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Myerz Pour House Update – What Happened After Bar Rescue

Myerz Pour House before Bar Rescue

bar rescue updates myerz pour house owner
Jeremy Myers

In 2011, former Coast Guard serviceman Jeremy Myers decided to follow his dream and his grandfather’s footsteps. He retired from service and, a year later, found the bar that was worth a purchase. With financial help from his mother and grandfather, Myers opened Myerz Pour House in El Cajon, California. The bar was initially successful, and the owner himself was busy working with his employees in serving the clientele.

However, Myers suddenly lost his hardworking spirit and stopped coming into the bar. He insisted that the watering hole was haunted, and later on his staff members also received their share of paranormal activity. Furniture suddenly fell to the floor, faucets opened without warning, and voices whispered into the ears of the bartenders. Myers was too afraid of the hauntings to go to work, and the bar suffered because of his fear. The lack of leadership caused the employees to go on a free-for-all, and drinking while on duty became a norm.

Now with six months remaining, with his grandfather’s savings and his mother’s house at stake, he realized he needed some more help.

Myerz Pour House on Bar Rescue

From the outside Taffer and master mixologist Lisamarie Joyce noted the bar’s depressing name that made it sound like a “poor house”, not to mention the owner’s name was ineligible thanks to its size. The interior was populated by overpouring bartenders and with only one working POS system.

bar rescue updates myerz pour house old exterior
The old exterior

For the recon, Taffer deployed podcasters Matt Mira and and Jordan Morris. The pair inquired about the ghosts while ordering their drinks, and learned that the story was someone died inside the bar way back in the 80s. The other bartenders were too scared to talk about the hauntings when asked by the spies. Taffer then entered the bar and talked to bartender Nicole who was clueless to the whereabouts of Myers. The owner suddenly arrived and quickly admitted that his bar was failing because of his fear-induced absence. The Bar Rescue host dismissed Myers’ terror as nothing but an excuse for not taking responsibility.

The next day Taffer returned to the bar and had the employees recount their paranormal experiences. They also stated that business was good back in the days when Myers was working alongside his staff. Taffert then revealed the staggering losses incurred by overpouring which should’ve been resolved if Myers were always around to manage his staff. Joyce trained the bartenders how to properly pour booze, and Myers displayed that he was actually capable behind the bar.

Taffer and Joyce offered a reward to the most promising bartender: a trip to Holland. Each staff were given 30 minutes each to work. The customers were provided with cards that were green on one side, and red on the other. The Myerz employees had to provide excellent service so the customers will flip the card to the green side. Nicole was the most underperforming bartender while security personnel Derek actually showed potential. Taffer then called in a pair of mediums who got rid of the ghosts in the bar. Myers was finally able to close the bar by himself without feeling a bit of fear.

The next day, Joyce introduced a cocktail program focused on Ketel One vodka such as The Dutch Mule and The Bloody Scary. Taffer then brought in Carl Nolet Jr., the executive vice president of Nolet Spirits USA and the 11th generation of the Nolet clan. His family is renowned for distilling Ketel One liquor since 1691. Bartenders Paul and Derek were sent to Holland to visit the Nolet distillery to learn about the process of distilling vodka and to tour the facility.

bar rescue updates myerz pour house new exterior
The new exterior

After the renovation, Myerz was transformed into The Study Lounge. Its red signage made it more noticeable outside, but there wasn’t much change in the exterior. The interior now had new wooden furniture, shinier bar counters, and bookshelves on the walls. The place imparted a feeling of warmth as it looked like a cozy library that served alcoholic drinks. Taffer installed a mirror in the bar that “shows” the face of the ghost that haunted the bar’s previous incarnation. He insisted that Myers should turn the negative into a positive, something that people would laugh about instead of cowering in fear. Behind the bar, there were two new POS systems, a glasswasher, an ice machine, and a switch that can make books fly on the shelves as if a ghost was still haunting the place.

Myerz Pour House Now in 2018 – The After Bar Rescue Update

The Study Lounge is still open in 2017.

bar rescue updates myerz pour house the study lounge
The Study Lounge, now ghost-free

Since last year, the bar’s atmosphere drew mixed reactions. Some feel that it is very comforting with nice tables. Some did not like the book store theme of the bar and noted that it didn’t fit the regular clientele of the bar which consisted of bikers and elderly people. There are those who noted that it was just the same old bar, only added with bookshelves.

The bar’s Yelp page only had one review for this year which criticized the loud music but praised the fast service. The ratings are more positive on their Facebook page, with people praising the customer service and the DJ.

The Study Lounge maintains an active Facebook page which you can visit by clicking here. They have no official website nor any other social media account.

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