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Tuft & Needle Coupon Code January 2020 – Updated Promo Codes

I’m still here, hunting for the best of bargains in the mattress world, and this week I waded through the quagmire of the Tuft and Needle. Tuft and Needle decided, late last eyar, to do away with discount codes, opting instead to simply lower the price of their mattress for everyone. A commendable decision, but one that has proved disastrous for other firms in the past. The Tuft and Needle was one of the pioneers of the direct to consumer mattress market, and while the tech used by their competitors may have outstripped them, they cannot be beaten in terms of price. So let’s take a step back in time, and look at the mattress itself before we dive into the world of discount codes.

Tuft & Needle Coupon Code July 2018 – Promo Codes

The best way to save some money on the tuft and needle mattress by buying it from here.  I really wish I could provide a few codes here, but in light of the price & their no coupon policy, it seems that none are really necessary. At the very least you can get free 2 Day Prime shipping!

Twin$35039″ x 75″ x 10″
Twin XL$37539″ x 80″ x 10″
Full$50054″ x 75″ x 10″
Queen$60060″ x 80″ x 10″
King$75076″ x 80″ x 10″
Cal King$75072″ x 84″ x 10″

Bear in mind that Tuft and Needle does not charge for delivery, and they grant all customers 100 nights to verify that they want to keep the mattress. If you don’t like the tuft and Needle, they will provide a full refund, and donate your mattress on your behalf. Can’t say fairer than that, except through an excellent warranty as well. The Tuft and Needle warranty is great, a full 10 years, and that covers sag so bear that in mind.

Tuft and Needle Mattress 2018 – A Brief Re-Review

tuft and needle 1 Tuft and Needle’s topper material is probably my favorite on the market. A highly durable poly-rayon blend. I like to know exactly what I am laying on, so I did a little digging way back when to find out what the hell Rayon is, and I was fascinated by what I discovered. It is a kind of semi-synthetic material, made of mainly cellulose fiber. They took wood pulp, refined pure cellulose out of it, dissolved it and forced it through a spinneret, to make filaments. They filaments are then chemically solidified and turned into synthetic fiber. When you blend it with polyester you end up with a materiel that is a durable as they come, and so soft to the touch. I kinda wish more firms would jump on this stuff.

The base layer, 7″ of support foam, is a little less dense than others on the market, likely to compensate for the lack of memory foam. This is topped with their own style of adaptive foam, called Poly foam. It attempts to bridge the gap between memory foam and a latex foam, and it does a decent job of it. Overall the mattress is on the firmer end, but it must be said, it is comfortable. Simply not quite as so as others.

Overall a great build, that is elevated by the excellent price, as low as $600 in some places. Considering you would be spending more than double that in a showroom, and half again as much for the next cheapest direct to consumer mattress, that is amazing. The discounts make it more so.

Overall an excellent purchase, and while we ended up empty handed in our search for discount codes, I don’t feel like we haven’t found a bargain.

Barry W Stanton
Barry W Stanton
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