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Rich The Kid Net Worth 2018 – How Much The Rapper Actually Makes

The Hip-Hop and Trap artist Rich the Kid has managed to gain a firm following of millions of fans in just a few years. The Atlanta based rapper only released his début mix-tape in 2013, yet has since then achieved Worldwide recognition and a reputation as one of the hardest working up and coming young rappers of recent years. He was even involved in the promotion of one of the most popular viral dance crazes in recent years, ‘The Dab’, along with the hip-hop group Migos.

Rich the Kid has worked with an incredible array of other artists and his commitment to his craft, combined with a savvy business attitude has helped him gain a growing personal fortune to go along with his newly found fame. Rich the Kid has taken a different path from many other rappers to achieve a large amount of personal wealth in a short period of time and his attitude to work, his ability to work with anyone, and his business sense have seen him quickly become Rich by name as well as rich in real life too. But exactly how much has the twenty four year old artist made so far from his music and his other business activites? And what does he like to spend his money on? Read on to find out.

Rich The Kid Net Worth 2018 – $1 Million

How Did Rich The Kid Make His Money & Wealth?

Rich the Kid was born as Dimitri Leslie Roger on July 13th 1992. He came from a family of Haitian descent and spent his early years in Queens, New York. He grew up speaking Haitian Creole fluently as his family mainly spoke that at home, and his knowledge of different languages allowed him to appreciate the lyrical skills of other rappers during his early years. Of course living in New York Rich The Kid grew up listening to classic East coast rappers such as Tupac, Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., Naz and 50 Cent. His parents divorced when he was aged thirteen and he moved to Atlanta, Georgia with his mother and it was there that he began to be influenced by other rappers from the Atlanta rap scene, such as T.I. and Young Jeezy. He later revealed that he was highly influenced in his musical ambitions and direction by Young Jeezy’s 2005 debut album ‘Let’s Get It : Thug Motivation 101’. as well as T.I.’s ‘Trap Muzik’ from 2003, and those artists and other Southern rappers led him towards a more trap focused Southern style of rapping.

Rich The Kid was known at school for being a joker and he was often seen as a class clown, but he also got into a few spots of trouble. After school he found a job with the fast-food chain ‘Wendy’s’ but that didn’t last too long. In the words of Rich The Kid himself it lasted until his first Saturday, when the crowds of hungry customers quickly convinced him that working at the restaurant wasn’t likely to bring him too much job satisfaction, and fortunately for the World of rap music he gave up on the job and decided to concentrate on other interests instead.

Rich The Kid considered a career in basketball briefly but after his first studio session at the age of sixteen rapping became his main ambition for a future career. In 2010, rapping under the name ‘Black Boy da Kid’ he began releasing mix-tapes independently, beginning with ‘Next Batter Up’, followed by ‘Cut the Check’ and ‘Cut the Check 2’ in 2011 and 2012 respectively. His early efforts were well-received and in 2013 he collaborated with Migos on the first instalment of the ‘Streets on Lock’ mixtapes, which began to take his music to a whole new, and far bigger audience.

Rich The Kid
Rich The Kid’s Work With Migos on ‘Streets On Lock’ Helped Make Him Famous So Quickly

In 2013 Rich the Kid also released his debut solo mixtape, ‘Been About The Benjamins’, and after the release of ‘Streets on Lock’ later that year he began to become far better known in the hip hop community. ‘Streets on Lock 2’ came out at the end of 2013 and a third mix-tape in the series was released the following year. A few months later, in August 2014 Rich The Kid released his second solo mix-tape ‘Feels Good To Be Rich’, and by then his popularity had grown enough for him to be earning a good living from his music. ‘Feels Good To Be Rich’ featured several well-known artists, such as Riff Raff, Young Thug, Rockie Fresh, Yo Gotti and Kirko Bangz and was successful enough for him to release a single from the mixtape, ‘On My Way’ which featured Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda from GS9.

Rich The Kid has come from obscurity to a following of millions in just a few years, and apart from his well-recognized hard work and commitment to his music, it’s his ability to collaborate successfully with a wide range of artists that makes him stand out among the crowd. These attributes of the kid from Queens was never more obvious than in 2015 when he produced a huge body of work, beginning when he collaborated again with Migos on the ‘Still On Lock’ mixtape, before releasing a solo mixtape ‘Flexin’ On Purpose’ in August of that year. The ‘Flexin’ On Purpose’ project featured fourteen tracks and included tracks alongside Fetty Wap, Rich Homie Quan and Ty Dolla $ign. The fourth instalment of Streets on Lock was released, to it’s growing audience of fans who had been anxiously awaiting it, in October that year, and it contained twenty-seven tracks, but Rich the Kid still had plenty more to please fans with before the year was over.

