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Average Electrician Salary 2018 – How Much Do Electricians Make

In today’s digital age, electricity is a very important part of everything that we do. If your power goes out, then you could be losing money as you rapidly approach a deadline for work. You may just sit around doing nothing, with all of your sources for entertainment out of commission. Although you may frequently think about how important electricity is to your life, you may not as frequently think about how important the people who maintain that electricity are. Electricians are responsible for repairing, maintaining, and sometimes creating entire electrical system. You’re able to read this article today thanks to the work of competent electricians. They serve a vital role in our society, without a doubt.

If you have an interest in home repair or in electrical sciences, then you may be interested in becoming an electrician. However, working in electricity is widely seen as a trade. People don’t always have to go to college in order to work in a trade. Does that suggest that electricians don’t make very much money? In this article, I plan on dispelling any misconceptions that you may have about what electricians actually do. I’m going to talk about how much your average electrician actually makes, and I’m going to discuss how that income is affected by other factors. Not only that, but I will talk about what someone has to do in order to actually become an electrician.

Average Electrician Salary – $51,808

Your average electrician makes approximately $51,808 per year, which is plenty of money for a lot of people. The work of an electrician is very technical, important work, and it’s work that most people simply don’t know how to do. As a result, electricians are paid remarkably well for what they do. They serve a very specific purpose, and as long as they fulfill that purpose properly, they are well paid. Since that’s just an average salary, though, there are obviously people who are paid more and there are obviously people who are paid less. Location is a factor that can affect the salary of an electrician. Although electricity is used everywhere, it obviously receives a lot more use in major cities. If you live in a city like Boston, Chicago, or Seattle, then you will probably have an easier time finding work as an electrician. You may even be paid more, since you are in greater demand.

electricity Experience is another factor that affects the salary of an electrician. Just like with any of other field, if you work in this trade, then experience is a very important thing in determining how much you are paid. In almost every case, someone with more experience is paid more than someone with less experience. An electrician with over twenty years of experience can have an income that is up to $20,000 greater than an electrician with entry level experience. What contributes to such a broad pay scale? An electrician with more experience, first of all, is generally better at their job. When they get on the scene, they know exactly what to do. People recognize that, and so they pay very highly for that kind of performance. Not only that, but a more experienced electrician is more likely to have a dedicated customer base. Basically, it’s just easier for them to make money.

Next, let’s consider how education functions in determining the salary of an electrician. Since this is a trade, it’s not really essential to obtain a college degree. You don’t have to worry about going to graduate school just so that you’re that much closer to getting a raise. However, there is still a great deal of education that goes into becoming a licensed electricians. Becoming licensed in electricity is no simple task, and it requires a lot of hard work on your part. However, there is little to no education requirements aside from those related to obtaining your license. You can study at a technical school if you want, and studying there may allow you to negotiate a slightly higher salary down the road. However, in this field, experience, personal connections, and quality of work are worth a lot more than any of that.

How to become an electrician – Do you have to go to school?

Now that you know a little bit more about being an electrician, perhaps you’re interested in pursuing this as a real career. It may not seem like the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s very important work, and it makes good money. Not only does it make good money, but it has the potential to make a lot more, assuming that you’re willing to put in the work. Although becoming an electrician doesn’t require much formal education, most people will expect you to have a high school education. This is no problem if you’re already finished with high school, but this may seem scary to you if you happened to drop out. You are still perfectly capable of passing a test to obtain your GED or something similar. It’s just important to employers to know that possess a high school education, it doesn’t matter if it’s a diploma or a GED.

electrician school Once you’re done with high school, you have the option of attending a technical college like I mentioned before. Technical college is usually a lot less expensive than attending a four year program at a private university, and so it’s perfect for people who may be itching to get right into the workforce. Attending a technical college will equip you with a lot of knowledge that is essential to this trade, and it can help you get certain certifications or diplomas that will make you a more competitive applicant to jobs in electricity later on. If you can’t make it, though, don’t feel too down on yourself. You can still obtain the knowledge that you need to be a good electrician by taking on an apprenticeship. Education from a technical school is just a very good thing to have, assuming that you can have it.

Your apprenticeship will make up a tough few years, but it will serve as the defining years in developing your knowledge base as an electrician. You’ll learn the mass majority of what there is to know about working in this important and exciting field. As soon as you’re done with your apprenticeship, you can look to obtain a license. Yes, in order to legally work as an electrician, you need to be licensed. Requirements vary across different states, but generally you need to have experience and you need to pass an examination. As soon as you have your license in hand, you can begin to look for work as an electrician. It’s work that not everyone can do, but it’s very rewarding, in more ways than one.

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