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Remy Ma Net Worth 2018 – How Wealthy is She Now?

American rapper initially made herself known as a member of the hip hop crew, Terror Squad in the late 90’s. Born in New York City, her childhood was the opposite of idyllic as she was faced with the terrors of her parents’ drug abuse. While taking care of her younger siblings, she often fell back on writing poetry; soon, she also started to perform rhymes. At the age of nineteen, her talents caught the attention of Fat Joe, who eventually extended her an invitation to his rap crew. A few years after being with the group, Remy made the decision to embark on a solo music career after signing with Universal Records.

Since then, the young MC has come out with a number of records- including the 2x Platinum hit, All the Way Up. With her success, her net worth has also soared to the millions.

Let’s see how she earned her wealth over the years.

Remy Ma’s Net Worth 2018 – $3 Million

How did Remy Ma Make Her Money and Wealth?

remy ma 2 Born on May 30, 1980 in New York, Remy Ma (Birth Name: Reminisce Smith) spent her youth in the Castle Hill Projects in the Bronx area. Due to her family’s heavy drug abuse, she was forced to take care of her younger siblings at a young age; her childhood was therefore less than idyllic. In order to retreat from her situation at home, Remy often wrote poetry and eventually, rhyme.

Coupled with her natural talents, it didn’t take long for her to garner a reputation for herself in and around the Bronx area. Soon, word of her had reached the ears of late Big Pun. Initiating contact, they two eventually met; convinced of her skills after a single freestyle session during the meeting, Pun subsequently became her mentor. In the summer of 2000, Remy made her music debut as a guest artist on Big Pun’s studio album, Yeeeah Baby (2000).

Following Big Pun’s death in 2000, Remy was invited to join the hip hop group, Terror Squad by rapper Fat Joe. A big break for the emerging artist, she later contributed to their second full length album, True Story which was made available on July 27, 2004. The rap crew’s best-selling album, it managed to reach the seventh position on the US Billboard 200 and at the top of the top of the US Top R&B Albums Chart.

A relative commercial success, it also spawned three charting singles, Yeah Yeah YeahTake Me Home, and Lean Back– the last of which went gold after topping all three US record charts (Billboard Hot 100, Top R&B Songs, Top Rap Songs). For her contributions to the records, Remy would have presumably been given a generous check.

In 2006, the rapper dropped her first solo album entitled, There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story. Released on the sixth anniversary of Big Pun’s passing, the album ended up selling 35,000 copies during the first week. A modest success, it reached number thirty three on the Billboard Top 200, number seven on the US Top R&B Albums and at number two on the Top Rap Albums. Within the first year, the album had sold more than 160,000 copies. According to various online sources, the title had earned her approximately $215,000.

From there, Remy released a couple of singles including Remy Live from Prison and Hands Down prior to coming out with her hit mix tape, I’m Around. Featuring her husband Papoose as one of the guest artists, it was recorded shortly after her prison release in the summer of 2014. Released on October 31, 2014, it was generally met with favorable reviews. Probably her most successful mix tape to date, it is said to have yielded her $350,000 in record sales.

If we were to look at her earnings from her past mixtapes (e.g. The BX Files, Most Anticipated, Shesus Khryst), then the figure adds up to well over $500,000.

Most recently in 2017, Remy released a collaboration album with her long-time collaborator, Fat Joe. Lauded for its blend of old school hip hop and modern sounds, it entered the US Billboard Top 200 at number forty four with approximately 12,000 first week sales. Additionally, the Spanish-titled album also reached number nineteen on the Top R&B Albums Chart, number twelve on the US Digital Albums Chart, and number three on the US Independent Albums Chart.

A commercial hit, the album later went on to produce three singles, one of which included the 2x Platinum hit, All the Way Up (2016). The title eventually peaked at number twenty seven on the US Billboard Hot 100, number nine on the Top R&B Singles Chart, and number five on the Top Rap Songs Chart; outside of the United States, the single also charted in Canada at number forty six.

So far, Remy Ma has released two DVDs, Remy Ma: From the Grind to the Glamour (2006), and Shesus Khyrst (2007), although the exact earnings from said discs are unknown.