On Thanksgiving day 2015 he released ‘Whip It’ in collaboration with fellow Atlanta rapper IloveMakonnen. The fourteen track album featured long-time associates Migos, as well as collaborations with Rome Fortune and T-Wayne among others. A nod to the Dabbin’ dance move that Migos had created and Rich the Kid had helped to make such a viral sensation came along on Christmas Eve 2015, with ‘Dabbin’ Fever’, a mixtape that featured Curren$y, Migos and Kodak Black, as well as hip-hop legend Wiz Khalifa on the title track.

Rich The Kid
Rich The Kid With Wiz Khalifa in Dabbin’ Fever, Released in 2015

Rich The Kid continued in 2016 to increase his already impressively large body of work, but as he continued to grow his fan base, he also took the wise business decision to launch his own record label, ‘Rich Forever Music’. He took on Toronto, Ontario based producer TheLabCook and signed up the Chicago based artist and emcee Famous Dex, followed quickly by the experimental Florida based artist J $Stash. The labels first release was a compilation mixtape entitled ‘Rich Forever Music: The Mixtape’ that featured fifteen tracks and his trademark collaborations, and in July 2016 ‘Rich Forever 2’ was released featuring collaborations between Rich The Kid and artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil Tachty, Young Thug and Playboi Carti, as well as Jaden Smith.

Probably Rich The Kid’s biggest financial gain came in mid 2016 when he signed a deal with 300 entertainment to link the two labels, while still maintaining full control over the Rich Forever label. The new deal left Rich The Kid with the power that a major label behind him gave, but also the freedom he do things his way, and although neither he or 300 entertainment were releasing figures, it’s likely that the deal with 300 entertainment boosted Rich the Kid’s personal wealth to over a million dollars in a single stroke, and his wealth is only likely to increase more in the future.

Rich the Kid is still only twenty four, and in just a few years he’s risen from underground rap obscurity to serious collaborations with well-known artists and control of his own big budget record label, but of course, now in 2018 he’s also built up a following of millions of fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of his next music project. Rich The Kid has over 200,000 followers on Soundcloud, with another 1.4 million following him on Instagram. His Twitter account, which is followed by almost half a million followers gives some insight into the commitment that he has to succeed and the drive that made this kid rich in such a short time. Even though now in May 2017 Rich the Kid is a millionaire he still shows his determination with tweets such as ‘No matter how hard the challenge you should never give up’, and ‘You gotta take advantage of every opportunity’, and as everyone who has worked with the hard-working rapper right now knows, Rich the Kid never gives up until he succeeds.

Rich The Kid Personal Life & FAQ’s

Is Rich The Kid married?

Rich The Kid
Rich The Kid, With His Son King Rich

Rich The Kid and Lady Luscious, one half of the ‘Twerk Team’, married in April 2016 after a relationship lasting three years, well that’s one side of the story anyway. In October 2016 Lady Luscious and Rich The Kid ended their relationship after she went to the papers claiming that he had been unfaithful to her on numerous occasions, and also that he had physically abused her. A public and heavily reported argument between the two began, mainly held on their respective social media accounts and Rich The Kid was quick to completely deny the allegations, stating that he would never hit a female, and had never done so, stating that his ex was just after his money. The argument escalated to the point where he at one point claimed not to even know Lady Luscious, but by then things were getting pretty heated, as the couples relationship was well-known, and they even had a one year old son named King Rich together. At the time Lady Luscious was expecting their second child just five weeks later, their daughter Queen Isabella. Since the public argument both Rich The Kid and Lady Luscious have been quiet about the subject, with little information about how things have worked out between them, but it’s noticeable that there’s no mention of Lady Luscious or the children on Rich The Kid’s Wikipedia page these days and it seems the couple are unlikely to get back together.

Rich The Kid’s Salary & Annual Earnings in 2017

With the Rich Forever Label, as well as his customary heavy workload, it’s conservatively estimated that Rich The kid will earn at least $600,000 in 2017, with earnings above a million being well within his reach. He has continued to work with other artists and his latest work, on the Diplo track ‘Bankroll’ even saw collaborations with Justin Beiber, as well as young Thug. His latest MixTape, ‘The Rich Forever Way’ was released in March 2016 on the Rich Forever label and featured collaborations with Famous Dex, himself becoming a big star for the fledgling label, as well as Jay Critch. The project was as well-received as any of his previous work and he has even hinted that he might consider going into the fashion business in the future.

What Car Does Rich The Kid Drive?

Rich The Kid
Now in 2018 Rich The Kid is Rich Enough To Buy Any Car He Wants

If we’re talking about fast, expensive and flashy cars, it would probably be better to ask what car hasn’t Rich The Kid driven at some point. Now that he’s gained the sort of money that allows him to litter the side walk with 100-dollar bills, a stunt he pulled recently at a show in Beverly Hills, Rich The Kid can afford pretty much any car he desires. But being the type of high profile rapper that he is, he also makes a point of being photographed alongside great looking cars all the time, as well as featuring them in some of his videos. Exactly what car is Rich the Kid driving now? I don’t know, but you can be sure that when he wants a particular car, now in 2018 this Kid really is rich enough to afford it, regardless of the price tag.

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