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Kid Chilleen’s Update – What Happened After Bar Rescue

Kid Chilleen’s before Bar Rescue

In 2003 couple Scott and Donna Chilleen purchased Kid Chilleen’s Bad Ass BBQ in Black Canyon City, Arizona. The bar was a success in its heyday with profits going up in each passing year.

bar rescue kid chilleen owners
Donna and Scott Chilleen

Four years later the Chilleen couple found themselves drinking along with the patrons while daughter Aleah served as a bartender as her folks were busy taking the booze down the hatch. The inebriated owners allowed customers to do as they please regardless of the risks involved, much to Aleah’s frustration. To make matters worse the bar was living in borrowed time as the bank had given them less than a month to set things straight after the family failed to pay property taxes in 2011, and foreclosure loomed over the horizon.

Now that the bar is operating in the red and with time running out Aleah has decided to call for Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue to help save Kid Chilleen’s before its doors close down for good.

Kid Chilleen’s on Bar Rescue

Kid Chilleen’s Bad Ass BBQ is situated along Interstate 17 and, given how busy the highway is every day, the bar barely has anything outside to attract customers. The building has poor lighting and is surrounded by deserted properties which make people wonder if the place is actually open or closed.

bar rescue kid chilleen old outside
The old outside

Taffer sends in undercover tourist Genevieve for the inside recon. The owners were drinking in full view of the spy as if they’re just a pair of ordinary customers. One of the bartenders named Yum Yum not only drank with the customers but also made obscene remarks towards them. In the kitchen the staff dipped unseasoned chicken into barbecue sauce which contradicts the bar’s claim of having bad ass BBQ. When customers complained about the food Karen gave away free shots to placate them, oblivious to the fact that most of the patrons in this area have to drive afterwards.

To top off the craziness a patron entered the bar on horseback and the animal left poop on the floor, and the owners didn’t even get mad and found the act funny.

Taffer sat down with the family inside the bar and the Bar Rescue host tried his best to converse with the two bombed out owners. It was Aleah who properly explained the situation and Scott, though inebriated, finally said that he wanted Taffer to teach him how to save the place.

The next day Taffer returned with experts namely mixologist Russell Davis and barbecue chef JB Brown. The couple was sober after being given an ultimatum last night and Yum Yum was missing in action. Davis had the bar area cleaned up after discovering how neglected it was, and then he taught the Chilleens how to properly mix and pour drinks. In the kitchen Brown introduced the cooks to the right way of making barbecue so they won’t have to rely on faux sauce anymore. That night Taffer surprised the couple with a breath analyzer and the two proved that they kept their word.

Before the stress test began Yum Yum suddenly appeared for work and she was given a five-minute crash course on mixing after Aleah revealed that she lacked experience. As customers flocked the bar area Aleah proved to be a very capable bartender while Yum Yum succumbed to pressure and walked out of Kid Chilleen’s. Scott helped out his daughter although his hands trembled while he poured drinks due to alcohol withdrawal. In the kitchen the three cooks struggled to create delectable dishes which gathered a lot of complaints from the patrons, and some of the ingredients ran out of stock while there were still a lot of pending orders. Donna was tempted to take a shot after serving drinks to a table filled with friends but she managed to fight off the sweet seduction of booze. She also had a sudden realization of the foolish things she did while drunk.

Three days before the relaunch Taffer provided the kitchen with a CookShack Smoker and Brown coached the staff in the science of using the right wood for the machine. The new food menu of Kid Chilleen’s now focused on three classic barbecue items namely Smoked Chicken, St. Louis Style Ribs, and Southwestern Brisket. For the drinks Davis introduced cocktails that go hand in hand with the food thanks to moonshine, plus the non-alcoholic 17 Sweet Tea for those who need to stay sober while driving through the highway. While Taffer’s team worked on renovating Kid Chilleen’s, the couple was introduced to an addiction counselor so they could be rescued from their alcoholism.

bar rescue kid chilleen new outside
The new outside

Kid Chilleen’s was reworked into Chilleen’s on 17 Saloon, Steak & BBQ. Taffer decided to keep the name as the family was already known in the area. Signs were placed two miles down the highway that show the bar’s name to encourage patrons to visit. A new and brighter signage was installed outside the bar so it is visible even at night, plus lights on the façade ensure that the place is safe for a midnight drink. The interior was decked with cowboy-themed décor and lighting, and the bar area given a first-ever moonshine pourer and a cleaner menu.

In the grand reopening the Chilleens worked cohesively in making drinks and serving orders. The kitchen staff effortlessly finished orders with delectable and piping-hot authentic barbecue.

Now with the bar rescued, it was time for Taffer and his experts to ride off into the sunset.

Kid Chilleen’s Now in 2018 – The After Bar Rescue Update

bar rescue kid chilleen cardboard
A customer with the Taffer cutout

Chilleen’s on 17 is still open with a good amount of positive reviews on Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. Service was highly praised, along with the moonshine drinks, although the reception on food was ambivalent. According to their website Chilleen’s on 17 was out of bankruptcy and profit climbed up at a commendable 43%, and there were no more horses or motorcycles barging into the bar. The bar hosts events like live music and weddings held outside the establishment, and they also have a cardboard cutout of Taffer situated near the entrance.

Bar Rescue revisited the bar with Aleah behind the counter and Donna no longer gave in whenever she was asked to take a shot. The mother and daughter tandem worked effectively in serving the thirsty customers of the highway.

The bar maintains a very active Facebook page where they post events and other important updates, and you can visit it by clicking here. They also have an official website at

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