In terms of collaborations, she has worked with several other artists throughout her career including Brooke Valentine, Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap, Memphis Bleek, 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole, and ASAP Ferg.

remy ma 3Outside of her musical works, Remy Ma has also made a few cameos on television. In 2006, she made her official acting debut in an episode of the animated series, The Roaches. She has since also appeared in the popular musical drama, Empire (2015).

Speaking of the small screen, the emcee was also featured as a regular cast member in the popular reality series, Love & Hip Hop from 2015 until 2017; altogether, she had appeared in 30 episodes. Of course, she would have been paid handsomely for her appearances.

Additionally, she has also appeared as herself in the TV shows 106 & Park Top 10 Live (2006), Say My Name (2009), Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff (2009), Being (2016), Unsung (2017), and Harry (2017).

Let’s take a look at her net worth over the years- in 2012, her wealth was estimated at approximately $775,000. Since then, it has obviously gone up. In 2013, her fortune was said to be at $1,000,000, it later increased to $1,500,000 in 2014, and then well over the $2,000,000 point in 2016. Currently, it sits at close to $3,000,000.

As for how much she makes per year, her annual income is reportedly around the $350,000 mark.

Of course, a fair portion of that amount has also come from her sponsors. More specifically, she has forged a number of endorsement deals with companies such as Moschino, I Wear Glam, Karen Sabag, Gucci, and Fashion Nova in the past. Allegedly, she has earned close to $80,000 from her various sponsorship deals over the years.

In 2015, it was also announced that Remy would be venturing into new business opportunities. Using her artistic creativity, she launched her own event design company, Reminisce Event Designs– which is named after herself. According to the rapper, it caters to creating decorations and various pieces for different events.

Last year, Remy Ma and her husband Papoose also launched a website where fans are able to purchase customized pieces of merchandise and gear.

Remy Ma’s Personal Life and FAQ

Is Remy Ma Married?

Remy Ma has been married to Papoose for eight years; the two had met at a recording studio where he was working in the mid 2000’s. They tied the knot in May of 2008.

Prior to her current marriage, she was also in a brief relationship with American rapper Juelz Santana from 2004 until 2005.

Does Remy Ma Have Any Children?

Yes, Remy Ma has a son named Jayson (although the identity of the father has never been confirmed). In addition, she is also the stepmother of Papoose’s two daughters and son.

Why is Remy Ma Called Remy Ma?

Prior to her current stage name, the rapper was known as Remy Martin. She later changed it to Remy Ma- it is presumably a shortened version of her full name Reminisce Mackie.

Where Did Remy Ma Go to College?

Remy Ma did not go to college. Having said that, she allegedly received an Associate’s Degree in prison after having attended various academic programs for six years. She later revealed that she had written a paper on the topic of Situational Homosexuality toward the end of the program.

Where Does Remy Ma Live? Pictures of Remy Ma’s House

Unfortunately, not much is known about her current residence. With that said, the rapper presumable lives in Manhattan with her husband of nine years.

Therefore, we do not have any pictures of Remy Ma’s house at the moment.

Career Achievements

Since her music debut in the early 2000’s, she has earned several industry awards including three BET Hip Hop Awards (e.g. Best Female Hip Hop Artist, Best Track of the Year, Best Collabo and Duo), two Soul Train Music Awards (e.g. Best Collaboration), two Source Awards, two vibe awards, among several other nominations.

Most recently in 2016, All the Way Up- one of Fat Joe’s singles that she collaborated on received two Grammy nominations for the categories of Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

Remy Ma and Prison

In the summer of 2007, the rapper turned herself into the police after having allegedly fired a shot, which wounded Makeeda Barnes Joseph, who was accused of stealing $1000 from Remy.

The following spring, she was convicted of attempted coercion, assault and illegal weapon possession and was taken into custody. It was later revealed that she was sentenced to serve time at New York’s Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. Interestingly enough, it was during that time that she married her now husband, Papoose.

After six years, Remy Ma was released on August 1, 2014. Despite her criminal past, she has successfully turned her life around, having put forth a number of successful records since then.

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