992, Melrose Place’s first season attracted close to twelve million audience members. During its run in 1993 and 1994, the ratings only increased as it drew over fourteen million viewers. A smash hit, it won numerous awards including a People’s Choice Award for the category of “Favourite New TV Dramatic Series” in 1993. Having played one of the series’ most popular characters, Locklear was also nominated for four Golden Globes (e.g. Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama), and a TV Land Award (e.g. Favourite Teen Drama – Female) for her portrayal of Amanda.

Since then, Locklear has appeared in a number of TV films such as Fade to Black (1993), Texas Justice (1995), Shattered Mind (1996), and Angels Fall (2007). In 1999, she also played Caitlin Mooreーa female lead in the ABC sitcom, Spin City. More recently, she was also cast as a protagonist in the series LAX (2004), and Franklin & Bash (2013). In 2016, she portrayed the role of The First Lady in the TLC drama, Too Close to Home. In addition to television, Locklear has taken part in various films over the years including Money Talks (1997), Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003), Uptown Girils (2003), Game of Life (2006), Flying Boy (2009), and Scary Movie 5 (2013).

So what is Heather Locklear Doing Now in 2018 – News and Updates

locklear5 This January, a few rumours began to surface regarding Locklear’s re-entry into rehab. In a subsequent interview with People Magazine, the actress stated that she is in fact, “taking steps to enrich and better [her] life”. In the past, the blonde had struggled with both alcohol and drug abuse; back in the summer of 2008, she was checked into a facility for anxiety and depression after being arrested for DUI. We all wish her the best of luck as she tries to tie up the loose ends for 2018.

Considering this, it makes sense that Locklear hasn’t appeared in too many television series as of lateー her latest endeavour having been that of the drama, Too Close to Home (2016) in which she guest starred in two episodes.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date and connected with the blonde beauty, you can do so by following Heather Locklear on social mediaーyou can find her on Instagram at @heatherlocklear.

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