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Novosbed Coupon Code January 2020 – Updated Promo Codes

Continuing with my series on mattress discounts, I come now to one of my favorite builds. The Novosbed. I reviewed this mattress more than a year ago, and am as impressed now as I was then. Few other firms on the market can match the customer service offered by Novosbed, and their dedication to keeping customers happy has paid dividends, their return rate is around 3%, far lower than the industry standard of 12%. A combination of an excellent bed, and a policy of providing consumers with the tools to rectifiy any issues they have with the firmness level themselves, on the fly, makes the Novosbed one of the best in town. I was only able to find the one promo code, but it is a douzy of a code, giving you $100 off your purchase. First let’s look at what makes the Novosbed so fantastic.

Novosbed Coupon Code 2018 – Updated & Working Promo Codes

I will be keeping an eye out for any other codes that come onto the market over the next few months, so be sure to check back. Novosbed currently have a sale on their accouterments at the moment, so if you are in the market for duvets, pillows or sheets be sure to check them out.

How To Use The Novosbed Coupon Codes:

Step 1) Click here to activate and then access the website

Step 2) Enter the following codes while checking out

$100 off purchase –¬†Gazette100

Remember that when you buy a Novosbed you are also buying into some of the best customer service on the planet. You have 120 days to decide whether you want to keep the bed or not. I would recommend calling them sooner rather than later. When you call them for the first time to discuss your satisfaction you are offered the Comfort+ system. A set of mattress inlays, that fit flush with the Novosbed, allowing you to dial in the firmness to your hearts content. Add in the unprecedented 15 year warranty, that covers mattress sag, and you are golden.

Novosbed Mattress 2018 – A Brief Re-Review

novosbed product 19B e1479853090857 I always talk about the importance of the topper material. it must be breathable, it must be durable, and as a bonus it can be comfortable. Most firms have to compromise in some small way. Having a topper that is very durable, but not as breathable as I might like, but Novosbed have decided to have their cake and eat it too. Their topper is made from two distinct materials. The top most material is extra porous, allowing it to dissipate heat quickly, and very comfortable. It is attached to another material, on the bottom half, that is extra durable, in all the places that the mattress cover is under stress. This allows you some peace of mind. The two layers are attached at a zipper, and overall the mattress is one of the prettier on the market. A nice grooved top layer, a blue line, the zipper, and a clean grey bottom section.

On the inside we have something quite special. There are three distinct types of Novosbed, and while I am most familiar with the Soft variant, I’ll talk a little about the firm and the medium first. At base for both is 7″ of support foam, topped with two 2″ layers of memory foam, denser than regular memory foam, and aerated for heat dissipation. The firm has slightly less dense top most layers, meaning you hit the support foam a little faster, leading to a firmer overall mattress. At first glance it might seem that the mattress would retain too much heat. After all, most other firms use only the one layer of memory foam. But the denser foam used here, combined with its aerated nature, means there is no pockets of heat held in the depressions.

The Soft is a work of art though. it has a 6″ layer of support foam, 3″ of memory foam straight up, and a final layer of gel infused¬† aerated foam. The gel infusion is my second favorite method of heat dissipation on the market right now, after the copper infusion mattresses seen elsewhere.

If you are still on the fence check out my full review of the Novosbed here.

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