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240sweet Update for 2018 – What Happened After The Profit

240sweet Before The Profit

Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick met a long time ago while they were both working for Lemley’s Catering. Max, Alexa’s father and owner of the business, asked Sam on her second day of work to keep an eye on his daughter. She had a high spirited personality that could sometimes get her into trouble. Little did they know, this would be the start of a life long friendship and eventual marriage. The two of them have been working side by side for years now and after Max entrusted the catering business to them, that is how they started their business 240sweet.

As a way to promote the Lemley’s Catering company, Alexa and Sam began making homemade marshmallow treats. They became so popular that it inspired the two to make a whole business out of it. However, running a business that revolves solely around marshmallow production is no easy task, so of course they ended up needing to reach out for help. Now it’s time for Marcus Lemonis to step in, evaluate their business, and see how he can help these two chefs turn a profit from their sugary sweet new company.

240sweet On The Profit

Macus heads out to Columbus, Indiana after the 240sweet girls reach out to him. When he reaches the headquarters, he is unpleasantly surprised. Their “retail” area is lumped together with their shipping office and it’s all very overwhelming from the start. 240sweet is already a brand that has been featured in popular magazines, so Marcus is pretty shocked that such a popular name is operating under less than stellar conditions.

What is even more off putting though, is the fact that 240sweet’s marshmallows have an odd smell and taste. Not even the building itself smells sweet like it’s supposed to. Sam and Alexa blame this on Max. Apparently they are sharing their cooking space with Alexa’s father so he can also run his spice company while the girls are also working on their sweets. This is definitely not an ideal match and is definitely compromising the quality of their product. When the girls take Marcus to the back, it’s pretty obvious to him why the marshmallows he sampled ended up having a strange aftertaste. Max’s spices take up more than half of the kitchen space and while the marshmallows are being made, they absorb the bits of garlic and onion in the air.

Marcus then meets Max and learns a little bit about his own company. They make mustard, barbecue sauce, and hot sauce. In general, his business is more successful than his daughter’s. Despite this though, he does not pay any of the rent and only reimburses them when he feels it’s necessary. Marcus can see why the girls are frustrated because this isn’t fair to them and their business is suffering as a result of this unfair arrangement. Alexa and Sam are desperate for Marcus to show them the way out of this mess. Tensions are running high between this family and they need some outside guidance. Marcus, however, isn’t really interested in being a family mediator.

Taking a look at the way they actually produce their marshmallows, Marcus sees just how inefficiently they are operating. It takes them about twenty minutes to cut a tray of marshmallows, but there is a machine they could buy that would only take 1 minute to get the job done. If they had the money to purchase it, they would be able to make a lot more product in less the time.

There is definitely potential here in this business and Marcus can see that. Alexa is a great chef who can produce an amazing product. The real issue here is in the way her father is taking advantage of her and their space. It was even discovered that Max took out a line of credit to start his own business, and now 240sweet is using their revenue to pay that off. The only way this is going to work out is if Alexa can confront her father about the wrongs he is doing. For this reason, Marcus is hesitant to make an offer because he doesn’t necessarily want to be a part of all the familial drama.

After some brief discussion, Sam and Alexa agree to talk to Max on their own. Only then does Marcus lay down an offer of $100k for 51% of the business. He wants to improve their working space and equipment to make 240sweet more efficient. The girls are fine with this, except they propose that they give some percentage of the company to Dede, their accountant. Marcus agrees to give her 5% and they end up making a deal.

240sweet Now in 2018- The After ‘The Profit’ Update

After the 240sweet episode of The Profit aired on television, a lot of negative drama started to appear. Apparently the deal Marcus made with the chefs ended up falling through as a result of Marcus feeling like he had been used. He also made a statement claiming that he lost the $100k he invested into the business, but suing them wouldn’t necessarily be worth all the trouble. Fans of the show ended up heading over to 240sweet’s Facebook page. There they left tons of negative comments that forced the owner’s into writing this post on their social media accounts:

“We appreciate the opportunity given to 240sweet to be featured on television. We understand that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, however, we would like to remind everyone that television is meant to entertain first and foremost. In order to gratify viewers and increase ratings, portrayals of those featured can be misleading. We truly value our co-workers and are grateful for the work they do. Our customers are our livelihood and we appreciate those that have shown loyalty since the show aired. We look forward to the opportunities that we currently have and coming up.

– 240sweet Owners”

On February 2, 2016, the deactivated their Facebook page as a result of the negative backlash from the show. Since then, there hasn’t been much news about the business. They seem to be keeping quite so the dust can begin to settle. Their official website is still up and running ( All 240sweet’s products are still being sold and they offer treat making classes to anyone who is interested. In addition to this, they have made a few posts for recipes that you can try making yourself at home.

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  1. I guess we were all watching the same programs this afternoon! Wow, Sam played Marcus(and more). Will bite my tonuge here but not a business I would order from knowing how untruthful, word spinning and manipulative the owner is. Decent people are key in a business. Sam doesn’t fit that mold.


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