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How to View Private Snapchat Stories & Accounts – 2018 Updated Guide

Be careful what you post online! Social media isn’t always as secure as people believe it to be, which often creates opportunities for people to see normally hidden content. Many people try may try to exploit this out of curiosity, but sometimes out of mischief as well. People have found security and privacy exploits in apps like Snapchat before, but they quickly get fixed.

Is Snapchat completely safe and private?

Although it may not seem safe, Snapchat actually gives users a larger degree of control over the content they share relative to other social networks. Users can choose precisely who can view their snaps, the amount of time they can see them, if their snaps can be replayed or not, and configure many other specific settings.

Snapchat does however have access to user data and does save pictures in their database, even for a limited period of time. It is important to remember that more people have access to your photos than you may think, and to only send questionable content over a 100% secure platform.

How to View Private Snapchat Stories or Accounts

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Snapchat users can hide their posts from the public by going to their settings, then to the “Who Can” section of the settings menu. The menu will list the options “who can send me snaps” and “who can view my story”. The user can then set those two options to be viewable by the public, by friends only, or they can create a custom setting to make the story viewable by certain friends.

These settings exist for a reason. If someone makes their account private, chances are they have a good reason to do so. Perhaps they want to use social media like Snapchat without compromising too much of their information. They may also only want specific people to be able to see their posts.

In most cases, finding away around these blockades is impossible. There are numerous websites that claim to be able to give you the ability to view a private snapchat story or account. They usually have content hidden behind a wall, ask you to download an app or software, or ask for payment. These are all scams and can waste your time at the best, and compromise your personal information at the worst. Therefore, you should never under any circumstances ever give out your information to a website that isn’t associated with Snapchat.



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